Monday, April 30, 2012

Last Day

Here it is,,last day of April.  1/3 of the year gone already!  Nothing has changed, all still the same. 

Did yall notice a commentor on our blogs? Saying the exact same thing?  I had to laugh, Commoncents left the same comment on a lot of them, copied and pasted,,,When i checked his out, it's all political.  Kinda strange, don't ya think?  

Don't know if it's really cloudy or not, today.  We've been having smoke from Mexico drift in, like we do every year.  I'm running my ACs anyway, it's so muggy.  

Tonight is the finale of the Biggest Loser.  And i think the Voice is gonna end in another week or so.  Idol still has a few weeks, not many, and sometime in May, So You Think You Can Dance will start.  For a while back there, i was having to record on one station while i watched another, on several nites.  Fixing to get too many reruns, which i do NOT do.

Not much ambition for today,,,lol.  (Just changed my font).  Like this better.  The other was verdana, this is georgia.  

Gosh, i'm sounding so boring even to myself,,gonna get outa here.  Yall tc, and


Sunday, April 29, 2012

Country Drive

Trying this today, tell me what yall think.  This was about 8 miles N of town.  Some were just the views, what we call mountains.
More Indian Blankets, and just spots of the yellow ones.  When you see cattle in the roads,,you don’t dare honk your horn, they’ve been taught to all come running for feed.  Ranchers feed out of the back of their trucks.  So you patiently wait til they decide to move.  They do, but slowly.
Gonna publish so I can check this out.  Yall tc, and

On that link to the crazy ants yesterday, you could move your cursor over it and go there.  Just was wondering ,,,lol,, if anybody had seen them.  

When i do pics, i use windows live photo.  Today i tried the online album thingy to see how it worked.  Looks ok,, not sure how i could  post with each one, but,,it was all on the same drive.  The reason i took the scenery was to show the terrain, and why we are called the hill country.  The pics were all N,,,but to the S is lots more great mountains.  Maybe another time. lol.  Well, yall enjoy.

Saturday, April 28, 2012

TV Listings

This is the link i use for my tv listings, found it after the show world quit doing daytime.  I don't even think there is one in the paper any more.  Just in the daily paper showing nitetime only.

The paper has gotten so bad i'm seriously thinking about quitting it.  I haven't seen anything from this county in i don't know how long.  Even when it's a big news item.  There's little what they call, teaser headings on top of each section,,,except the sports.  When i asked about it, i was told it was because of a little bitty ad on the right top corner!  There's just one thing i read in the sports now, and that's Mike Leggett.  I was missing it all the time.  They did tell me, it's in the Thurs and Sun editions.  I quit it one time, read it online, but ,,,missed the ads!   

My son and his gf went to Cedar Park for the Disney on Ice show, but,,,didn't have time to stop by and get this map i printed out, so we were on the phone several times.  Last time we talked they had 15 minutes and still hadn't found it.  Were gonna ask and grab something to eat.  That minute they didn't use,,cost them a lot.  

Rasberry crazy ants starting to appear in Williamson and Travis counties

Just what we need,,,another ant.  And,,worse than fireants?  DD, do you have any of these?  Far as i know we don't ,,,,,yet.

Ok,,2 movies to record,,so yall tc, and


Friday, April 27, 2012

Not Much For Today

Looks like the Big Bend guy was just a passing phrase.  I hated to take off a couple of my favs that i had followed, but they just weren't there any more.  Wish HoboJoe would show up sometimes, let us know how he's doing.  And i know BBs son was way overloaded with life, and these blogs take a LOT of time.  Lots more important to tend to his family.

Here it is Friday aaaa gain...where does the time go?  Tues brings in May!!!  Where do the years go?  lololol.  I'm not busy, so how does the time go by so fast?

Got into helping my son do something else,,get tickets for a show this weekend in Cedar Park, but,,,,he waited too long, now he's gonna have to drive to Georgetown to get them.  One day sooner could have gotten them thru email.

 I turned all that paperwork over to him to finish, the medical ones.  Can't get him to come by long enough to get it done, so now it's with him and he can finish.  That Medicaid app is probably 20 pages long.  And the state plan for insurance PCIP, is not bad.  They have to take pre-existing conditions.  So the best thing for him is do both, use the PCIP til he gets the other.  That way he can go ahead with the necessary back problems.  If he gets his app and everything in for PCIP by the 15th of a month, it takes effect on the 1st of the following one.  As far as i could tell, it was the best solution.  I know waiting on Medicaid approval could take a LONG time.  It didn't come with his disability cause of a life insurance policy with a cash value that put him over a line.  He didn't even know he had it, the cash value.  Guess what,,he won't have it for long,,,lol.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, April 26, 2012

Let's Get Something Straight

Don't ya love it,,vile comments from,,"anonymous"?    Anonymous,,YOU DON'T KNOW NUTTIN!!!  So keep your dam mouth shut.  IF,,i want YOUR opinion, i will ask for it!

Now,,i will tell the rest of you, i have one g/child, and she was born to my dotter as a single parent.  GOT THAT, Anonymous???  My son loved that girl so much, he said he'd always take care of her, and he has, even now.  That meant helping my dotter, doing things for her like a father would have.  We all loved that girl, still do, that it never mattered not having a live in father.  My mom said one time,,about her, that,,she just kinda belongs to all of us.  She was never made to feel inferior, and grew up so well adjusted, she won a full scholarship to Trinity, in San Antonio, one of only 25 the school gives.  She was 6th in her graduating class, with a 96!  It's so hard to get into that school, and then to get a full scholarship?  In music.  She is very beautiful, tall and slim.  And yes, she does know who her father, and his family are, but has no desire to contact them.  Never missed them.  She also, never drank or did drugs.  She married a man that we all love too.  So,,,ANONYMOUS,,YOU DO NOT KNOW WHAT YOU ARE TALKING ABOUT!!!  In our opinion, they are the ones that missed out.  Times when a child is lots better off without a deadbeat dad, doing drugs.

