Sunday, April 3, 2011

There Are Fish in the Lake!

Both brothers and sister went out to the lake late yesterday, and i kinda tagged along.  Got my trip's worth with all the laughing I had to do, going off with that group.  First off,  B n N decided to change places just a little bit, (we're out in the dry lake bed, on sand) so i followed them on down and decided to turn my car around, which i did.  Then told them i was gonna go back to G's place and sit up there, which i did.  Winds blowing like a hurricane,,,went from 90 here in town to down right COLD out there, and they had set up facing that wind off that water.  Just got my chair all set up, and here comes B,,,hes gotten stuck turning around,,,saying,,dont know how u made it in ur car.   (can tell hes getting in a mood)   Well N is in a 4w dr ,,,so she gets the privilege of pulling him out.  They decide then to go back around the bend n try that spot, a little out of the wind, its to the back now.  yeaaaa,,,,, B's saying u never catch fish with the wind to ur back, (whats hes always heard anyway, he cant talk cause he only caught fish once,,,yesterday.)   I lean over n tell N, gonna be funny when those fish start biting over here,,,,hehehe,,,AND THEY DID!!!  Wasnt 10 minutes til she had one.  Then she and G sat there and caught quite a lot of them,,,B sitting in his truck out of the wind,,,not even getting a bite. He was watching his poles he had set up, tho.,,,,N's sitting there by me, holding her tea, a cig, and all of a sudden, her pole bends over, shes yelling and trying to get outa her chair, then finally does, cant get her pole outa the holder, finally does, chair flips over, tea, cigs and all,,, but,,,she gets the biggest catch of the day reeled in...lololol  Wasnt anything to tie the stringer to, so B got out his sledge hammer and tied it to that,,,saying,, lets just c them pull THAT in.   He finally got outa his truck, got enough dry wood together, and built an illegal fire.  Wind was blowing toward the water, so wasnt worried about it.  Were in a total burn ban.  But nobody showed up.  Didnt know he and N had waded out and got wet, getting minnows earlier.

Was thinking later, how good it is, for us all to still like being together and having fun.  I should be sore from all the laughing i had to do, but when N couldnt get outa that chair ,,,thot i would choke!!! hahahaha  Shes the one 4 months older than my son.   B is 9 months older than my dotter. lololol  Then G is,,,welll,,,, about the same as me.  When my youngest son was born, my 4 year old one,,,came marching into my hospital room that morning,,,and said,,,"Just wanna know one thing",,,, i said,,,"what?",,,"Is that baby out there, my brother or my uncle!!!???"  He and his aunt,,,N,,,started to school together, and Mom and i had always wondered what would happen if they got in the same room, but it was fine.  they might despise each other at home, but out,,,they were family. lololol  She told me, yeah, she remembered when he took the rattlesnake eggs to school and didnt get in trouble,,,he was always the teacher's pet.   What she said, anyway. lol

Our church newsletter had this notice in it,,,MEN'S domino nite,,,on thurs. every other week.,,,,WELL!!!! I went marching in there and told em,,,that was waving a red flag in my face,,,,lolololol.... one thing ,,all of us were raised right, and that was doing every domino game from the time we could add the ends together.  Old family games, always.  Anyway, wasnt long til another couple of women showed up, and i spent a couple of times teaching,,,but then told em they were on their own, only way to learn was to do it.  Also ,,,wasnt long til that newsletter said,,,GAME nite,,,hahahahah.  Anybody that joined this family,, learned domino games. Moon is our fav, rite now, we play dollar, dollar in family games, not church.    Mostly 42 on game nite.  We also learned horseshoes and washers.  Grew up with em.  Passed all of them on to our kids too.  You dont sit around with us, being bored, there is always something going on.  B has an 8 ft pool table too.  U play on that thing, and go into a bar with those smaller ones, piece of cake.  Id never carry my stick in,,,lol,,,but would go out to my car and get it, if i played.  Always wanted to be a pool shark, but never got that good, was as good as anybody else tho.

Think it might be hot out side, showing 93 in the shade, lol.

think ill sit out on the patio for a while.  always cool there, yall tc