Thursday, July 24, 2014

This Ran Across My Dining Room Floor



I kept trying to stop it going under things, fast little devil, and finally sat the sack of cat food over it, got a jar, and finally got it in it.  When I was looking at it, thot it had to be a snake, but, what kind?  I had thot I saw stripes on it’s tail, but I didn’t.  My son came by and thinks it’s a grass snake, or a racer, since it’s so long and thin.  I saw it flicking it’s tongue out!  But he had never seen one this small.

I’m still not recovered from my trip to Austin Tuesday.  And I didn’t sleep but a couple of hours last nite.  SOOOOO tired..For 2 days now, I have done nothing.

Yall tc, and