Thursday, October 27, 2011

How Can it be Thursday?

Here it is, cloudy, cool, not very windy, but that bean soup is calling me.  I had waffles a bit ago, so the soup is next on my list.  Got a 2 pm apt to see my doc for a follow up, but i'm feeling fine now.  Mammogram was good.  So i think i'm about good to go for another year.  Well, after the eye check up Tues.

I get so lost on days, dates, now.  Where has this week gone?  I missed over the hump day.  Why?  I don't do anything, lol, except keep up with appointments!  So how does the time get away?   I even have  gadgets on this screen telling me the date, day, time.  Also have lots of sticky notes up, lined up in order to be done.  What and how, did i ever do without them?  Windows 7 has them and that's when i started using them, after i got that.   Got started yesterday on cleaning up my desk top,,,OMG,,it's so slow, needed a lot!  You wouldn't believe the defrag i had to do.  lmao,,took forever.  Put that Smart defrag on, with some of the extras, and got lots of clean up done.  Working a lot!!! better now.  Sometimes i have to use it, and then i have to wait for updates to do, then take forever.  So the time was well spent.  I like where it is, in an extra room at the front of my house, with windows all around.  I like windows, lots of em, and always have them so i can see out.  For years and years, every house i have owned, i have put on window film that insulates, and looks like a mirror during the day, can't see in.  Reverses at nite, but that's ok, close blinds then.  My cats learned that when they heard a thump, it was a bird that had hit a window, and would be stunned on the ground.  Bad as i hated that, nothing i could do. 

While my nephew was painting last week end, my bro, his dad, finished up the window washing for me.  I found that windex stuff u screw onto the end of a hose, that you set to clean, rinse, and off.  Have used it for years.  My bro was very impressed, gonna get some for himself.  It dries spot free too.  My windows look GREAT now.  And i haven't even cleaned the insides yet.  It works thru your screens, cleans them too.  Do i sound like an ad? hahahaha,,,Sometimes you just find a product that is really good, like this is.

Wish it was raining.  Don't think we are gonna get any.  Gosh, love this weather.  Nice and cozy inside, no HOT sun coming in.  I'm soooo ready for this.  I always loved to drive in this kind of weather.  My x b/f and i would just take off, going just where ever, mainly South.  No bars North, lololol.  I drove, because i felt safer, lololol.  In all the years i drank and drove, i never got a dwi.  Had a guardian angel.  Did i ever tell you the story of stopping at this little building out in nowhere,,,on the side of the highway, because i thot it had to be a bar because of the way the suburban pulled out, and drove away?    Well, we pulled in, there were maybe 1 or 2 cars there, and here we went inside.  OO NOOO.  We knew we were in the wrong place, when we stopped at the bar, and ordered beers, and she had to get an interpreter to come up and help.  There were about 20 in there, sitting there staring at us.  OMG,,a wet back bar!!!...We took our beers, went to a table, got about 1/2 of them down, and left.  Everybody was still sitting there, staring at us!  Got on down the road about 30 minutes, to the next one, and getting out, i realized i had left  my purse back there.  Nothing to do, but get right back in and go back again.  Pulled in, went to the bar, asked if anybody had turned in a purse, wait, get the interpreter again, and in the meantime, i happened to look over, and WOW, there was my purse, still at the table, in the chair, not touched. OMG..I go over and grab it, and we are out of there!!!  It had been there over an hour, not even touched.  I told him,,,someday we can laugh about this.  hahahaha,,Sure wasn't funny at the time. lmaooo.  We liked to hang out at Luckenbach, too, then there was Harry's on the Loop, at Willow City.  Both out of the way places, lots of people doing the same.  Quit all that about 10 or 11 years ago.  Just got up one day, couldn't swallow that beer any more.  Quit him too.