Friday, August 31, 2012

End of Week, End of Month,,,Blue Moon

Waiting on J to show up for my waffles.  He's been trying to drive a standard shift car, which he put in 1st gear and left.  So he's switching to an automatic, not even supposed to be driving.  He just eases around a little, really doesn't do much. 

I've got a stopped up,, almost, sewer line, and i have called my mower man to come and help me.  Left a message, haven't heard back yet.  G has a snake, so maybe we can get it going without me having to call a plumber.  That's all he does,,,use a snake.  And you know how they charge!

Called our mayor a bit ago, and NOTHING has been done about the gate.  I was told they were gonna talk to the man Wed., but they haven't even done that.  I kinda made it clear we were at the end of our patience, so ,,,a couple of more weeks, and we will get back in their face if nothing has been done yet.  We want it finished!!! 

All i've got,,,too,,,so yall tc, and


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Gotta Watch the Results Show

Goodness gracious,,,it's Thursday,,,week's gone AGAIN!  How can the time go so fast now?

I got all my laundry rounded up, and then when i took a shower, my drain gurgled.,...Now i can't do laundry til later, sure don't need an overflowing drain.  J went off with my bro B out to a ranch, but i called and he said he'd come by and help me try to run a hose into it, see if i can unstop it.  He had called earlier saying how much better he felt today.  Last time the drain did this, i stood by the washer, and let a little out at a time...BUT, i'm afraid i'll miss it and have backup.

Forecast is 100 here today.  Think i'm staying home,,,lol.  When it's that, it'll be 105 or so.  Always more.  We needed Isaac,,,  Got winds from the NE from it.

I don't know what happened on Amer Got Talent, had to record it last nite.  When S called i told her,,,'don't tell me",,, lol.  That's the one where there were 12 acts, and i voted for 9,,,hahahahah,,,just 3 could stay.  But,,they were all so good, i sure couldn't decide.  So,,,the results are what i recorded.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Over the Hump,,,

My son is coming over any time, so this will be short.  I think he wants to sit in his chair that's still here,,,lololol.  We'll go thru some more of my picture albums too.  He found his gf in one of the pics, when they were like,,10 or 11, at his birthday party.

Can't think of a thing i have to do today.  Maybe a load of laundry later.  Or tomorrow,,,

DD was talking about a missing blogger,,,When someone posts every day, it really does worry you when they become missing.  At our age, who knows what has happened? 

Today is the day the pharmacy delivers my refills every week.  Just 2 today.  They show up before noon, which is perfect timing for me.

Little Jude,,lol,,,ran out of cat food earlier, and just sat there, and every time i got up,,,here he was, sitting there waiting,,,Had to refill that thing before my 2nd cup of coffee!! 

O WOW,,,last nite on America's Got Talent,,,out of the 12, i voted for 9!!! hahahaha,,How can anybody pick the best one?  They were all the WOW factor.  Only 3 could go thru, too,.  Tonite shows those.

Ok gotta go, yall tc, and


Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Here It Is


This is my vine I’ve been talking about.  Guess I could have watered it once or twice and it would look a little better.


It’s been blooming all summer, and has had more on it than this.

My son came over this morning,,,woke me up calling, about 8;30, and I told him to come on over.  We’ve had a good time.  He ate waffles with me, then later we went thru some picture albums,,,more to do.  He’s taking one of the LazyBoy chairs,,,,,we made a trade,,,lol, oil changes.  Yeaaaaaaaaaaaa…. Still one more to go,,,,the newer one.  He liked the older one.

So, this is it for today,,,yall tc, and








Monday, August 27, 2012

Do YOU Do It?

Well, i now know how to make your own pasta.  And i also know why i buy it,,,hahahaha.  G/dotter took about 1 1/2 hours making it, and yeah, it's good, but,,,no,,,would never do it.  She also made her own sauce for the spaghetti.  Had canned tomatoes to do it with, that she had done.  Made her own bread too....Way back a friend of mine did that one day a week, made it with a yeast starter.  Anybody remember that?  I never did it, but lots did.  The starter was kept to start the next batch.  And on and on.

