Wednesday, November 16, 2011

A Yearly One

Always great to hear from ur heart doc, that ur doing fine, come back in a year.  wooohoooo.  I've never had any heart problems, but when i had lap band, that was a requirement, a check up doing it all, even a stress test, before i could have the surgery.  So now, i have them yearly.  Not the stress test, not gonna do any more of those.  Had 2, both were normal, that's enough.

X Factor comes on tonite.  All of the 10 left are great, so it's  really bad to hear which one is eliminated.  Still can't pick just ONE, to win the 5mil.  I vote for about 6 or 7, lololol.  This is lots worse than Idol even.  Any of yall picked one yet?

OK, guess yall can tell, i don't have anything to blog about.  Sooo,,,is it better to just be here, saying nothing, or ,,,,just not do one?  My dilemma, today.

Had waffles for breakfast before i went to the doc. and gosh, already hungry.  Have leftover venison, gravy and biscuits, so i think i'll warm some of that up.

BBL, maybe,,,