Friday, June 1, 2012

No Where To Go, Nothing To Do

Hmmm, my electricity just went off, oops, now back.  Blinked 2 times, then stayed off about a minute.   Had to reset a few things,,,mainly my coffee pot, and the vcr.  Since i changed to battery operated clocks now,  not much to change.  Best thing i ever did.  lol.

How is it possible for there to be NOTHING on tv from tonite thru the whole week end.  I mean from 7 pm on.  I'm gonna record the Hatfields and McCoys tomorrow, but,,,nothing on today to even do that.

Went by my son's house late yesterday, and his dad said he'd be back in 8 minutes,,lol,,that's what he said.  Sooo,,, i wait.  They had fleas so bad, he was in the process of spraying the house,  (my son).  Just from one day to the next, they were there.  I'm knocking on wood,,so far i'm ok here.  I use the bombs.  I have to get them at the feed store, not the $Store, to kill eggs, larvae, and all.  They come 3 to a package, and i use 2 in the house, 1 under.  You can't believe all the dead bugs that turn up for a LONG time.  I know i didn't do it last year, didn't need to, and maybe not the year before.

Every time i see the tv programs like,,20/20, Dateline, etc, i remember one about a year ago,,,about a case over in Burnet County.  They featured it on one of those.  This couple came up with this bizarre idea for him to die.  They went to a cemetery, dug up the body of an old woman, put it in his car, wrecked it, and set it on fire.  Not much left.  He cut his hair, changed his looks, and went to Austin to live, she collected this huge insurance payoff that they had just taken out.  (Of course)...Sound like a soap opera?  There was NO suspicion for about a year.  Then someone called in saying they had seen them together in Austin.  They were telling their 2 kids that this was another man, not their dad.  Freaky, huh?  Well, with them  being so stupid, they got caught, and both went to prison.  And to think, they could have gotten away with it.  O yeah, the authorities did dig up a grave and found it empty, later, so they knew which one had been burned.  Maybe they told them.  Don't remember how they knew where to look, but they did.  How's that for your scary story for Friday?  loloolololol,,,I haven't tried to, but you might can find it on google.  

Well, that's all i got,,so yall tc, and


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