Friday, November 30, 2012

O Woe is Me

Well,,,i've spent hours today, dealing with Verizon about my bill,,,that has an overcharge of about 150.00.  First thing,,hold,,finally a voice says how can i help you?,, then more hold,, and more hold,,,goes on for over 2 hours.  By then my ear is numb, my shoulder aching,,,,and i'm still not thru.  They finally tell me it has been corrected and that amount taken off, but won't show up til JAN!!!!,,,which means,,my draft will still have the overcharges on it!  Hey wait a minute,,,i can't do that!!

Soo,,now i call the bank and they ask if they can call me back in a minute,,i say yes.  HA!!! My minute and their minutes just don't mean the same....  I finally call back and am told,,o, we were just fixing to call you,,,yeah sure.  Then they tell me there will be a 30.00 charge for canceling this draft just one time.  I tell them NO WAY. 

So,,back i go to Verizon,,and in the holding,,again,,,time,,i look on my online account and see where it says de-enroll,,,,hmmmmm.  I finally get a person again,,who keeps leaving me to ask my questions to someone else,,,so i start clicking this online choices...  Maybe,,,just maybe i've done it.  Gotten out of that draft coming up in mid Dec.  Someone back there somewhere did tell me they would send me a paper bill, which i will NOT pay that amount, but pay what i actually owe.  Let them use my credit THEY gave me to correct it.  O boy.  The tech that i called first,,said,,,he felt for me, cause they had messed his own personal account up, and it took ages to correct,,,lolololol.

Yall tc, don't mess with Verizon,,,and