Saturday, September 15, 2012

Love This Weather!

Gosh, it's after 9, and my son hasn't come over,,,,lol,,,sure miss him now when he's not here.  Probably won't be today or tomorrow since his gf is home for the weekend. 

Love this weather,,,was even cool enough to just use a fan for the nite. 

I've canceled my daily paper and am reading it online.  Not sure how i'm gonna like this.  I haven't figured out how to read it without running into repeat stories everywhere.  Not much to read,,like the actual paper.  lol.  But i have to go thru a lot to see if there's anything i'm missing.

I think i'm caught up on all your blogs.  I had to make J a copy of Mystic Mud's yesterday, it impressed him so much.  Now he understands how much bloggers love this.  And DD, i remember when you did your first one,,,lol.  Been reading every one of them since then too.  He's seen my games i do, with real people, and,,,the ones i do by myself.  He's never been a game fan, so,,not interested in those.

I think i'm gonna get out and see if there's any garage sales going on today,,,so yall tc, and