Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Missed Yesterday

J surprised me showing up early yesterday, and stayed all day.  We had a good time, eating waffles, napping,,going out to the park feeding the geese.  His back was hurting, he thinks from the weather.  The change coming. 

AND, the change showed up this morning,,wind out of the N, cloudy.  Not much cooling off tho.  Rain?  HA!  TV says East,,of course.  They always talk about the I35 corridor,,, E or W of it, and that's how it really seems.  I35 goes thru Austin, so,,,E of us all.

Saw that BB had about the same thing i did last week.  Wow, seems it's everywhere now.  That stomach stuff.  Mine didn't last but a couple of hours.

Earlier, there was a car hit a deer, and caught on fire, and then just a few minutes later, a few miles from that, another roll over.  Don't know how that fire could have started but it did.  Don't think anybody was hurt seriously tho.  At that time of day, you always think kids driving to school.

Ok,,time for waffles, yall tc, and