That kinda made me mad,,,huh?  lololol.

Way too hot to get out now.  I think it hit 99,,maybe that,,OMG 100 yesteray.

I've been changing a lot of my bill paying over to drafts.  Years ago, i used online banking, but quit when they started charging for it.  I don't have but a few bills to pay anyway,, so the ones like Atmos, Verizon, Hochheim Ins. i can do with drafts.

They aren't gonna do anything about the postal service now.  I wouldn't mind 5 day a week mail.  Today's paper said letting it stay like it is for now.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Heat is HERE

Yall see my little weather thingy?  The heat has arrived.  I turned on my bedroom ac when i went to bed last nite, and today, will run the other 2.  I shut off a big part of my house and work them like that, bedroom at nite, then off, the other 2 in the day, then off.  Works great for that utility bill.   I do the same with the heat.  Rarely heat the bedroom tho, like a cold one.

My son still hasn't been by to finish that paperwork.  I'm just letting it lie.  He knows he needs to do it.  Altho he did tell me his back was so bad Mon he was in bed all day.

This girl, his age,, that just delivered my prescription, was his gf for a while back in hi school, and her mom had always been my bff almost all our lifes.  She and i thot it would be sooo cool for them to end up together, but,,nope, not to be.  Since her son and mine, 6 days apart in age, had never married and had kids, we also thot it would be so cool,,if a youngun contacted us and said,,hey,,ur my grandma...I even asked mine once, if any kid had ever told him that he was their dad.  lololol.  We DID want grandkids...

I still haven't seen the geese out at the park, and it's getting too hot out there for me.  I lasted about 30 minutes yesterday.  Almost all of it has been cleaned up from that disaster on the weekend, just one Ben E Kieth truck bed there.  That's the budweiser company, the warehouse was built here.  Did i ever tell you about a beer truck roll over way back, gosh, about 1980?  We picked it up and guess what?   That truck was fully loaded, and not one bottle, or can, of beer could be used, had to be taken to the dump.  Let me tell you,,,it didn't get there fully loaded after it had sat in our shop for a few weeks,,,lmaooo.  We had beer running out our ears...hahahahahaha and so did all our workers...So what, if it had been shook up a little?,,We sure didn't care.  And that caretaker out at the dump?  Sold that stuff for a long time...

I'm still in the old blogger interface, don't know how long it will last, but,,,gonna use it as long as i can.  Nothing else going on,,so yall tc, and


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

So Upset, Just Now Can Write About It

Gonna be hot from what i can see for the next week,,and on, and on.  About time to take the cover off the front AC.  Rain?  HA.  At least my yard, (not a lawn) won't need mowing.

I went to see a woman that until about a week ago, i didn't know had been put into a nursing home here.  I stopped by her house a couple of times,  no one there, and then one day when i drove past, there were empty boxes on the front porch, and 2 big boys out in the back, doing something.  That was when i suspected.  Then someone told me yes, she was.  That visit upset me so bad, i still have trouble thinking about it.  What is bringing this up, a friend called me this morning and had been by too, and was just as upset as i was.  The last time we had seen her ,,,at her home, just a few weeks ago, she was sharp as a tack, using a walker to get around, but in no way ready for a nursing home!  Now, we think she's so drugged she makes no sense when she talks.  I asked her why she was there, what had happened, and she didn't know.  They took her walker away, has to stay in a wheel chair.  WE think her 2 daughters decided to do this to her,,to get her out of her house so they can sell it.  And all her possessions.  She had signed everything over to them years ago!  I looked in the phone book and the one dotter i would talk to, isn't listed in there.  The friend is gonna get it, then i'm gonna find out some things!  I played baseball for years with this person, then worked with her in an insurance office for 8 more years.  This is giving S and i nightmares, thinking,,OMG,  that could be us!  She's the same age as my Mother, and her oldest dotter is my age.

My Mom worked in a nursing home the last years she worked, and would watch for things like this.  She was a charge nurse.  Had seen it lots of times.  It's the place of family to stop the drugs unless THEY want it.  The docs will over-medicate to keep patients quieter.  Anyway, this has really horrified S and I.  There, but for the grace of God, go I.  S and i both said, we will never sign property over while we are alive.  I feel i could trust my 2, but,,,,,,

My leg is healing good.  It's gradually going away.  My camera stays in the car, or i would take another pic.

All my news,,so yall tc, and


Monday, April 23, 2012

Time For Indian Blankets












These were just outside of town.  Several fields of them.  Not as many as I’ve seen before, but a pretty good showing.


GROSS!  This is one of the bites on my leg, on the back just below the knee.  Was hard to take this pic, too. lololol.  The other never got like this, and it’s well on the way to well now.  I know it was a spider bite, not a brown recluse tho, but I don’t know where I got it. 



Found Jude with this when I went out for the paper this morning.  Hate that it was a cardinal, not a mockingbird.  They nest just outside my kitchen window in the old crepe myrtle.  I have never been able to see the nest, but have heard them waking up there.

