Thursday, May 10, 2012

Bring It ON!

I'm stillll,,,LMAOOO...Gotta love her,,,SS, i mean.  Thx for joining me,,,SS.   You'll find out how to leave a comment, got faith in you.

Guess what,,, i didn't get my oil and filter changed yesterday,,,the building was full.  And that lake at the front door was being filled in.  Told him np,, not going anywhere.  Yet.  Love watching that radar,,all that stuff coming this way.  Today, tonite, tomorrow.....wooohoooo.  Bring it on!

My shows are ending,,,the Biggest Loser, the Voice,, 2 weeks left of Idol,,mercy!  But i think i'll like Howard Stern on America's Got Talent.  Better than Piers Morgan by a long way.  So You Think You Can Dance starts about then,, Heck, might be better than now.

There was a channel 7 van sitting down by the dam here in town yesterday.  I saw them get out, and film about 10 seconds, then forgot to watch it.  Long drive for that, but maybe there was more in other places.  It's the fox network.

Wow, it's 1 pm,,,where did my day go?  O,,,my bro G came by for a while.  The gate thing is still going on.  He had run across the mayor and been told that he would call another meeting,,to let us know what their legal system had said.  Might be time to get out the glue,,,lololol.

Ok,,i don't nap anymore, well, rarely, but today?,, Think i'm gonna.  Eyes don't want to work,,i think they need a rest.  Nothing else going on,,,it's the weather,,,that's what.  Yall agree?

Yall tc, and