There were chicken wings too, another friend of hers brought and cooked.  Yummmm. 

We keep having little showers go around us, none here.  How can it be raining every day up there in AZ?  Amazing. 

BB was asking about what diuretics were.  I take 2 different ones, and then one pill for blood pressure also has it in it.  I have to go a lot! but i don't have swollen ankles any more.  And my blood pressure is great.  With it doing that, i don't watch what i eat, but never was a big salt eater.  When i was a kid, about 12, my kidneys quit working.  This ol doc here put me on a liquid med, and no salt, no fried for about 2 years.  I got used to the no salt and now i eat a little, but never add it to anything.  I don't remember what the disease was, but my kidneys started working when i started all that, and i've never had a problem since then.  Mother always separated my food and baked it, or whatever.

Ok, time for waffles, yall tc, and


Sunday, August 26, 2012

If I Wanna, I Will

I just read a comment about something i said on another blog.  I don't need ANYONE telling me what "down here" means.  Go back and read the rest of the story, you know who.  And you're not "down here" any more, you're "out there".

I didn't do a post yesterday just because i didn't want to.  I needed a day off.  And today, not in the mood either.   

About 3;30 yesterday, there was a small plane crash just outside of town.  Both men were from Kerrville, and died in the crash.  It was an instructor and his student learning take offs, and landings.  Why they were doing it here, i don't know.

Just got an invite out to g/dotters for pasta.  Her birthday is Monday, so i can take her Queen's Wreath.
There's enough bulbs to set in maybe several places.  They multiply.  lol,,,like at least a dozen or more.

Guess that's enough outa me today,,,but,,,yall tc, and


Saturday, August 25, 2012

Friday, August 24, 2012

Queen's Wreath

I usually wait and do my shower til later, but,,,,all that goop on my hair had me in there early today,  How can people stand that?  Maybe not ever touching it?  lololol.  My hair doesn't need that.  I just comb it into place and leave it.

I had asked the friend cutting my hair, if i could get another start of that vine that grows up on one side of her house, so,,,after she cut the hair, we went there and i got some of the bulbs.  It's Queen's Wreath, and i love it.  After it's established, you're thru with it, and it has the most beautiful pink clusters of blooms, all summer.  I'll try to get pics later.  I think i might have watered mine just a couple of times during the drought all last year.  Anyway, these are for my g/dotter's birthday on the 27th.  I put them in a pot when i got home, and that way she can transplant them later. 

Still nothing going on.  Dog days getting closer to the end.  Just went and picked up one of the burgers i bragged so much about, and not going back.  It's gone up, and just wasn't good today.  I like onions, and i asked for them,,got a couple of pieces.  Couple of pieces of lettuce too.  Lots of dripping mayo, ( i like mustard) and the burger patty was still thick.  Maybe just too much.  I just can't pay that for lunch, or if i do, i want enough for 2 meals.  Well, i might go back for the other sandwiches. 

Ok ,,,nap time,  at least a little, so yall tc, and


Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hair Cutting Day!!!

My trip to my doc turned out pretty good i think ,,, she did take blood for a thyroid test, since that was the only one that hasn't been done lately.  She also took me off the one for cholesterol, (temporarily),  and cut one for diabetes in 1/2.  Now we play the waiting game,,see how i feel in a month.

My mother and dotter both had their thyroids taken out.  It's something i've always kept a check on.  My dotter was 16 when she had hers done.  lol Wish mine was more active.

Got an appointment for a hair cut later today,,,yeaaaaaaa....  Been getting it almost shaved on the sides, and most of the back.  Love it this way.  The top is longer.  Not quite a mohawk.  But that would be ok,,,lolololol.  I see a lot like this on tv, etc.  Never was one to stay in the past with my hair dos.  Back in high school,, i cut it in a flat top, with duck tails,,, worked with my hair.  Not so good with fine hair.  Anyway, i always liked change and was the first to do them most of the time.