Kingsland has had 2 bad fires at the same time.  Arsonist?  One was a house fully engulfed, then another about the same time with 2 sheds that ended up catching the house too.  They called for mutual aid all around, and have finally gotten them under control, doing mop up.  Sure is suspicious.

Sundays are long,,,longggg days.  So I went out and got the pics.  I don’t know why they are so different.  Growing up, it was church day, then the afternoons were spent socializing.  Then church again Sunday nite.   Later, got into football during the pro season.  Now,,nothing.  Maybe that’s it.

I had to redo all this post, cause I clicked on an update.  I guess this windows live writer doesn’t have the draft thing.  I couldn’t find it.  I’ll remember that,,,

So,,,yall tc, and






Sunday, April 22, 2012

Order of Nachos,,,With 3 Chips?

Gosh, i don't know how to tell anybody how to find that little gear thingy,,,i just click on design, and the page it goes to has it in the top right.  And what i'm hearing, not gonna last, but i'm gonna use it til i can't.  Then i might look into other options.  Sometimes i post from windows live photo,,maybe that will work.

About 5 pm yesterday i decided to go to HEB in Kingsland, and eat at the wonderful Mexican food place, so off i went.  Nachos sounded so good, and that's what i ordered, a 1/2 order.  I was in shock when it was brought,,,lmao,,it was 3 chips!!! loaded up with stuff, but,,,3???  I looked at it, and asked,,is this it?  The waiter then asked if i wanted a full order, which i said no,, cost a lot more, for 3 more chips?  Uh, no thx.  So, ok,,i scraped off almost all of the stuff, was too much, and ate the chips out of the basket with it, and actually ended up with a lot, eating it like that.  And they were really good.   Might just get them again,,,lolololol.

Got to HEB,  and wow, it was so busy, you could hardly go down any aisle.  I had thot the rush would be over by that time,,HA!  got worse.  Then checking out was a long wait in any line.  Didn't matter anyway, i wasn't in any hurry.  LOLOL,,,nearly got that way, cause i couldn't go to the restroom, they were cleaning them.  But i made it back home, got almost everything unloaded.  This was my  monthly trip.  It cost me 8.00 to go there, and i might save that much, but, there are things i can't find here,,like my liquid sweet and low, the charmin i like.  And coffee is so over priced here, i almost save 1/2.

I never made it out by the park yesterday so i don't know how it went for them,  heard Fri nite was free, and i didn't think there were many people there, so, with the overcharges for Sat, i wonder.  They fence off everything now!! and it cost you 10.00 just to get in, then the plates are 20.00.  I haven't talked to anybody that likes this situation.  Maybe they'll go broke,,hehehe.  Good ol CofC.  Used to be a fun and good thing, til they got involved.

Loved that little duck cartoon HJ had today,,,thx HJ!

Yall tc, and


Saturday, April 21, 2012

New Blogger Interface???

Finally!!! found out how to set this back to the old interface.  It's a little gear looking thingy on the top right, says nothing.  If you click on it, there it is, a choice of old one.  Under the Overview tab.  Gosh,,,too early to do this.  That was AFTER i had sent off a comment about how much i hated the new one,,,hahahahah.

Talked to N this morning,,long time,,lol.  Her setting hen lost all her eggs, just a few days before they would have hatched.  No idea how.  There were just broken shells left in the nest.  The pen is too good for animals to get in, so maybe it was one of the other chickens.  She's gonna separate them next time.  She was laughing about putting seven dust on em, for mites and ants.  Just one didn't seem to mind.

Did i mention these horrible bites i've had on my legs from the knee down?  Well, 2.  Was getting a little concerned about one, but this morning it looks a bit better.  Itched like crazy, been using an itch cream for days.  Had to have been spider bites.  I changed all my bedding yesterday, down to the mattress, not because of that, just cause of time, so maybe that will help.

I really really need to go to that HEB today.  I did fill my car up, which i do when it's halfway down, and ran it thru the car wash.  That's been overhauled and works a lot better, but that spot free rinse doesn't work.  I have spots to prove it,,lololol.  The force of the water shook the car, so it cleaned lots better.  Don't much care about the body part, but when my windows get bad,,that's it!

Yall tc, and


Friday, April 20, 2012

Told You My Memory Leaves Me,,,Sometimes

I got into other things, and totally forgot i didn't post on here yesterday.  For one thing, i was on the phone about 30 minutes with my computer man, cause for 2 days i had snailnet.  Like slow dial up speed.  I had tried all the stuff he had told me before and it didn't help, so i called and he took me thru a lot more.  One was using and i had a horrible ping and speed.  We ended up deciding if it stayed, i would call verizon, had to be them.  Well, today i'm fine, guess they fixed their problem.

Aww heck, our thunder and rain is about gone, was just a speck.  Barely dripping off the roof.  But,,, that wind out of the NW is cold,,,,yeaaaaa... Getting heavy rain just S of here.

Also, yesterday morning, i went back into all that paperwork of my son's and got it in order, filled out as much as i could on that app for his medical help, and now, it's waiting on him to come by to finish up, then take it to Lampasas to be sure it's all right, and they will send it in.

Boy, that policeman that shot that man's dog is in double trouble!  To start with, he had gone to the wrong house (in Austin).  Had his gun drawn, then when the dog ran toward him, he shot.  No questions asked!!!  It's gone viral, you probably already heard about it.  You can go to and get the story.

It sure is dark,,,still.  Just saw flash of lightening again.  Maybe that rain isn't gone.

