Friday, May 4, 2012

Too Hot NOW!

I did get some sleep last nite.  Actually slept about 6 straight hours after waking up once.  That's rare.

Gonna get hot today,,watch my weather thingy,,,later.  Already 84 at 11 am.  10% chance of rain,,think we'll get any?  lol, Sometimes it comes a flood with that.  Keeping my fingers crossed.

I hate running this little ac in here.  It has a horrible rattle, but i can't make it quit.  It just does it when the compressor comes on.  I can adjust the in/out air and make it stop for a few minutes, but,,,it comes back.  It runs all the time, another thing i don't like.  I want them to cut off when the compressor does.  This one was given to me, so,,i'll use it til it dies, but, no more that won't cut off.  It's just a little 5000 btu, but, the most coolingest little thang i ever saw!!

I don't think my yards gonna need mowing any time soon,,,lol.  No rain for just these few days, hot, and already there's lots of dead weeds.  That new neighbor next door is so lazy he just mows and weed eats in the front and sides where it can be seen from the road.  Lets the back and here right out my back door, behind his storage shed, grow with beggar lice and all the other bad weeds.  Will be a bad fire danger when they die.  Idiot.

I made some ramen with chicken thrown in for lunch yesterday.  Might just make some more.  Ate it for supper too.  I dug around in my freezer and found a few packages of cooked chicken to use.  Was a roasted one at one time.

I've been looking for a treadmill, just a cheap one, to use now.  Can't walk in the heat, and don't wake up early enough to do it.  Just a plain one, at a thrift store, cause i don't know how long i would use it. lol.  Reminds me, i should dress and run down to one before they close at noon.

So yall tc, and