Saturday, April 16, 2011

I Know, I Know,,,late again

WOW, could NOT believe i slept til nearly 11.  I WAS up til 2;30, and when i woke up at 7;30, i thot,,,wayyy tooo early, n went back to sleep  My feet hurt after i went to bed, and i finally got up n took an aleve.  I have neuropathy and if i go right to sleep, theyre ok, but if i just lay there for an hour r so, then they get started.  Its like walking on nails, on a bed of fire. lololol,,,really!  I stick them out from under the cover to cool em off.  I take a medication and it works good, unless the above happens.  It started way back, before i gained all this weight, and before i was diabetic.

When i was awake around 7;30,, heard an ems call out to the park where the actions going on this week end.  Think a man fell off a horse, but anyway, was having horrible back pain.  One of our VFD men was making the call.  In a few minutes, he called back, said to hurry, man had passed out.  Still no response from ems.  After another few mins, the ems finally answered, then still more waiting.  Fireman called back,,,told ems to get a move on,,,they were doing cpr on him!!!.  Whats really pissing me off, is the response time from that ems!!!!  Just now called my bro, G, and hes gonna find out.  Hes a VFD man too.

Gotta change channels on this tv,,lol,,on a cooking show and now im starving.  Its the grilling one... Now i might have to go to Coopers and load up. Pork ribs,,,oooooo,,,Does that sound better than my left over 1/2 of a grilled cheese? hahahahaha  1 rib will make me a meal. 

Anybody upset over 2 soaps getting cut???,,,,Im sure not.  I wont even stay in a room with 1 of those things on!  The  ladies i worked with in home health all had the courtesy to turn off their tvs when i was there.  OOO NOOOO now im seeing an avocado burger!!!   Its mexican food now.