Thursday, June 16, 2011

River Drying Up

Gosh, woke up around 5 this morning, and never did go back to sleep. Finally got up about 7, and turned the water on some trees when i went out to get the paper. Nearly time to turn it off, til late today. Gonna have to get them deep watered before our water gets totally cut off from outside watering. Austin paper even talking about our river going dry. City says we have about 60-90 days stored, and when that's gone, will have to bring in water. Can't get it out of the river now, too low. Too much stuff in it to filter. I was a kid when it dried up before. I don't remember the hardships, just the pot holes, and the huge catfish 2 of the neighbor boys were getting out. I do remember water being brought in by train. We don't have a train now, so it would have to be trucked in. Back a few years ago, 12 or so, the river got on a 100 year rise, washed out water lines for us on the North side of town. For 3 days we used bottled water the city delivered or you could go by places and pick it up. I flushed my comode by bringing in buckets of water from my pond. After 2 days, i put a pan in the tub and kinda had a bath, at least it felt better than the sponge ones i had been doing. That seems to be coming this year.

OK, time to run out and turn my water off for now. Got a hackberry tree out in front that's not looking good. The whole top is leafless. And hackberrys are tough! Almost as much as mesquite. I'll run water on it later today.

Went out to Ns for supper yesterday. They bought a new Sears riding mower last year, and before the summer was over, the deck broke off while she was mowing one day. Sears went out and fixed it, but,,,, same thing, same place this year. She's a little upset!! She did get a repairman out there, finally, yesterday and he wrote it up as defective, needing to be welded again, in the same place. THEN, told her she had to pay him for coming there, from Austin!!! hahahahaha, Did she ever hit the ceiling. She's wanting a new mower, but NOT the same as that one. I think Sears should recall them, she can't be the only one that has had that happen.

Gonna make a quick store trip in a bit. Some potato soup has been sounding pretty good. Need a few other things too. This new Lowe's super market we have, is really gouging us. Super S was bad enough, but the new owner is lots worse. Even with gas so high, i'm still gonna shop at HEB, 22 miles from here. Think i might can get everything at the $ store.

OO,,,yeah, got my bill for paper renewal. Last time i paid for 6 months. Ok, things i've gotta get done, before it gets hot.