Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Got the Insurance

Been out chasing around with J, getting his insurance premium done and on the way.  Got a certified check, then mailed it certified too.  He was accepted and it takes effect on 9-1.  Now,,,next month he can get a date set for the surgery.  Surely they will take his insurance. 

I feel really bad today.  Gosh, i'm tired of this.  Seeing my doc tomorrow. 

Bro G and i went to the city council meeting yesterday, and all we did, was tell them we had waited long enough,, wanted to get it finished, over and done with.  I was just there for a few minutes and came on home.  We will now get put on the agenda for the next one, and see what happens.  I intend to put a letter in the paper and get all the support we can to show up too. 

All i got,,,so yall tc, and