Did i ever tell you about going to a New Year's Eve party,,,and my niece SS,,yeah that one,,had given me a blinking head band?  Got that out just before midnite, and at the right time, turned it on,,,,i was the lite of the party! lolololol.  Have no idea where she got those,,,she was just a kid.  Somewhere her dad played i guess.

O geez,,,somehow i got myself put on that lifeline thing here in TX, on my cell phone.  Well, i couldn't figure out how i was getting lower and lower on minutes, when i had had so many that rolled over on my Net 10.  HA!!!  I get 125 a month, plus 60 (?)) days, but that is leaving me short on minutes.  i could buy an air card and add them that way.  Anyway, i'm gonna try it.  I know,,, i'll have zillions of days, but maybe the added minutes will let me go a long time...

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, August 22, 2012

So Glad TVs Back

Well, now i don't feel like i need to go to the doc,,,isn't that how it happens?  Going any way.  I would like to know why i get this way sometimes.  Once, it was my potassium.  Too much of this, not enough of that,,,lol,,,who EVER knows?

Gosh, that America's Got Talent was so good last nite,, and these were acts brought back after being voted off!  Wild cards.  That DeLeon kid,,,that looks like OMG,,,don't know what,,,was back.  He's the one that dresses gothic, has WEIRD blue eyes (contacts) and sings OPERA!  He shocked everybody when he first sang, then the next time, nerves got him and he froze up, got voted off.  But he was great last nite.

I'm still lol about BBs tv,,and still don't know if he is not getting signals, or really doesn't have a tv set.  Hard to imagine not getting something on one.  Even here, you can get one channel with not much of an antenna, the tower is right outside town.

I turned off my ACs yesterday, and they are still off.  This is TX !!! In August!!!  How can that be? 

Well, yall tc, and


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Got the Insurance

Been out chasing around with J, getting his insurance premium done and on the way.  Got a certified check, then mailed it certified too.  He was accepted and it takes effect on 9-1.  Now,,,next month he can get a date set for the surgery.  Surely they will take his insurance. 

I feel really bad today.  Gosh, i'm tired of this.  Seeing my doc tomorrow. 

Bro G and i went to the city council meeting yesterday, and all we did, was tell them we had waited long enough,, wanted to get it finished, over and done with.  I was just there for a few minutes and came on home.  We will now get put on the agenda for the next one, and see what happens.  I intend to put a letter in the paper and get all the support we can to show up too. 

All i got,,,so yall tc, and


Monday, August 20, 2012

Another One,,

Not nothing going on today, til later...  So it will be in my post tomorrow.

I nap all nite,,,that's all i can call it.  I sleep a couple of hours, then wake up all nite long.  It's rare i sleep 4 or 5 hours straight.  Guess it's just part of aging.  Doesn't matter, not doing

Js bringing Jr burgers by for lunch, should be here any time.  Sonic has some pretty good ones.  For a couple of $s,, i can have a meal.

So yall tc, and


Sunday, August 19, 2012

Soooo Bored

Finally getting over the tiredness of the last few days.  Have no desire to do much tho. 

We've had light showers most of the day and nite, and when i looked at my gage late yesterday, about a 1/4", but a little more during the nite,..  More today i think.  I opened a few windows when i got up this morning, felt so good.  Didn't take long to shut them back,,lololol.

I think i'm ready for fall.  This heat wears me down,,,more every year.  Used to hate winter, now i look forward to it.  I love the rain and never get tired of that.  I have a metal roof so i can hear it. 

