Friday, May 1, 2015

More and More Appointments

So tired of doing doctor appointments!! These last 2 made me miss my nap, NOT GOOD. Hadn't realized how much i have to have my naps.

I thot i would have to do another sleep study, but,, Wednesday, my doc told me it had worked great, and i didn't quit breathing once, wearing the first one i had that nite. It stretches around my head and goes into my nose like an oxygen hook up. And the oxygen hooks to it. The second one i tried, i couldn't do, smothered me. It was a mask type with an air flow so strong, i couldn't breathe with it. I'll get it in a week, had to be ordered. Next appointment,,,, 7

Then yesterday, saw the one here about my hip, which he told me wasn't my hip, and nothing could be done!  WAIT A MINUTE!!!,,, A person can't live with pain like this. He is gonna talk to my pain doc and see if he can put an injection into my lower spine, which he thinks is the problem. Meantime, barely can walk, pain goes down into my foot, making it so i can barely use it. (son told me that's how his back had done). Just do something, somebody!!

Today, i'm sitting as still as possible, taking pain pills with THEIR side effects, trying to recuperate.

Son has been in rehab for about 10 days, and is coming home tomorrow, even tho his leg still won't work. They told him it could take several months, and the blood clot was probably what did it to the nerve. He's the type that will overwork himself on therapy to make it work. He'll have a wheel chair, and maybe crutches. And maybe a leg brace he thinks would help a lot. His back is FINE.

I need to go to Walmart in the worst way, too, BB, but just don't have it in me yet. Got a new prescription for my glasses i need to check out there too. Even some shoes maybe.

I swear i heard a cow outside this morning.  lololol. I didn't get up to look, (told ya, sitting still). There's some up the street about a block.

My neighbor's mad at me for asking what was wrong with her 3 lb yipping yapping dog... hahahaha. They're the worst. She told me she was gonna trap my cat and have the city pick it up for disturbing her.... HA. Not my cat... lololol. But now, she shuts that  (*&^$#Q dog up. How can people stand their own dogs, doing that???

Well, i know it's not much but yall tc, and