Saturday, December 31, 2011

New Year's Eve,,,,Dec. 31, 2011

Just about made it another year,,,lol.  I always remember my youngest son saying, about the time i get used to writing,,(new year date), it changes.  Don't know of anything i'm forgetting, but know there has to be something,,,hahahaha,,,,

RIGHT now, i'm gonna get my black eyed peas out. LMAOOO,,, got up and got distracted,,read this and got right back up to get those darn peas out.

HAVE to go to the grocery store today, i'm outa waffles.  Ate toast today, not gonna, any more.  Need milk too.,, For a long time i didn't drink anything when i ate, like i was told to do with this lap band, so i've really missed milk.  I also drink iced tea, not a lot, with other meals, or water.

Had to laugh, reading DD's blog today.  Gosh, had me convinced that was a new critter,,,hahahaha.  Then, he ate it!! lmao,,, 

Gonna be another spring day today.  Upper 70s.  Appreciate these days a lot more when they come in the winter.  There's a lot of snow birds at the park.  That changes all the time, but i counted not long ago, and there were 18. That's almost full.   Don't know how anybody can afford the prices,,there.  I looked it up one time, and it's like, 300 a week.  WOW  That new one is opening real soon, between town and the park, on the river too, but i don't know what prices that will be,,,a lot, i bet.

Not nothing to say, guess yall can tell,,,so, tc, and