I went out to the park yesterday ,,saw a city worker there and asked about the geese.  He said they were just a ways up the river, setting.  Like i had thot.  It's been about 4 weeks now, they should be showing back up, hopefully with little ones.  Son J told me they were out there 2 days ago, just after dark, and they saw some things swimming around all over the place, and these little things finally ended up just below where they were, and came out on the mud bank.  It was 12 baby beavers!  They didn't move a muscle, didn't have the camera in hand either, so they missed it.  I told him you just never know what you will see on this river.  Things that don't belong here, but they will be there.  I had always heard my Mom talk about swamp rabbits,,up in East TX, and one day, we saw one here in the river out W of town.  Ground squirrels,,(sooo cute), partridges, that hung around with the chickens, til something ate them, roosting on the ground.  One night when we were leaving the ranch, a black panther ran across in front of us,,a young one.  A hunter later told us they had shot at it, and my hubby sure put them straight on that!!  Leave it alone!! Or get off the property!  We had called a game warden, and he had told us it was just passing thru, going to a new territory.  Of course, we have the mountain lions, even a family out at my sis's place,,on the river, of course.

Getting a little more rain.  Won't ever be enough to measure, don't think.

Well, got my bed half stripped, need to get to that.  Will need it finished  So yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Car Fixed

The repair shop called me about 2;30, saying my car was ready to roll!!!  When they told me the bill was 211.00 for the new starter and the labor, i was sooo relieved.,,i thot it could have been 3-400.  Bro G took me up there to get it, and OMG,,there was his son there with his father in law's pu too.  The son has his OWN body shop, and has mechanics too.  He stays so swamped, couldn't even get to that one,,lololol.  And i know his prices are sky high,,lol but good for him.  He's the one that when you think about him, you have to grin.  Everybody does.  With him and my bro B telling about a trip they took, had us all rolling.  DO NOT go off with those 2! lmao.  You might laugh yourself to death....

This is just one story about bro B,,, and i'm still not sure whether it SHOULD be laughed at, but,,,who can help it?  There was a funeral for a 5 year old dotter of  a cousin's up in Sherman,,and somehow B ended up driving the car right behind the hearse.  He musta looked off, or was in la la land, and when he looked back, the hearse was gone, he had turned off and had the whole rest of the line behind him!  He wound on around, with all these other cars trailing along behind him like they thot he knew what he was doing, and lol and behold!! there went that hearse thru an intersection right up ahead.  He turned right in behind it like he'd done it all on purpose and the rest followed right along,,,,,somehow, they made it to the cemetery.  Now, you decide if that's funny,,,,i just can't help it.  Moral of this story,,DO NOT let B drive for a funeral procession.

Went and had that other test done for my potassium this morning.  The doc had said it was a little low the other day, and wanted another one in a couple of weeks, soo,,,it's done.  I think it's ok, when it's low i can tell, causes noooo energy.

My son's back is as bad as ever, that injection last week didn't help.  I'm waiting on him to come over so we can start on this paperwork for help, and i told him i would drive him to the place he needs to go with it.  We can fill out as much as possible, then they will help finish it.  It's just 50 miles.

That's all,,,yall tc, and


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Car Gone, Hope It's at the Shop,,,

Finally tracked my bro G down, lol, he was helping at the food pantry.  I had called a repair shop this morning and was told they could fix my car today if i could get it there.  G said he and sil would tow it there for me, and i looked out about 11;30 and it's gone! lolol,,,didn't even know when they did it.  This shop is the one that always does my stickers, and won't overcharge me.  Not that i think it won't cost, with prices now.  No choice.

My guy came by and mowed today.  Not so bad this time.  Small chance of rain Fri., so it might not last long.

Yall tc, and


Monday, April 16, 2012

Then, and Now


Remember the first ones,,,,,


This is what they look like now,,,all pods.


My first doodle bugs too.  See all the trails?  Trying to find the exact right place,,,There were 2, will be lots and lots more.


My car battery is definitely acting up.  Put a new one on in 10-11.  Was trying to remember but you know, maybe I think it was a year ago, and it might be 4,, Looked in my blogs,,,,and there it was,,,Oct. 2011.  That is so cool.  The record of my life.  Done almost daily.


My son brought all his paperwork by, and then forgot to look at my battery,,,I backed my car into the carport, and popped the hood latch.  O well, haven’t needed it yet.  I am going to see if I can figure out where he needs to go for the medical help. 

MsB, I was always the one holding the camera, so I don’t think I have a single pic of me on my bike.  It was a small yamaha, street and trail, cause that’s what we did, rode trails, etc.  And no, I didn’t look like a biker chick,,lol.  People said I was crazy, gonna kill my kids,,,all kinds of stupid things back then.  I also had a 3 wheeler for a lot of years too.  Look back on 4-17-11 about some fun things,,BIKER MEETS WE HOSTED,,, Never did learn to wheelie either one!  and I tried.

Ok,,gonna git, make some phone calls,,do something,,lol,,yall tc, and




Sunday, April 15, 2012

Forgot About These


These were taken last week, the procession that came from Austin, going to San Angelo, for the police officer’s funeral.  He was shot and killed answering a disturbance call in a Walmart.  All along the way, from there to the end, people lined up with flags, balloons, and just with their hands on their hearts, showing respect and honor.  Our town marquee had something on it and was shown on the news several times.  People were lined up here an hour and a half before it even got here.  I was listening on my scanner, so knew where it was, with the updates on location given every once in a while.






