Sunday, May 8, 2011

Strange Happenings

Gosh, here it is almost 11 am,,,n i havent heard one word from either of my kids.

A lite on dash board came on late yesterday, showing a door ajar on my car. And,,my interior lites wouldnt work, n it didnt lock the doors when u put it in gear. Went from drivers door, on around til i had wd40ed em all, (the latch thingy),,and i think the last one i did, fixed it. Aint that always the way it happens? OMG!!!! Just connected something else to that. When that happened, my sis used the button to unlock it, n at the same time i get a phone call from her, over where im waiting, and i cant understand a word shes saying,,,then when she stops there by me, i close the phone, thinking ill c what she wanted now. WELL!!!! SHE HAD NOT CALLED ME!!!! but she had!!! It was all garbled, like slurred. My phone shows the call, too. WOW hahahaha,,using that unlock button somehow made this happen!! Had another incidence similiar to this a few years ago. My computer went down, n i was told the main station had been flooded there in San Antonio. I went out n my car had a dead battery. Called my son, then came back in. Later, my puter came back on. N still later, i went out, n for some reason, tried my car again. Worked fine!!. I think the outage affected that chip in my key.,,,somehow. Yall ever had anything like these things happen?

My sis, her bf, n i went over to Marble Falls n ate at the seafood place over there. yummmmm,,,i had fried oysters, baked potato with all the trimmings, slaw. SOOOO GOOD. Havent had oysters in years,,just always had shrimp. Now im hungry for frog legs, gonna have to find a place for those in the future. oops,,,if i get this band fixed next week,,wont be able to eat but a bite and be full. lol,,1 plate=lots of meals.

When i went with the 2 friends last week, we went to, guess ud call it, a diet siminar. That lady said throw everything away u have always been told, its not true. Like the food pyramid,,,not true! Grains,,,not good. The way weve been told to eat, is why theres the fat epidemic. The basic thing she said, is eat #of carbs to equal # of proteins. Add a little good carbs to bad carbs to equal 2/3 of meal. Thats where i have to quit,,,going back to another next month. Just for the ride. By then my band should be working.