Sunday, August 18, 2013

New Tablet

My bro B was in Walmart one day and saw a tablet for   99.00, bought it, and  we all  were amazed at all it  could do..  I  looked online and researched a lot of   them  and bought the DoublePower 9" one with  keyboard  for 89.99, free shipping, at Walmart.  I'm still finding things it does..  Unreal..  Touch screen or talk (voice activated),   I'm on it now.  LOVE   IT!

Well,  that's all my news, loving the  rain we've had and the cooler temps.  Yall tc, an HAGD..

PS:  Back on laptop, easier to type.  Had to tell you about my bro,,buying the tablet.  His g'dotter, 5 yo, was really good on it, and just loved to play on it.  Wellllll,,,, bro's mother in law's bd came up and she was leaving on a long trip, and wishing she had a way to entertain herself while she was gone, soooo,,, he gave her the tablet,,,telling little Liz he would get another one ASAP! while she cried her eyes out,,, HA!  They were out over and over, the salesman saying they were even out at the warehouse.  I looked online and it showed them in stock, and in the meantime so did SIL.  She ordered one, messed the order up, reordered, and the day mine came in, so did that one.  I'm not sure but I think mine might do more.  Really not much it can't do.
Ok,,,that's it for real...

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Kinda Sick of it All

Yeah, nothing to blog about, who wants to keep hearing about my hip problem? 

Too darned hot to get out,,,who  wants to keep hearing about that? 

I will say I made it to the Doc yesterday, and every way I sat it irritated my hip, so it hurt the rest of the day.  I was released back to the other Doc, since it is my hip.  He told me I could have one more injection, but after that would have to be a replacement. 

Maybe i'll be back one day, but right now i'm just tired of doing this.  I do still enjoy the ones I read tho.  Maybe something will change, who knows.

So yall tc, and