Did i ever tell yall about waking up one nite, and my whole pillow was wet, and a lot more around it?  I thot i had a bad nose bleed or something!  Got the lite on,,and my roof was leaking right over my head, looking like my ceiling was fixing to fall on me!!  It was sagging a lot.  The ceiling is tiles, and down on my feet, was another spot too, not quite as bad.  I got up and managed to shove my bed far enough to get out from under that ceiling, but had to try to sleep on the side that wasn't wet.  And hope the ceiling didn't come crashing down.  Had a time, getting all that dry the next day!  Called bro B,,,said i needed a roof!  That's his thing,,,too.  Metal roofs and cement work.  Caught him just right, so in a few days i had a new roof, even tho he said it was probably just a few nails that had worked almost out.  I had already collected from my insurance company for one after a bad hail storm, so i had the money.  So, add that onto everything else i replaced here,,,lol.

I moved in here at the end of August,,,way back, and didn't bother to turn the gas on til later.....WELL, when we did, it spewed under the house,,pipes old and busting...had to turn it right back off, get all those pipes replaced too.That was after doing all the water, sewer lines.   I was singing,,,ooooo woe is me..... lol

I didn't pay much for this house, and the property (lot) is worth it to me.  Love the location, the quiet.  AND,,,bought it from bro B,,,lololol.  He did say one time he felt bad about all the things that came up unexpected.  It's still worth more than what i have in it, so i'm satisfied.

I went to our new Alco store late yesterday,,,wasn't impressed.  Doubt if i shop there much.  They didn't have the couple of things i needed, butter was one, so that means i still have to get those elsewhere.

Ok,,yall tc, and


Saturday, August 18, 2012


Still tired, not doing much.  BUT, i woke up to rain!!! today.  Little showers going by all morning.  Maybe a 1/4" total, but supposed to be more thru Sunday. 

After those shots my son got, it takes about 2 days to get better.  The back drains down into his legs, making them swell, so he has to stay off of them quite a bit.  The shots consist of a mixture of steroids, antibiotics, and antiinflamatory.  He got 2 this time, in 2 spots.   He' the only one that the doc doesn't put to sleep, by Js choice.  They start working immediately.  The doc said, after looking at his MRI, that he would take the plates out of the lower back, and fix one spot there, and also fix the upper one.  Then he always adds, the sooner the better.  I think it will make him feel like a new person.  Now, we wait to hear from the insurance application.  The lady in the doc's office is going to check all that out and call me.  She made copies of all the paperwork i had. 

There was a knock on my door yesterday, and when i opened it, it was Sue's dotter holding a watermelon, and 2 cantaloupe.  I called Sue later and told her i saw an angel,,,lolololol.  She had guessed how tired i was and asked her dotter to do that.

I've got to figure out what i'm gonna eat for lunch, so yall tc, and


Friday, August 17, 2012

Again, Short Post

Just to tell you, i called son's doc's office yesterday and actually the doc's nurse answered!!!  She looked at the schedule and said if he could be there by 2"45 to come on.. I called J, told him i was picking him up right then! and we were on our way in 15 minutes.  He got the shots he needed.  It was a God thing,,,the whole day.  But i'm so tired i couldn't hardly make my body move this morning.  But,,it's a good thing.

So yall tc, and


Thursday, August 16, 2012

Just Not in the Mood

O gosh,,being pushed into messing with that gate thang again.  I've committed to going to the council meeting next Monday for discussion, which means we have to come up with what we want to say.  The gist of it is,,,, why hasn't something been done!  Now, i have to spend time getting info together to do this.  Don't get me wrong,,there are 2 more of us, but it still has to be done.  O well, don't wanna think about it now.

My son is staying put,,in AC, but likes to have company.  So i'm going to visit him in a few minutes.  His gf is back at school now.  It doesn't actually start until next week, but the teachers have to be there early.

I'm sure glad DD has a sense of humor,,,cause i've been kinda picking on him,,about going on a trip in that huge new home,,ac at that!  So DD, you do know i'm just teasing you don't you?  lol,,some people you can't.  I know you have reasons.

Ok, that's all folks,,yall tc, and


Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Woohooo,,,Better Today!