The park West of town had a group of BMW ppl, so I didn’t spend much time out there the last 2 days.  Next weekend is the crawfish thang, 1000s,,of ppl, so I’ll be staying away.  Sometime today I’m gonna drive out and see where that new arena is on being ready.  When I went by there yesterday, I don’t think anybody was even working,,soooooo,,, gonna be interesting. 

That’s all folks,,,yall tc, and







Saturday, April 14, 2012

Meeting With City

Our meeting went lots better than the last one.  The mayor was actually trying , or seemed to be, to be of help.  I think he found out what they had done was illegal, and is now trying to make amends.  He actually asked what WE wanted to do.  And,,we told him.  OPEN THAT STREET BACK UP.  We were willing to use restricted access, like, closing at 10pm, opening at 6am.  Now,,we see what will happen.  He was  going to talk to the city attorney, and the one that put the gate up.  Our friend on the council told him that what they had done was wrong, and had the paperwork to prove it.  He doesn't like her, cause she makes them toe the line,,lololol.  She's not afraid to speak up and oppose them.  The other man put some really good questions to him, too.

I want to thank all of you for being concerned about my son.  SSI helped him on the last 2 surgeries, so that's who he needs to go to, now, i think,  even tho he did get the disability.  His doc was furious about him not getting medical.  Said to tell them to call HIM.  This is going to cost way more than any of the others.  The last one was near 150,000, and that was maybe 10 years ago.  The doc is doing his office visits, x-rays, etc for a fraction of what is his normal fees, and told him he would do the same for the MRI.  We just know that something has to be done.

I have to laugh about my Jude,,and the mockingbirds.  He's ducking, watching, ready to run all the time now.  I opened the door to let him in yesterday, and one fluttered in the crepe myrtle there, and he ducked and ran a few steps before he turned and darted into the house.  They are mean!  And i know they're nesting, etc, but.....  I hear them singing all nite when i get up, don't hear them in my bedroom.

It's windy today, but after watching the weather, i don't have much hope for rain.  It has been really cloudy this morning.

Yall tc, and


Friday, April 13, 2012

Kinda Lost a Day

Long day yesterday, lots of waiting.  Took over 2 hours in the doc's office.   Got the saddle block but not good news about what it needs.  Gonna be the most serious surgery he's had yet.  Now he's gotta get really onto getting the medical coverage he needs to do it.  The way he explained it, the 2 discs above the one pressing on the nerve, will have to be broken in order to straighten up the alignment.  What all that will take i don't know, we were in Luby's when he was drawing a picture of it.  Please keep him in your prayers.  I'll put more on here when i know.

I enjoyed the drive, and i did all, haven't been in SA since his last surgery and that was when we got iced in.  Driving in San Antonio is not near as bad as Austin.  Just before we left, his back had locked up again and he hadn't had any sleep.  The flowers were just outstanding.  We didn't stop because we had left a little later than planned, and coming back, just wanted to get home.   Got home a few after 8.  We did take a few minutes and stop at a huge HEB.  He wanted to pick up a few things for his gf.  In the seafood dept.  I was told that HEB uses fruits and veges grown here, not imported from Mexico, like Walmart does.  And their commercials show that too.  He's being cautious after that bacterial infection.

Don't ya love that pic of the doodle bug on BBs blog?  They always fascinated me, and i know i told you, they turn into a bug like a dragon fly.  See how small a one you can find...  We used to drop an ant in the holes, watch them grab em.  The sides are traps, ants can't get out.  I have a lot of them under my carport, but not yet, will be, tho.

We both got ribeyes in Luby's, but they were just kinda ok.  Mine was about a 1/3 of solid fat i had to trim off.  No special seasonings were added.  They brought them out, then went back for the potato or whatever, so by the time you could start eating they were just barely warm.  They didn't bring butter, sour cream, had to go back, no steak knife,,,had to go back, see what i mean?  Mine was med rare, his med well, and his was about 1/2 the thickness of mine.   Like it shrunk while cooking.  O well, will know better next time.  And this could have been just not a good Luby's.  We went there a lot when the kids were young,  they had something for everyone.  The boys would get the main entree and split it, then splurge on dessert.  lol.  That was before we found that Poncho's, all you could eat......hahahahaha,, they just ate with that little flag up.  It was out on Burnet Rd, in Austin.

NO, I'm not hungry, just ate,,,lololol.

Got that meeting today with city ppl... trying to not forget,,

Yall tc, and,


Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Over the Hump,,again,,

Not much going on, so gonna be really short today.  Been on the phone with 3 different people, about this meeting Friday with the mayor, and us.  We have another recruit to help, and he's gonna be there too.  I was told the mayor is wanting to just close this whole thing, leaving it like it is, gate and all, soooo,,,we'll be prepared.  He doesn't even have a vote unless there's a tie between the council!!  So he needs to be keeping that mouth of his shut.

Gonna be gone tomorrow, with my son to San Antonio to his doc, to get the spinal block in his back.  I might have to do some driving, makes him sleepy after they give him some stuff.  I don't mind driving there, nothing like Austin.  I don't know where he has to go, what part, or anything.  We're going in my car, i feel better driving it.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Sneaky Company

Another day, ,,,hmmmmm, that's all it is.. Got a kick out of the blogs today.

Got my vitamins ordered, the 2 i need now.  I've used Puritan's Pride a lot of years, because they are good, and the prices are better.  What i ordered today, was the buy 1 get 1 free.  The other choice was buy 2, get 3 free, but i didn't need that many on hold.

