Thursday, January 17, 2013

This and That

Hey yall,,, all these blogs I read make  for some interesting things for ME to blog 

Like,,DD wondering if armadillos are carriers of leprosy.  I've always heard that, but,,,have YOU ever known anyone who has gotten it from them?  Or, for that matter, anyone who has ever come up with it at all?  I sure haven't.  I do know there's a place in Louisiana that treats it, and I think that's the only place there is.  Now this is from long ago, not sure now.  I was surprised when I had read about this place, cause I thot leprosy was back in the early centuries.

We used to eat cottontail rabbits, until I read where you could get bubonic plaque from them.  And maybe that was because of the rat droppings in NM, but we didn't eat any more.  3 hunters there had done that.  This was another one I thot was like leprosy.  Way back.

Skunks, foxes, carriers of rabies?  That's what we hear anyway.  When I was a teen, I had a pet skunk, grew up with a kitten, and they loved each other.  My dad even liked it, cause he could get a huge laugh out of answering the door and having the skunk come running up, making someone yell.  The vet, back then, took out that scent bag, so it couldn't spray any thing.  They won't do it now. 

Gypsy is talking about working with weights.  Good for you!  I had a weight bench that did everything, but when I moved to this house, didn't have anywhere to put it.  Loaned the weights to someone that never brought them back.  Pads and cables ruined on the bench, so got rid of it.  lololol,,, took me a whole day to put that thing together.  It wasn't one of those hi-priced ones, had just cost 100.00.  But it had everything to work every area of you.  Even the foot thing.  And that flab under the upper arm?  Just bend your arm behind your head.

Well, yall tc, and