Sunday, August 21, 2011

Silver Linings?

Sunday,  my day of rest.  hmmm, Well, every day is, now. 

When i went out for the paper, i turned 2 faucets on, got in 1 1/2 hours watering, so i'm ahead today.  My commode won't flush after 1 time, when i'm running 2, lololol,,,no pressure to refill.  But,,couldn't do dishes either, hahahaha.  Each cloud has a silver lining?,, Is that what it means?

Might make the drive out to Inks Lake later today.  Almost 11 now, getting too hot.  That way, all the weekenders will be gone i hope.  The older i've gotten, the more i'm allergic to kids.  Very few i can stand to be around.  And if there's no one controlling them, i'm outa there.  That's one of the main reasons i haven't been doing respite this summer.  When they started talking about having kids there during the summer, oooo nooo,,,i'm gone.  I don't think the ones we were working with, would have liked it either.  They have it in the rec room of the little baptist church i grew up in, but,,,,Not a good mix.  Now,,,my son loves it.  When he goes anywhere, kids will yell at him, run and hug him.  Even the ones that have grown up now.  A lot of those, still call him, and stay in touch.

I put one of those clear silicone covers on this keyboard.  Good thing too.  I don't get sticky keys now.  I had to order them online, no one had them around here.  Walmart, office depot, no one.  One told me they made the keyboards different now, didn't need em.  My dotter got one of those nooks, and likes it a lot.  But,,i'm not gonna pay to read books, got the library, and i read a lot.

DD, i guess all my life, i have read about a food, a drink, or something, that's not good for you.  You do all this safety stuff, then read years later, the safe ones are really bad for you.  So, i have just ignored it all.  I HAVE to have my caffeine.  Now,,,they say coffee's good for you.  SEE?  hahahaha.  I kept on smoking a lot of years, knowing someday, they would say tobacco was too, but, didn't make it that long, had to give em up.  Gosh, May 1 was 3 years ago.  And my lungs haven't seemed to change in all that time either.  I don't do anything for my COPD except one inhaler, Spireva.  That Advair is what caused my near fatal pneumonia, i still think.  All you new readers, my Doc told me that if you have smoked 10 years or more, then you have emphysema.  It might not ever be a problem for you, but you will have it.  I breathe good, and don't cough any more.  AND, i got my voice back, had nearly lost it totally.  Well, my gosh, i was smoking 2-3 packs a day.  You know what?  It was easy to quit, never had a problem with it.  Talking, a 50 year habit.

Ok, shower time, lol, almost noon.  O well, i'm on my  own clock.