THANK YOU ALL for letting me know that you're there and concerned.. I kinda was too, because that's how that pneumonia starts and sneaks in.  But, my oxygen level was good.  I bought one of those finger thingys that read that,, and this AM it's 96,, which is great.  With pneumonia it goes down under 90.  And that's when i see a doc,,even in the ER if i have to.  When you wake up and can't walk,,you know you have it, too..,..I have no fever, no cough,,,but i can have it.  So,,my symptoms,,,can't walk, low blood oxygen, hard to get a breath.

And!!! I have some new followers that i want to thank for being here, and hope i don't bore you too much.   One of them is that niece i've been telling you about,,,Sheryl. (SS)

I feel good today,,,and i have no idea why i've felt bad.  I think it's just plain ol age...lolololol,,,having a bad day or 2 sometimes... And being so concerned over my son.  Next week is our trip to San Antonio to see the doc.  He's having major problems with it now. 

Last nite on America's Got Talent,,was not good.  It had all the ones from youtube.  Out of the 12,,,just 2 i liked.  Can't imagine picking 4 out of those to go on.  Even the judges had a hard time.

A few more days of this heat, and we're actually cooling off.  A cold front with rain!!!!  lollololol,,,It'll bring it down to the mid 90s,,, but that's 10* down.  So,,,i'm just gonna stay in,,wait for it.  Well, as much as possible..

Ok,,time for my waffles,,so yall tc, and


Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Monday, August 13, 2012

Back to Low River Flow

Went to Google to read rvsue and could never get the comments to load.  Didn't have a refresher thingy at the top either. 

I just didn't want to get up today,,,lol.  I woke up about 7:30 ,, and made it another 45 minutes.  I'm tired,,for some reason,,,guess it's just one of those days.  OMG!!!!!!! IT'S MONDAY!!!  And worse than usual,,,lolololol.

Still staying in most of the time,,,maybe that's getting to me.  No where to go, nothing to do, so,,, what do you do?  I've always been an outside person, and with the heat, can't do it now. 

We've been put on #3 water rationing.  Our river flow is down to 3 here.  Not good at all.  I don't water,,,except my trees if they look really bad.  I think there are people taking out a lot of water up river.  It goes from 47, to 30, then to our 3.  That's in about the above 60 miles.    We're in the Lake LBJ Basin.  At the 3.

I did see a slight chance of showers, 10%, today. 

The Olympics are over!!!!!!!  Yeaaaaa,,,,now maybe there will be something on TV, at least a few nites a week.

Yall tc, and


Sunday, August 12, 2012

Pork Steak Today

Fixing to go pick up that pork steak lunch i thot was Fri,,,i think i can beat the crowd by going a little early,,,did last time. 

B came by, telling me about their CO trip.  The part he liked the best, and i would too, was the train ride thru the mountains.  I've seen it on TV, or ads, or something.  He also told me he would go to San Antonio with us on the 22nd.  Well, he would take his van.  I worry about driving that early because i don't wake up good for a couple of hours, and he's an early bird. 

Got 3 movies yesterday, 2 more going today.  But,,,TV will finally be back to normal after tonite.  Almost all the ones i had i have seen before,,, Like the book i'm reading lolololol,,,don't remember the book tho.

DD has some naughty pics today,,,hahahahahaha,,,  We have those real skinny brown walking sticks, and the green ones too.  But,,i pushed a stump over one time, and there was this huge gray one like he's showing.

Ok,,time to git,,,yall tc, and


Saturday, August 11, 2012

August Almost 1/2 Gone!!!

Glad yall liked that darn bird too.,,,,lololol.  That one and the other one with the goose attacking that man,,will make me laugh every time.  It's on the 5-26 blog.

I just wanna let yall know, how much i like reading blogs that answer the comments.  Makes them more interesting,,,or something.  And especially when there are questions,,,they need an answer.  MsB told me about Walter today, and THANK YOU!  I like seeing the other ones answered too, not just mine.  I try not to miss any, but if i do, i apologize.  I think we talked about this before, DD and i, that we even go back on other blogs,,,

When i got out about 5+ yesterday, i saw 106.  I was thinking WHY did i do this,,but was kinda hungry.  I went to another place i hadn't tried and got a club sw,,heard it was really good.  Wow,,,and was it ever.  Huge, with some kind of fries that had something on them that was sooooo good.  That sw was 5 layers of goood stuff.  1/2 was all i could do, so i have another meal of it for today.  Here i am hungry and i just ate my waffles,,,hahahahaha,,,that sw was that good.

