Monday, January 2, 2012

What Day is It???

So far behind, today.  Almost 1 pm.  I have read all the updated blogs, which weren't a whole lot. 

When i got up this morning, had a hard time remembering what day it was!,,,;lololol.  Too many holidays, ready for normal.  And yesterday sure wasn't Sunday!  O well,  i'm back on track now.  Took a while,,tho,,hahahaha.

No NYs resolutions, learned a long time ago, waste of time, and guilt,,  Almost 99% were to lose weight,  and like i said, waste of time.  Got an appointment at my lapband Doc's on the 17th.  Gonna decide if this is a waste of time after i talk to him.  Getting to the right place gave me pneumonia by making me burp up stuff during sleep, even with a lot of pillows, almost sitting upright.  My Doc here said i could have  choked to death too.  BUT, being there, i lost 3 lbs in a week.  Wasn't hungry either.  Sooo, major decision.  To keep on trying with this, or not.  It will depend on what it does to me when i sleep.  He said he would go very very slow, now, to get back to that point.

Just saw the tv lineup for tonite,,it's some NEW ONES.  Couldn't believe it.  And The Biggest Loser comes back tomorrow nite.  And i think So You Think You Can Dance starts again this month.  LOLOLOL,,just saw where American Idol starts again on the 18th.  So,,I've made it thru the nothing,,,time.

I know this is short, but absolutely nothing going on. so, yall tc, and