Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Day of Rest,,

Laptop giving me all kinds of problems, so here i am,,,on my desktop.   Ive gotten so used to using the LT, hard to change.  Its been getting worse n worse for days, and today, just went to hell.  Says 0 memory, wont let me open even my email.  Yesterday n day before, ive been dumping files like crazy, and now im finding out nothing helped.  Still saying the same thing,,, need to dump 300 MB.  Got my kaspersky running a full scan now, c what it finds, and i really dont expect anything.   I have it set to run scans every week, i think.  Ive called my puter man and gonna take it to him tomorrow unless i do a drastic change today.  (Like i know what im talking about,,,lmaooo). Only thing i do know, i know where he lives, hahahaha.

Had a wild crazy horse running around up here today, lololol.  Had chasers, animal control, etc, but when he got ready to quit having his good time,,,he let them put that rope around his neck.  Then, the mule across the street kept braying, wanting more action.  What a day!! Dont ya love it? 

Have to make a run out to Ns house,,,she can get ingrown toenails out really good.  Got a bad one.  Been soaking in epsom salts, keeping neosporin on it for 2 days.  Time to get the operation done. lol  This goes back nearly 2 years, to when i first saw that foot doc and he cut it off too far down on the side, made it start then.  Went thru lots of stuff for months, and he finally cut off the side of my toenail.  It got well then, but now,,the nail is trying to grow out and getting ingrown again.  He dropped me when i asked him not to cut way down on the sides any more.    Well, thats what caused it in the first place!!!  His charge for cutting my toenails was WAY up there, billed to medicare.  Without medicare to cover it, would have been less than a 1/3.

O yeah, Ns got a new rooster and 4 more hens.  Well, gonna have, by the end of the week.  The 3 hens she has left are getting over being scared all the time and the 1 attacked so bad, she still doesnt know if its eye is ok r not.  Its keeping the lid closed, but when it first happened, it opened that lid just for a few seconds, and the eye looked good.  I was thinking last nite, maybe its stuck,,,  Ill get her and well check that out today. Tuesday is her house cleaning day,,,, u DO NOT DISTURB that.  She called and said she was thru, about 1;30. Im not going out til a bit later.

Ok,,done my do,,maybe,,,ill bbl.