Jude is still in.  Guess that heat kinda got to him too.  Gonna have it thru the weekend.  When i was out, i went by son's and x's place and the door was open, so i stopped.  J was just about out of it.  He had gone there for a minute, ended up staying about 3 hours cause people kept buying vehicles,,(3) but he got too hot, and his back had swollen up bad.  That's when it locks up and he falls.  He shouldn't ever be there alone.  His dad was gone.  He was sitting there in the office, HOT, and asked me if i would bring him a beer out of his car.  I did, and it was hot too.  That helps the back too.  Anyway, finally got him to turn things off, and we headed for the door and this man came in and they had to talk ,,,,and talk,,,him looking like he was about to fall, me saying you gotta go.  Well, i followed him home to be sure he got there, had wanted to drive him, and he was gonna hit the bed with an ice pack.  He told me this morning  there is a huge black spot there now.  AND, he was gonna just stay down today.  GOTTA get something done!!!  He still doesn't know about his MRI, has an appointment on the 22nd.  His doc is gone,, on vacation right now.

That's my latest.  Am i missing anything?  Any ?s,,,i do answer them,,,lol.

Well, yall tc, and


Friday, August 10, 2012

Bird Thief

Remembered this today, for some reason..... gotta love it.  A lady sent it to me way back, and i had lost it,,found it on youtube.  It was down in your area DD.  Some 'birds' are just down right hilarious.

Wasn't gonna do a post today, but,,here it is.  I got out earlier, thinking there was a pork steak lunch being done by the 1st Baptist Church, but,,,not til Sunday.   Then i went by the only garage sale in town,,,didn't even get out.  A couple of small end tables, and clothes!  

Ok, that's my day,,,lol, so yall tc, and


Thursday, August 9, 2012

An Almost Rain

Almost,,,,got rain yesterday,,a few big drops did hit the ground.  Smelled wonderful!,,Another chance today.  It was 103 when the clouds moved in, got a great cool down.

I'm not getting out much, with the heat.  I was out when the clouds came tho.  I stopped by the Hut and got a tuna sw,,just wanted something cold.  It was good too.  I told her she better be prepared, i was telling everybody about that burger,,,lololol.. Son said he couldn't eat it all either.  Here i am with my stroganoff, and eating out.  Guess what i'm having for lunch?,,,lol.  That's why i hate to cook,, having leftovers i get too tired of.

Got some yearly paperwork yesterday,,,that i just stopped and did later.  Got it all done in about an hour,,thru for another year.  Wasn't anything on tv, so,,, And later, i put a movie in,,and had seen it,, fast forwarded thru it,,and guess what?,,seen that one too.  Watched it anyway.  Told you, i can't remember names.  Darn Lifetime,,and Hallmark,,get some new ones!!

My ustream petespond,,place has been out for a few days.  I really miss it,,love watching all those African animals coming to that pond.  I know it will finally be fixed,  surely...Saw that on their facebook.

No more than i have to write on these blogs,, i might just start saying,,hi, bye... But anyway, yall tc, and


Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Dum de dum

Woke up about 7, couldn't get back to sleep....hope that's not becoming a habit.  I tell everybody i take my nap before i get up,,lol.  Well, works for me.

I'm getting tired of no tv shows on.  Missing all my regulars.  Not sure when the Olympics will be over, but gosh,,enough is enough. 

Did i tell you about the hamburger i got yesterday at a new little food trailer?  Biggest one i've ever seen!  The patty was an inch thick and big too, on a big sesame seed bun.  My mouth wouldn't even open enough to take a bite of the whole thing.  Had to have a 1/2 lb of meat on it.  Got about 1/2 down, still have the other 1/2.  It came with chips and watermelon.

