Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Chicken Time

Have some low lying clouds around today, no rain tho. Even if it did, would just be 1 of those pop up showers, wets the surface, goes away in mins. Was it last week, we had those during the nite? I was up around 1;30 n heard this loud pop on my roof. Then another, n then another., Wasnt raining, just large hail about nickel? size. That lasted about 2 mins, then quit and rained. No one i talked to had any hail damage, so it didnt amount to anything.

Got to quit dressing my toe yesterday, guess itll get well. lololol And i still cant contact my niece in AL, so i still dont know about them. Read in the paper, theres no lists r anything to check, yet. Theres too much mayhem to even do that.

Was reading a blog today, about chickens. Could NOT believe the stupid people there. If there was any way for me to have them, i would. Years ago, i had a few, and they knew exactly when id get home, n were waiting at the fence. I always let them out til roosting time. They would have a great time, scratching n eating the bugs, n never got out of my back yard. When i went out later, they would go back in the pen. Never had to chase them back either. One time, i let a hen sit on some eggs, n she hatched a few. One turned out to be a rooster,,,grrrrrrr. I went out one day, n my old rooster was laying on the ground, in the pen, wings all spread out, on his side. I thot he was dead, but when i touched him with my toe, he jumped up n ran to the other side, n laid like that again!!!. His head was all bloody too. I went straight into the house, got my 22, n goodbye, young rooster!!! My old one healed, but lost that 1 eye. I never again had 1 that would hurt him. That same thing had happened to my sis's hen, tho. The rooster n 1 hen tried to kill her, n left her with 1 eye,,,hence the name,,1 eye. lol,,,ive about named all of em. One is ms clean, then theres stripes, n little bit. Have 4 more,,,,lololol Of course, theres Mr rooster, but now im calling him 1 feather. hahahaha,,,When she got him, the others had pulled out his tail feathers, so now he just has 1. Hes an americana, n they r so beautiful.

bbl, folks

Later, just not much going on today. Got my trash ready to take out, got my sheets changed, tried to shut my eyes for a bit after lunch. Thats it.

cya tomorrow