Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Day

Here it is,,last day of April.  1/3 of the year gone already!  Nothing has changed, all still the same. 

Did yall notice a commentor on our blogs? Saying the exact same thing?  I had to laugh, Commoncents left the same comment on a lot of them, copied and pasted,,,When i checked his out, it's all political.  Kinda strange, don't ya think?  

Don't know if it's really cloudy or not, today.  We've been having smoke from Mexico drift in, like we do every year.  I'm running my ACs anyway, it's so muggy.  

Tonight is the finale of the Biggest Loser.  And i think the Voice is gonna end in another week or so.  Idol still has a few weeks, not many, and sometime in May, So You Think You Can Dance will start.  For a while back there, i was having to record on one station while i watched another, on several nites.  Fixing to get too many reruns, which i do NOT do.

Not much ambition for today,,,lol.  (Just changed my font).  Like this better.  The other was verdana, this is georgia.  

Gosh, i'm sounding so boring even to myself,,gonna get outa here.  Yall tc, and