Not doing anything,,nothing to say, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Feet Aches

Gosh, waking up too early, for me.  I'm talking about when i can't go back to sleep, like 7 AM!  My coffee pot is set to turn on at 7:30,,  I try to doze back off, but last 2 days, been getting up about 7:45..... My feet are sore from hurting last nite.  I wonder,,,(DD) if there's anything i can do about them,  I take something for it, but sometimes they still hurt.  Anybody have any ideas?  And, i don't know what i do to make them hurt worse either.

I'm re-reading some of the Clan of the Cave Bear books.  It's been so long, i don't remember them and i have #3, 4, and 5.  About a year ago,,she published the last one she said.  I read it, but, decided to go back and read the older ones again.  My SIL had them, so i haven't been to the library in quite a while.  I could never use a Kindle,,,like i told my dotter, because i can't ever remember what i've read by name.  I put a tiny mark in the library ones,,,(ssshhhh).  lol...

I'll be so glad when these )(*&&^$%^) elections are over!  I HATE politics.  I will read the summaries of each one running, and decide who i want to vote for, just before the elections.  That's all i need, don't need all this TV stuff, newspaper stuff, etc.  And never talk politics to me,,you will never change my mind, and i refuse to argue about it.

This idiot in Austin tried to vacuum out a hive of bees from under the eaves of his house....lollololol,,,Ended up in the hospital.   Had to call a professional to get them.   Do any of yall eat Fain's Honey?,,,It's made here, and goes back decades.  So if there's a stray hive, they will come and get it.  A long time ago, there was a huge oak tree in the park with a hive in it.  Not there now and i don't know what happened.

My dad tried that,,,lol..Having a few bee hives.  He had the suit, but didn't use it and never got stung.  One of his many enterprises,,,lololol.

Yall tc, and


Monday, August 6, 2012


Just got back from the store,, if i'm gonna make hamburger helper again, i needed hamburger,,, About out of milk too.  Wasn't too bad out there.  I got burned out on that too, so haven't made it in years.  Lots of new flavors now.  Stroganoff is the one i'm doing today, tho.

I've been wanting to call SS (Niece, for BB),, and was so surprised when my phone rang and it was her!.. I had just talked to J,,,thot it was him calling back.  They sold the house in Lake Worth, and now are getting into the other one.  She was painting in a couple of rooms..  Said she wasn't sure where lots of things were, had moved in fits and starts...  Her wrist was hurting, and i think i have carpal tunnel and i DO have to wear a wrist brace sometimes.  Anyway, i told her to wear one, will definitely help.  You can still use  your hand ,,, fingers, just can't bend that wrist part.  She said she had one,,somewhere,,,maybe she knew.  lololol.  Better quit talking about her,,gave her this blog address again...

Some woman here in town called in yesterday, 911, cause she had a snake in her bathroom,,,lol.  Said it was long and skinny.  Guess they found it, i never heard anything else.  Or she moved out,,hahahahaha.
By taking your eyes off it, it would hide, come out later.

About time to find something for lunch.  Yall tc, and


Sunday, August 5, 2012

A Little Catch-Up

Gosh, these are getting harder and harder, nothing to say. 

Those 3 teens around the fires all the time in Kingsland, were picked up and questioned, and there hasn't been any since.  Kinda tells you right there,,doesn't it?

The gate is still up on Salem St, but it HAS to be taken down.  The city keeps stalling on telling the owner that.  Now the mayor has turned it over to another man to tell him,,lolololol.  It will be done,,,Better watch out for us "Troubles",,  lolol.

G and I went out to Ns late yesterday and just sat around and visited for a while.  He helped her move her dryer out to replace the vent hose thingy.  She had to crawl over the washer and get behind it to do it, after it was pulled out.  Tight space.  But, it got done, and he adjusted the sliding doors too.  She never knew they could be done.  It's in a mobile home.  She had had a couple of watermelon vines come up, and got 2 off them.  This last one was yellow, and i ate a little,,soooo good.  Her okra is just getting started.

