Saturday, June 16, 2012

Kinda Late Doing This

HJ is talking about lost mines today.  And,,of course, they are everywhere.  A classmate of mine spent years looking for one, and never found it.  We had a gold rush here, back in the 1800s,,tent city of over 10000 miners.  I think i've talked about this before.  And about 30? years ago, they opened up another gold mine out NW of town.  Very secretive, if you worked there, you could not say anything.  Leave it up to bro B,,,tho.  Helped pour cement out there one time, and of course, snooped around.  Just saw a lot of big cans of stuff.  Didn't see any gold,,,lol....

Then, one time, there was this big ad in the local paper, wanting to know about one about 40 miles NW.  Had a map, was wanting someone to recognize the spot it was showing. 

We made it to San Antonio Thurs. and i don't know why J thot he could get those shots.  The doc wouldn't do it, said he had shook enough over doing the last ones too soon.  J didn't realize the ones he went to get, still had the same medicine as the others, and that was the problem.  They are different ones, just include the same one ingredient in both.  Anyway, he has to wait 2 months in between, so it's 5 more weeks.  He made the appointment, BUT,,it's at 8:30 AM,, I can't do that. But his gf said she would take off work if needed, and he said his dad would do it, too.  Since i'm not sure how either of them would react to this,  i really need to go.  I act,,,then react later,,,,  We did get to see his xrays,,MAN,,,just about makes me cry right now even.  The way doc was talking tho, i think he was saying that the plates and metal in there now, is what's causing most of his pain.  Not sure about when he would remove all that. 

We laughed a lot,,,tho,,later.  Since he didn't get the shots, he said he'd drive if i wanted,,and YES i did.  He knew the way and all.  We asked where a Red Lobster was and it was close so we stopped there.  Shoulda known we were in trouble when he took off the wrong way thru the parking lot, and i told him we got out back the other way,,He said trust me,, i know what i'm doing,,,famous last words,,Got to the back of the parking lot and had to go back past the Red Lobster, just like i had told him,,,lolololol.  That's when he said,,some places there got him turned around,,,hmmmm.  Shoulda watched a little more then,,but, didn't.  We got onto our road out,,and miles and miles later,,,we were going thru some construction and i said,,we didn't come thru here.  Got to looking, no signs to even let us know where we were...Finally saw an exit with a McDs and stopped and asked,,yep, we had been going the wrong way, and had missed BOTH ways we could have gotten back here.  SOOOO, here we go back the way we had said we sure were glad we weren't going earlier,,,(traffic stopped,,etc) and i get my TX map out and look at that little one on the back for SA,,,my,,we're on loop 1604,,not even sure where.  With the construction, signs are rare, soooo,,,we miss the 281 N,,but,,i tell him I10 is on up the road,, shouldn't be that far.  HUH!!! Miles later,,we find it!!! AND,,,we get on it!!! Even going the right way,,,,We just thot that was the funniest thang we ever got into...taking that scenic route,,,wanting to check out that McDs over there.....God knows where....He blamed it on leaving the RL,,in the construction,,,lolololol....even after going the wrong way to get out of the parking lot!  hahahahaha,,,

Yall tc, and