Saturday, November 29, 2014

No Black Friday For Me

I did look online for a couple of things tho... lol. I've had a printer ordered for 5 or 6 weeks, no hurry, and i did find out it wasn't coming. I have a printer, but it's not an all in one, and my scanner is just about gone. Even with black friday prices, they were not any cheaper than what i had looked at. Then i've been looking at vests, lots more comfortable than jackets for me. Found one this morning but the 9.00 shipping made me forget that one! Was at J C Penny.

My g/daughter had asked me to join them for Thanksgiving dinner at her friend's house out at Buchanan, at 2 pm, so that's how i had 2. Our family one is always at noon. I came home and kicked back in my chair, not able to move,,, lol. Didn't make it back to my bro's house for games, nor supper. Watched 2 movies tho.

I'm ready to know what i need done to be better! Somehow, i'm gonna make it thru one of those tests Monday that requires me to lay on my back with my arms above my head for 20 mins. Not an MRI, so i hope it's not as bad. I've sworn NO MORE MRIs. Might take 1/2 a hydrocodone before.  The echo one for my heart takes an hour, the other for the lungs, 3 hours.

My sis just called and she is having a bar b q later today, for her dotter's bd. I think she told me she was 21. Going to Tech in Lubbock.

Breakfast time, yall, so tc, and