Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Bring It ON!!!! (a Norther)

Had to sign back in to google today, to post!!!  Is this a recurring problem, or what?  I'm talking about going thru the whole process of getting the google account.   That was to post on OFM,,not the other 2. 

O well, whatever.  Lol BB, have those beetles around here too, and sure do NOT want em in the house.  There's another black beetle that comes in somehow, all summer.  I use my little trapper thingy and pick them up, throw them out.

Know what yall gonna say, but this was a first.  My right wrist, hip, left knee, hurt allllll nite.  Even an aleve didn't seem to help.  Never have had arthritis that i know of.  Never had rain warnings.  Sooo,,,wth did i do to me?  Racked my brain, and only thing i could think of, was cleaning out that water container outside.  Took a long time, leaning way over, washing, scrubbing, rinsing.  hahahaha, Next time, i'll put it up on the table, like i was telling BB to do with his tube.  Has to be the reason.  Hope it gets lotssss better by tonite.  Still have that pain med, gosh, didn't think about that last nite.

Just cooked some oatmeal for lunch.  Ate one of my breakfast bars earlier, gonna have to quit em. Gives me indigestion every time now,  Another thing i don't have.  Til now.  That's the lap band.  Got an appointment on the 13th, so i'll ask about that.  Need a little more fill.  It works real good for like, 3 weeks, then it starts to stretch or something.  Lets u eat more.  Need to get to the place where my friend is, she can't eat. lololol,,,I called her yesterday, cause i was worried about her not getting enough nutrition, but she said she was.  Might have to quit meats, they're the hardest to do.  Well, breads, salads are too.  Really dry toast works ok. 

I was so glad! to see the end of August, i changed my calendar today. hahahaha,  Now i'm waiting on that Norther BB was talking about.  Anything's possible here in TX. 

Have yall noticed there is NOTHING on tv now???  I'm having to record movies all the time to keep for nites when there's nothing on i'll watch.  And,,the library called and had the book i had reserved, the newest of the Clan of the Cave Bear series, and,,it says the last one.  It's like, 2" thick, hard to hold, but i sure got a ways into it last nite.

Who's gonna watch that Dancing With the Stars this time???,,If it could get worse, it just did.  They had to rake the dregs to come up with contestants last year, but this year???  I have rarely watched it, but sure WON"T this year.

That oatmeal was a DRUG.  Putting me to sleep.