I've  been sooo mad about a thing i wanted to return, and when i called, they said to wait on their email instructions,,soo,, i did.  They want me to pay a restock fee of 20%, which is what i'm so furious about.  I guess it was in the teeny weeny print on the order, but i sure didn't see that or i wouldn't have ever ordered from them,, which is  AtoZ Companies, Inc.  What will happen is, i will have to keep this product because to return it, would cost me almost half of what i spent on it in the first place.  I've never had this happen before and i told that woman that, and asked to speak to her supervisor,,which she then told me he was already gone for the day.  Supposed to call me back today. Ha Ha!  Guess i can use it for a gift,,huh?  I've ordered on the internet since 1996, and have never had a company do this.  So that's how i totally missed it.

Way back when i was maybe 19, i bought a portable radio on a 3 month note,.  I paid it  off, but,,,,,they said no.  I hadn't kept up with receipts on things at that time, but let me tell you, from then on i did.  I paid again because it was my fault for not having proof.  Learned a valuable lesson then, and again on this other.

The city mayor has called and wants us to meet with him and our friend on the council, Friday.  Said they had been discussing it.  Have no idea what this is about, and S doesn't either.  We think he might have found out he's wrong,,,and wants to try to put something over on us.  Anyway, we'll be there.

Gosh, almost noon and i haven't had breakfast,,,lol,, time to eat something,, yall tc, and


Monday, April 9, 2012

The Day After,,,

OMG!!! Lmao,,got an email from,,marrymesugardaddy....hahahahahah,. Darn junk.  I get a lot of junk and use a block for that web site, but it still keeps coming.   Hotmail doesn't filter much.  But neither does any other.

Went out to nephew's, and no pork... lol.  He just never had the time to go out and get one.  But those briskets he cooked were so good, who wants pork anyway?,,,They literally melted in your mouth.  And the flavor was his specialty, which i don't know, but yummmyyy.  He wraps them in foil with all that stuff, opens it later.    My niece has a bakery, so,,yeah, lots of sweets, all kinds of pies.  I brought home a small plate of small pieces of 5,,,lol.  There weren't as many there this year, but gosh, about 10 kids to hunt Easter eggs.  I left about 7, and when i got in my car,,,i saw a group of cows up ahead of me, hanging around the yard fence.  THEN, i saw where they had licked on my windows,,,hahahahaha, and,,my rearview mirror....My windows are dark tinted, so they could see themselves, i guess.  It was just on the driver's side,,all the way.  I'll have to clean that off, can't stand

Just had my prescriptions delivered, and wooohoooo, no more powders or liquids!  I might have to cut that potassium pill, but,,glad to, hated that powder.  No more chewables either.  Like my vitamin.  Gotta get on Puritan's Pride and get a few things ordered.  Heart doc told me to take fish oil, and i was told to take calcium too,  then i've added B12 and D3.  Makes a lot of "takes" a day, huh?

BB asked how to block comments, and i put that on yesterday's comments, just in case you'd like to block someone.  Or ban.  Guess i don't allow free speech, because I WILL NOT ALLOW BBC TO MAKE HIS COMMENTS ON HERE!!!  And if you allow him to make his vile comments, i won't have you on my blog list either.  I don't have to read that stuff.  Wouldn't you hate to live close to him?  OMG,,

Well, i'm a happy person, always wish everybody well, and hope they do the same,,, so yall tc, and


Sunday, April 8, 2012


I really HATE that i had to read that comment from BBC  on Hermit's post.  It was vile and HJs blog was no place for a comment like that.  Why doesn't he do his own blog and put all his corrupted thots on it?  Most of us have banned him, or filter him, soooo,,,HJ,,please consider the rest of us that love your blog.  It's really easy to filter comments, just takes 3 clicks, then he can't enjoy his day,,,if he can't ruin someone else's.

I have been reflecting all day about the real meaning of Easter,,,,and i've been thanking God that he gave that to us.

I got my 3 bean salad made yesterday, been stirring it up every once in a while.  The only store in town, did not have wax beans, so i just put a can of mixed veges in this time.  That's happened before, and once i put in a can of carrots.  Going out to my nephew's later, about 3-4 pm.  He and his helpers will have that hog just about done by then,,,lol.,  They will be too....hhahahahaha.  One time he cooked a youngun with an apple in it's mouth...lololol.

 In case anyone wants to know,,,this is the recipe for the salad:  1 can of @, kidney beans, green beans, wax beans,, 1 small onion, i small green pepper...Marinate with:  1/2 c apple cider vinegar, 1/2 c sugar, 1/3 c oil, 1 tsp @ salt and pepper.  Gets better the longer it sits.

I ate oatmeal just a bit ago.  Hope that holds me til supper.  But,, i  can snack,,stand by the pit,,,lol. OMG,,,already getting hungry...

Well, i've messed around on here long enough,,so yall tc, and


Saturday, April 7, 2012

Morning Almost Gone

How can i just dilly dally a whole morning away?  I do it almost every day, lol.  First,,coffee and paper, then blogs.  Those blogs take quite a while you know.  By the time i get mine done,,i'm into the afternoon.  Have to check the tv guide too, catch movies to record maybe.

Haven't heard any more from my son, gonna text him later.  It's still early morning there.  Does Disneyland have a closing time?  Never thot about it.

