Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back in the Future

I'm still watching Andy Griffith,, as long as they had Barney Fife on it,,it was good.  I remember the Apple Dumpling Gang,,  I thot that was one of the funniest movies ever.

We went to the theater to see Bonny and Clyde, had the kids with us, as usual.  When it started,, J leaned over and whispered,,,Mom,,that girl doesn't have any clothes on...( he was 5 or 6).  I ignored him...He leaned over again, and a little louder,,,said,,Mom,,that girl doesn't have any clothes on...And,,again,,hoping he wouldn't say any more,,,i ignored him..WELL the third time,,he yelled it!!!  Everybody in there burst out laughing.  I answered right quick then,,and he didn't say another word..,. Learned my lesson,,,lolololol.

Gosh, i remember when Star Wars came out, how amazing it was.  And that was just the start.  Jaws had the kids scared to get in the river,,,, (had gars).  I never tried to scare them, and explained how they made them seem scary. 

No plans ,,,HA,,,never is,,  Got a good book to read, my games on here, and Andy on tv,,,what more could i ask for?,,,

J and g/f have gone to Austin, her sister is there today, gonna give her a hair cut, maybe him too.  She's had a shop there forever, even tho she lives in N Houston.  And drives back and forth!!  Don't know why she's there today. 

Gotta find something for lunch,,yall tc, and