Thursday, September 27, 2012

HEYYYY It Changed!!

OK,,,NOW!!! I have all the thingys across the top.  Why did it take so long?  Even have spell check, font selection,,everything.

J and i went to his family doc here yesterday for all the preop tests, and he told them xrays burned him.  She didn't even bat an eye, just kept on clicking with this antique machine.  She had to take 6 because his lungs are long, way down his body.  Later, he looked like he had a severe sun burn, and i had some aloe vera stuff to put on it, and he had to use stuff several more times during the nite.   He's put in a call to the doc, because he wants this on his medical records.  He's still red today, but not quite as bad.  I'll take him down there if necessary. 

Just got back, and did stop at the doc's office and showed them the redness that is left.  The one that did them doesn't believe that the xrays did it, BUT, they did.

Got all the preop stuff done, now we wait until the doc in San Antonio sets the date.

Still have Rescue,,,lol,,but with J here every day, they both love that.  NOT keeping that cat!  He will be a good one for someone,,,,just,,i don't want any more pets.

Hey BB,,,last time J had surgery in SA,,,it was in the worst ice storm i ever saw..SA was locked down for days.  And way back around 90, i remember ice being all the way to Pasadena TX,,cause my sis N and hubby drove back on it..   Never know about Texas weather,,,lolololol.

I like what DD says, winter was last Thursday.

Yall tc, and