There was a rescue call out at Enchanted Rock yesterday, then it became 2.  One 13 year old had fallen about 30 feet down into a hole, took a couple of hours to get him out, had to go down into it with rope.  He wasn't seriously hurt, tho.  The other was an 80 year old man that was taken to the hospital in the next county.    There's lots of calls out there, lots of people this time of year.  My son came back on that road a couple of weeks ago, and,,,there was a line of traffic 2 miles long, waiting to get in.  When he finally got to a back road turn off, he turned!  lol.

Coming back that way after going  to F'burg for Mother's Day, couple of years ago, we saw a huge rattlesnake going across the road, and less than a mile on, there were 3 old people out of their car on the side of the road the snake was going to, taking pics of bluebonnets,,,and we laughed all the way home about, what if we had told them about that snake?,,and how fast could they have gotten back to their car.  We know better than to wade around in stuff like that, at this time of year especially.

Nephew doing a BBQ tomorrow, with the egg hunt for all the kids.  Think i'll make my 3 bean salad, which he loves, and for that i need to go to the store.  The longer it marinates, the better it gets.  I always leave the leftover for him, but NOT in my bowl any more,,,lost my largest tupperware one that way.  I got some bowls with lids at Walmart not too long ago, but i don't like them.  Of course, at any of our family things, there's games going on all the time.  Moon, poker, washers, horseshoes,,just about anything.  All our kids grow up learning all these, so all play.  Might have posted this before, but way back, when my g/dotter was about 10, we paired up a lot of people for a washer tourney, about 20 teams, put her with a man that had never thrown a washer, and his face showed what he thot about that,,NOT GOOD,,,UNTIL,,her first throw!  Against my bro B at that.  He put 2 in, but,,so did she.  That game ended with her and p losing by 1 point.  If he had made any, they would have won that tourney. Like my bro B, losing to his 6 year old, and just handing over that 100.00 bill.  We just have lots of fun, and kids are included.

Gonna get dressed and think about that store trip.  Yall tc, and


Friday, April 6, 2012

Glasses, Coincidences,,,

Reading about new glasses over there in a blog..  I stumbled around for a couple of years, before my parents sprung for glasses.  By then i was 14, but i was so amazed,,i could see!!!  Never took em off, except to sleep, and still like that now.  Tried contacts once, but they dried on my eyeballs, lol, sooo,,,stayed with glasses.  I would have hated keeping up with reading glasses anyway.  When i had the cataracts removed, i had the choice of being near or far sighted,,,i chose to stay like i am, near sighted.  Those reading glasses were why.  My mom had great eyesight, but when she finally had to use reading glasses, she sure didn't let anyone see her using them.  I walked in one day and she jerked them off so fast, don't know how she didn't break them...Guess being called 4-eyes made her ashamed.  This neighbor boy in class told the whole class that the only reason i was wearing them, was to make me look better,,,,hahahaha, he didn't intend that to be a compliment.

OMG,,was doing a text to send my son, telling them i was already there, DisneyWorld, ahead of them, when he called! hahahaha.  Wanting to know how to go to my Youtube videos.  The man they were sitting by on the plane is from Mason, a hop away, and is here eating at Coopers a lot... The vids have the snakes.  When my 2nd hubby and i went to Vegas, there was a man on the plane,,,from HERE,,with his gf, and they were going to the same hotel!....He came over one morning, saying someone had stolen his car at some big casino the nite before, so we took him out to look for it,,hahaha,,yep, it was still there, the only car in the parking lot,,,he just wasn't sober enough to find it the nite before..lololololol.  My son is feeling lots better, after those meds took effect.  Now i'm glad they went on, on their trip.  He said he had to go, they were getting off the plane.  Won't be back til late Monday.

I'm so glad i can quit taking the powdered and liquid forms of the 2 meds i take.  Also that chewable vitamin,,yukkk.  Quitting the one for acid reflux, don't think i'll need that either.  It didn't even help.  I never had that til the band.  She talked me into staying on the statin,,,even tho my cholesterol was l56 last check.  IF i can lose some weight, i WILL quit that too.

Don't know about yall, but i'm bored with this, so yall tc, and


Thursday, April 5, 2012

I have finally adjusted to the time change, and slept good the last few nites.  I do not remember ever having this much trouble with it.

Talked to my son about 8 am,,and he's better, was going back to bed for a while.  I'm trying to remember to tell him they might need to check on their airline.  I don't know if it goes thru DFW or not.   I think they're leaving on an 8am flight, so that means they have to be there for security check in, etc, way earlier, which means leaving here in the wee  Gonna suggest they go on to Austin today, get a motel.  That would make it a lot better.

I always record movies for nites there's nothing on tv, and it's sure been slim pickins lately, for them.  Found just 1 today.  The ones on, are mostly repeats and i've seen them.  From Fri on thru the weekend, i use them.

My "about" quarterly check up is this afternoon.  Not sure how long since i had it, but,,guess i'll find out.  Since i had that lap band deflated, there's 2 prescriptions i need to change.  One from a powder that mixes with water, the other a liquid.  Sooooo glad to do that.  

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mini Post Today

My son called about 11 am and just had talked to his doc.  She told him it was a bacteria causing all this, and was prescribing 3 meds, and would call Walmart.  I told him i needed to go, so i would pick them up.  Got there about noon, went straight to the pharmacy to tell them i was there to get them, and OMG,,she told me they didn't have this, (was a 3 in 1) and if she found it elsewhere in town it would cost 489.00!!!  But,, if it could be the 3 not combined, and generic, it would lower the price a lot!  I told her YES, and she called the doc, got the ok, and i went on about my business there.

