Saturday, November 17, 2012

What a Great Day,,,Yesterday

J was here, then my dotter and partner came by and stayed for hours,,, We laughed so much, i'm sore,,,lololol.  They all left about 3 so i went to the park for a while since daylight is short these days.  Had to stop at the library too, 1 book left and 1/2 way thru with it.  I'm reading Harlan Coben now,,great books.  Part of his books are based on one man, but i like the others better.  So i'm reading those first, and will get to the others, later.

I was amazed that one of my readers, Goldie, was in SA too.  That was probably my last trip.  His check ups will be in F'burg.

Actually, i don't have much to write about.  I have finally adjusted to the time change, i think,,,lol.  Not losing that hour now.

Had a man show up yesterday to fix my slow ISP.  lololol.  Had to call him later and tell him it was still doing the same thing, after he had spent so much time on it.  I know what happened.  Since my connection fluctuates on the speed, when he tested it, he was catching it on the top end.  There is this thingy that shows bars and when they're all white, i'm GOOD.  But, when green ones start showing i'm getting slow.  Right now, i have 1 green and it can go to 3, then all go back to the white again.  He moved my modem, changed out a line to it, and when he checked, it showed good on his machine...Hated to call him later.  I kinda think it's the modem.

That's all i've got, so yall tc, and