Monday, October 6, 2014

Can't Remember What Day It Is

I always have to look on my calendar on laptop screen. MONDAY.  Yep, all day.

I also remembered i had to go to the library and the grocery.  Got my rear in gear and did it, gonna be hot today and all week, aaaagain.

I tried and tried to use my hot pad on my elbows, just no way.  If i lay it on the table it hurts to get my arm in position, can't wrap, no plug close enough to my laz z boy, soooo, i gave up.  It IS getting a little better every day.  Another week, month, or so,,,hahahaha.

When i got home i turned my AC on, low 90s today. Got the last 2 books of the Navada Barr series. They are sooo good i hate to finish them. But i think CJ Box has some new ones, and they are excellent too. The Barr ones are about a ranger in state parks. Box's are about a game warden up in Wisconsin or somewhere like that.

Short but sweet? today,, lol, yall tc, and