 Got thru, went back over there to pick them up, and,,,,they weren't ready.  The one lady i had talked to, went to lunch, so nothing was done.  I had to wait til they got them ready, which took about 30 minutes.  The 3 cost 280.00,  i got them, grabbed a quick lunch,  TexMex, yall, and headed back.  Took the meds straight to him and he started them right then.  The doc had told him ASAP.  14 days worth.  Be SURE and take like ordered.  He was in bed, has had no sleep, pain in lower stomach.  These 3 meds will be 99.9% effective if taken like they're supposed to be, otherwise , would have to start over.  The potato soup i've been making him is about all he's been eating.  It just sits on a bad stomach, good, and he has some left.

So, that's the update, and i think by even in the morning, he should be better.  Gosh, they're leaving in the wee hours Fri morning.  So, yall tc, and i really appreciate all of the concern, and i will still keep you updated.


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Weather?,,What Weather?

Watching the weather, we're not gonna get anything, typical.  My man is here mowing, gosh, those weeds grow fast.  I put the round up on some of them yesterday.  These showed up here a few years ago, and bloom out, have burrs that dry out and then,,if you step on them you will end up with your house full of them.  You just can't scrape them off your shoes.  Horrible things.  And they are everywhere, not just in my yard.  With all the traffic at my bro Bs house it was full of them.  I told him the only thing i could think of was weed and feed, and it worked pretty good.

Got my bill for car insurance, and i pay it in 2 payments of 179.50.  That's just what i have to have to get by with.  Liability and comp only.  That's for a year.  That and my house insurance are the 2 most expensive things i have.  No mortgages, just regular living expenses.  Gonna check when it comes due later, because i sure don't put many miles on it.  I think there's a new discount for that now.

Pics of the weeds i'm talking about.  Barely got them before they were mowed down.
Weren't any doodle bugs yet.

Jojo was talking about coyotes there in town.  They are, here, too.  My son rode his bicycle around during the late nite hours, and would see them.  What i really miss, tho, are the armadillos.  Back in the 80s, someone came to town and offered 50 cents each for them.  I guess that just about wiped them out around here.  My son told everybody, he'd better not hear of anybody killing them for that!  I blame the fire ants for the loss of the cottontails.  Then, there's a LOT of stuff gone out of the river.  Like, mussel shells, crayfish.  Used to find the tiny mussel trails in the sand,  and you could find them that way.  No more, not there.  Like, doodle bugs,,lololol,,,still have those, they EAT ants.  We, as kids, used to have contests, to see who could find the smallest ones.  Used a straw or piece of grass to make them move.  I was in my 30s before i knew they turned into a dragon fly like thing.  And that grub worms turned into June bugs.

I will update later, after my son sees the doc.  He hasn't thrown up any more blood, because he wouldn't let himself do it, but it shows up in urine and stools.  He called earlier, said he hadn't slept but a couple of hours in 2 nites, was going to nap til the appointment.

Made myself some chicken salad this morning, and just had a sandwich, with a few frozen fries i baked.  Trying to unload my freezer, and it's getting on down now.

BBL, and yall tc, and



He was gonna whip their asses, if they killed armadillos.  He came by after doc's visit, had 2 different medications, and 2 more prescriptions to fill.  Took all kinds of blood tests and will know tomorrow about an ulcer.  I didn't know they could do that with a blood test.  She's treating it as one.

Monday, April 2, 2012

More More More


This is a big creek with a slab, just west of town in a development, that still has water.


And,,a century plant.


I don’t know what these blue flowers are, but so pretty.


For DD, pics of paint brush, mixed in with the bluebonnets.


I kept seeing this, there’s some across the street from me here in town too, and it looks like someone had just splashed paint out.  It is dead grasses blown over, but, unusual.


And,,, the new community center, with the inside arena.  Has to be ready by the time of the crawfish open, and I’m not sure of the date, but think it is the 20th-21.  I would think it needed 24-7 to do that.



My son called me about 6 pm, because he had just thrown up quite a bit of fresh blood.  I told him if it happened again to go to the emergency room!!!  It didn’t, but I worried all night, called him later, and then this morning.  The shots he has to take for his back, causes this nausea almost every time, but not the bleeding.  Almost has to be an ulcer, and I told him to get to a doc TODAY.  They are planning on going to CA THURS!!!  I will update later. 

Otherwise,,nothing going on…yall tc, and













Sunday, April 1, 2012

Fishing Time



Almost could feel the burn one of those kids was gonna get.  Didn’t take em long to get that thing in the water and off they went upriver. 

The camping lady is still out there, lol, among all those jeep people.  But they were mostly gone yesterday.  She said she had found a job at the 7-11 here.  Hope she can get outa that place before the crawfish open comes up in about 3 weeks.  Biggest event here.  There’s a huge team roping competition, golf tourny, and tons of crawfish.  Goes on for 2 days.  I didn’t even go out there last year.  They had fenced off the park so that you couldn’t even park to listen to the zydeco music,,which was the only reason I went in the first place.  They bring in one really good band for that.  And of course,,country too, but,,,I leave.  Maybe with that new arena built across the hiway, maybe the crowd won’t be so bad.   There’s a huge washer tourny too, but I think B has quit running that, and playing too.,  He and a partner used to win those all the time.   Read my post of 3-17-11 about one of his games,,,lolololol.

And yeah, I know it’s April Fools day.  Don’t pay any attention to that any more.  Just change my calendar,,,lol DD,,,NOW, it’s a new month…..

I’m getting outa here for a while,,,bbl, so yall tc, and