Monday, June 27, 2011

Jail Time

ok Forget about that energy usage thing i was talking about.  I have looked back in a few days worth of papers and can't find it.  But what it was saying was things like TV add ons, all things that won't turn off, use a lot of energy.  The TV might have been one of the worst.  The VCR, DVD things are made to not turn off, keep running, so they will not slow down ur TV when u turn it on.  The companies say they make them that way because they can.  Not required to make energy efficient.  And there's lots of other things too.  When u look around ur house, how many things are running?  In the back ground.  Like timers built inside things, TVs, my coffee maker, gosh, all kinds of things.  That TV add on was using as much as a refrigerator.  Even if it's marked Energy Star.

Didn't do doodledy yesterday, never even got out of my robe.  Was so tired, no sleep, that I just made it til bed time, and THEN,,, i slept last nite,lol,,til nearly 9;30 this morning.  So, is it time to tell of my criminal record?,,guess so.

Once upon a time, long long ago, back in high school again,  we were on Christmas vacation, and a bunch of us were just out fooling around, and got this idea to ride out to the lake and get hamburgers.  This 1 girl had a car, a convertible, and volunteered to drive us.  The top was up, was winter.   There were 7, 2 from Ft Worth, 2 boys from somewhere, and then 3 of us, one the same one that had been in on the coke thing back in 5th grade, lol.  So here we went,,,had our burgers, and headed home, just goofing off.  The girl driving was kinda keeping up with the music by kinda cutting the car back and forth, just a little.   Someone behind us started honking, and we looked back and waved.  It was a man in a station wagon, loaded down.  Well, he kept honking, and we kept waving, laughing and cutting up.  We thot he wanted to pass, so she pulled over at a place to let him, and he pulled up beside us, ran us off the road, and came stomping out of his vehicle, gun drawn!!!  OMG,  He was furious!!! Red faced, shaking, crazy acting.  Told us all we were under arrest and to go direct to jail!!!  He flashed a badge at us in the meantime.  Well, wow, talk about being scared to death.  So, here we went, him following right behind us, still showing that gun.  We had no doubt he would shoot us.   The girl had asked what we had done, and he had just yelled GO TO JAIL!!!  We got into town, and wasn't sure where to go, the court house or where, so she stopped and asked, and again, he told us to GO TO JAIL!!  So, we did.  She got out and shut the door, but he opened it right back up, told us all to get out, we were all under arrest.  We got marched in there, and there sat  the Sheriff, and a deputy, their mouths kinda open.    This man said he was a sheriff from another town here in TX,  he had a 15 year old dotter, and then he spat out the words, that she would NEVER be allowed in a convertible, and he proceeded to rant and rave, stomp around in there, then finally left, thinking we would be locked up immediately.  LOLOLOL,,,we did too.  The Sheriff just looked at us, said, get out of here, go home, all of you.  Did we ever!!.  One girl's dad was the Mayor, and she went directly home and told him what had happened.  They had all thot that man was nuts too.   Never heard nothing else about it, but that was sure another thing i never told my mom.  She would never have believed i was totally innocent.  Dad would have, but i never told him either.     We sure felt sorry for that man's dotter.

Kinda behind today, so yall be good, tc,,,etc.