Friday, August 3, 2012


Just reading about Harbor Freight addictions,,well, i have a Lowe's or Home Depot one.  Just can't pass up looking at those sales when they come in the paper.  That's how i got my front door, you know,,saw one i loved,,at a price i could NOT pass up.  Sis N took me over to get it, and it just sat in my house for a while,,,Cost an arm and a leg to get them installed, (yeah,,,THEM,,couldn't NOT get a new storm door too)  but that door was a bargain.  Somewhere back on one of my posts,,i put the pics up. 

That's also how i got the vanity in my bathroom,, darn flyers,,, It was on sale at a bargain price,,,who thinks about that plumber you're gonna have to hire at that time?  Sure looks good in there,,,tho,,, The plumber did ask,,who set that other one in?,,,hahahahaha,,,told him B and i did.  Heck, it worked!

So,, i need to pass those thangs up when i see one yelling at me to look,,,burn em.  Ask the paper to leave em out....

No word from Js doc,,yet.  Yall tc, and