Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Great Time With 2 Fellow Bloggers

Darn it DD!!!, Had just sat down with my oatmeal when i read ur blog.  Yours sounded lots better.  Like a trial mix, which i really like.  When we were growing up, lots of times we had homemade biscuits and gravy for breakfast.  I never got the hang of making biscuits like that, and Mom always said,,all u do is,,,use self rising flour, and water.  Somehow hers were just the best!  I don't eat breakfast any more, it's brunch.  And, it's different every day.

WELLL, i made it out to Inks Lake yesterday.  Enjoyed it so much, totally lost track of time.  That BB is one cool dude, yall.  And OFM,,i learned a lot, so enjoyed the visit with the both of you.  When he said he was leaving today, headed West, i made the mistake of asking to, where? hahahahah,,,His answer,,West.  LMAO.  See?,,, I now know what that means.  Little Sadie,,,just stayed in the shade, keeping cool.  Don't know if BB has said anything about another neighbor there, in a small rig, with 3 huge great danes in tow.  Like him, i sure don't know where they had room.  Someone brought them out to walk.  Would hate to have to carry that bag around after they did their thang.

When Jude went out last nite, i turned the lite on to look, and there was this possum there, eating on the watermelon rind i had thrown out.   Jude didn't even pay it any mind, so i guess it's a regular around here.  Sometimes he's really jumpy, so i wonder,,,lol DD, what's out there causing that.  He's such a coward, he would never get caught.  One time, when i still had Fancy, i had opened the door to let her in, and as soon as it started opening, she ran in with this thing.  A gopher or a mole.  Sure enough, she let it get away playing with it.  So, for days i had a loose gopher? in here.  Well, Jude would look around, and the 3rd day, he was looking under the sofa.  I went over and moved it, well, he was GONE.  But ,,,there was that gopher!  Finally got Fancy in there, and she caught it again, and out they both went, no choice in the matter.  She was 2 years old before she ever got to go outside, so she really didn't know what to do with anything, was just her instinct to catch them.  Over the years, she had seen other cats eat them, i guess, because she finally did it too.  I had moved to a safe place for her to go out.  She hunted inside my house every day, before that, and i had no bugs or flys.  She was the one that alerted to the rattlesnake in my house later.  She died about 2 years ago, so i just have the one, now.  Not gonna get any more either.  Don't want to have pets to leave when i go.

There was a coupon in the bag with the paper Sunday, giving u a free bottle of Advil.  All u had to do was go to their web site, enter the code and u would be sent a coupon for it.  HA,  said the offer had expired already, would give u 2.00 off.  I emailed the company, told them what i thot about it, and i would complain to the BBB.  Gosh, i need to do that.  I'm on the no-call list, too, but i get these computerized calls now, so i play along long enough to get more info, then i turn them in.  I don't donate, well, to my son for his care of needy kids.  I KNOW where that money goes.  If someone wants money handed out, what work will u do for me?

Gosh, finished up the next to last book about Joe Pickett in the series, last nite.  It was the one i had read first, but skimmed thru it, refreshing my memory.  Ready to start the last one today. 

Here it is,,already nap time.  Need one for sure.