Saturday, March 17, 2012

Bluebonnet Trail



Had to get the next 2, too, and this is just a start on the yellow that’s coming.


the next 2 aren’t bluebonnets, but the pasture was lilac.




Back to the bluebonnets.


These are just a small portion that I could get.  Hwy 71 is a 2 lane, and nowhere to stop safely, tons of traffic too, so I pulled over whenever I   could.  Then after turning off on a more narrow 2 lane county road, was still just as bad.   It’s just breath taking, and as long as I’ve lived here, I’m still that way when the countryside is full of flowers.  They’re just now getting started.

This county is the only one that has this HUGE display.  It’s like, you cross that county line, bam, they’re gone.  I would swear, that on the Ellen DeGeneres show, there was a pic of this as her background.  Even has the oak trees too.

Got my HEB trip done, and got home and put   away.  Then, didn’t get to sleep til after 3 last nite, so,,,,NOTHING today!  Here it is, almost 1 and I’ve just eaten breakfast.  I don’t remember, lol, it ever being this bad.  I wanted to take my son and his gf out to eat later, so,, maybe.  They called last nite, had been up river on a picnic, and here came a storm out of nowhere.  They wanted to know if there was hail in it, so I looked and no,,,wasn’t, but told them to head back right then and they would beat it to town.  HA!! They went the OTHER way!  lmaooo,,,storm chasers!  I guess I taught them well.  Always loved storms too. 

Time to get my dishes done,, gonna be a nap for sure.  So yall tc, and