Saturday, October 4, 2014

Been A Long Time

Same ol thing still going on.  My son fell 3 weeks ago, and now the neurosurgeon has him on a hurry up to do surgery on his neck.  His right arm and leg look like he's had a stroke but he didn't.  He has to wear a boot on his right foot because the toe won't lift up.  Still not sure if that's part of the neck nerves or not.  His neck would lock up and make him fall at times.  He's ready!  Monday is his last test, another MRI, then a date set.  He's had so many.  The EMG and nerve conduction ones were done last week.

Then, i fell last Tuesday, just stumped my toe and down i went, face first.  I landed on my hands, messing up the tendons in my elbows,,bumped my nose and glasses enough to make the inside of my eye black.  My nose is still sore, but not broken.  My arms are black from the elbows up, lol.  I didn't even know it til yesterday when i raised my arms to show my sis and she went,,, OMG... I can't straighten them all the way, nor bend them up all the way either. Had a hard time eating, couldn't get the fork to my mouth with my right hand... They are better each day.

Otherwise, loving the weather change. Had to use some heat this morning. Gonna be in the 70s today.  What a change!

Even tho i don't post every day, i still read all the blogs. Well, the ones i keep up with. lol.

Got a class reunion coming up on the 18th. Will go if son's surgery not interfering. It's the 55th.  WOW

Yall tc, and