 I know how good that home grown stuff is, but it was never worth it to me.  And truth be known,,it probably costs more to grow it.  You can get good produce in the summer everywhere.  I learned the hard way, BUT i sure learned.  So yall can have your gardens,,i'll find a road side vendor.  lol.  After i don't know how many years, i can eat all the tomatoes i want now.  Without the tongue ulcers.  Need to find some more.

Well, yall tc, and


Saturday, August 4, 2012

I Want a Cold Front NOW

I can't believe that heat in OK, and the fires with it....Horrible.  How can fire fighters work in that?  I sure feel for em.  Yeah, i gripe about the heat here, but, nothing like that.  Well, 10 degrees difference.  I know in just a few weeks, we can possibly have cooler temps.

Way back, when the kids were young, we had a COLD front hit on Labor Day weekend.  I can remember because it was the last day the swimming pool was open, and the kids just HAD to go,,,,,They were the only ones there and had to stay in the warm water, froze when they got out.  lololol.  It did keep the temp in the 60s that day.  Hard to imagine right now,,huh?

Got that possible hurricane heading West,,which is being watched.  Way back when i think it was Carla  hit the coast, we even had evacuees here, lots of em.  Got some of the wind and rain too.  Early 60s?  (I go way back,,,lololol).  I know how bad they are, but we central Texans sure hope for some relief during the season,,,sorry DD.

I was telling Js g/f about a time when he was gonna get his first pellet gun for Christmas, and he walked up on us paying for it in the store..  That was the worst thing he ever had to do, wait til Christmas, knowing what he was getting!  lollolol.  He had wanted one so bad, for so long,,and there it was, but,,,,,about a 2 month wait.  He never wanted to know again.

How can they be getting all that rain out in AZ?   Send it HERE!

Yall tc and


Friday, August 3, 2012


Just reading about Harbor Freight addictions,,well, i have a Lowe's or Home Depot one.  Just can't pass up looking at those sales when they come in the paper.  That's how i got my front door, you know,,saw one i loved,,at a price i could NOT pass up.  Sis N took me over to get it, and it just sat in my house for a while,,,Cost an arm and a leg to get them installed, (yeah,,,THEM,,couldn't NOT get a new storm door too)  but that door was a bargain.  Somewhere back on one of my posts,,i put the pics up. 

That's also how i got the vanity in my bathroom,, darn flyers,,, It was on sale at a bargain price,,,who thinks about that plumber you're gonna have to hire at that time?  Sure looks good in there,,,tho,,, The plumber did ask,,who set that other one in?,,,hahahahaha,,,told him B and i did.  Heck, it worked!

So,, i need to pass those thangs up when i see one yelling at me to look,,,burn em.  Ask the paper to leave em out....

No word from Js doc,,yet.  Yall tc, and


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Is this Thursday?,,,

Had a miserable nite, got up feeling like i had had a beating.  I'm never gonna stay here and wait again.  J got the MRI done, not sure when he'll hear from it.  It was being sent to his doc then. 

Heat's here til the weekend.  And i think we still have that African dust too.  Just saw on FB where my G/dotter's ac is out.  Never fails to do that in the worst of the summer.  Not sure if it's fixable or not.,,,Surely it is.

You either watch Olympics or turn the tv off.  Mine's off.  Just need the quiet sometimes.  Fixing to eat some oatmeal, maybe nap a little, and read.  Almost thru with my book. 

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Not Much Today

Forgot i hadn't done this,,,  Too much on my mind right now.  Just found out Js MRI is in the morning at 8:30 in Fredericksburg,, don't know when he'll find out the results.  I think his Doc is there on Fridays.

I did get everything done that could be done for the insurance.  Now, it's wait.  If we find out he has to have surgery soon, i'll call them and see if it can be effective by 9-1.  IF HE CAN WAIT THAT LONG!

Sorry, just can't function today, so yall tc, and