Friday, April 20, 2012

Told You My Memory Leaves Me,,,Sometimes

I got into other things, and totally forgot i didn't post on here yesterday.  For one thing, i was on the phone about 30 minutes with my computer man, cause for 2 days i had snailnet.  Like slow dial up speed.  I had tried all the stuff he had told me before and it didn't help, so i called and he took me thru a lot more.  One was using and i had a horrible ping and speed.  We ended up deciding if it stayed, i would call verizon, had to be them.  Well, today i'm fine, guess they fixed their problem.

Aww heck, our thunder and rain is about gone, was just a speck.  Barely dripping off the roof.  But,,, that wind out of the NW is cold,,,,yeaaaaa... Getting heavy rain just S of here.

Also, yesterday morning, i went back into all that paperwork of my son's and got it in order, filled out as much as i could on that app for his medical help, and now, it's waiting on him to come by to finish up, then take it to Lampasas to be sure it's all right, and they will send it in.

Boy, that policeman that shot that man's dog is in double trouble!  To start with, he had gone to the wrong house (in Austin).  Had his gun drawn, then when the dog ran toward him, he shot.  No questions asked!!!  It's gone viral, you probably already heard about it.  You can go to and get the story.

It sure is dark,,,still.  Just saw flash of lightening again.  Maybe that rain isn't gone.

I went out to the park yesterday ,,saw a city worker there and asked about the geese.  He said they were just a ways up the river, setting.  Like i had thot.  It's been about 4 weeks now, they should be showing back up, hopefully with little ones.  Son J told me they were out there 2 days ago, just after dark, and they saw some things swimming around all over the place, and these little things finally ended up just below where they were, and came out on the mud bank.  It was 12 baby beavers!  They didn't move a muscle, didn't have the camera in hand either, so they missed it.  I told him you just never know what you will see on this river.  Things that don't belong here, but they will be there.  I had always heard my Mom talk about swamp rabbits,,up in East TX, and one day, we saw one here in the river out W of town.  Ground squirrels,,(sooo cute), partridges, that hung around with the chickens, til something ate them, roosting on the ground.  One night when we were leaving the ranch, a black panther ran across in front of us,,a young one.  A hunter later told us they had shot at it, and my hubby sure put them straight on that!!  Leave it alone!! Or get off the property!  We had called a game warden, and he had told us it was just passing thru, going to a new territory.  Of course, we have the mountain lions, even a family out at my sis's place,,on the river, of course.

Getting a little more rain.  Won't ever be enough to measure, don't think.

Well, got my bed half stripped, need to get to that.  Will need it finished  So yall tc, and