Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Blue Jays

Saw jays mentioned on Jos blog, and it made me remember an experience I had living in another place here in town. 

I got home from work one day, and I was always loaded down with stuff to carry in,  and when I got out of my car, heard a whole lot of squawking blue jays in the front trees.  Here I went thinking, wish I had my pellet gun right now, looking up at about 7 of them hollering their heads off, making the gawdawfullest noise you ever heard.  I got to my screen door and glanced around at it to find the handle, and WOW,,,no wonder those jays were yelling.  There is this 4 or 5 foot chicken snake stretched across my screen.  I had almost grabbed it....It took off around the house, and I finally  got in, and by then,,,oooo noooo,,,here they went again, in the back yard!!!  I open the back door, go out, and there it is,,,across the screen of my neighbor's door this time.  (Lived in a duplex).  I got the hoe, pulled it off, with those ^&*)&)% birds still squawking,,!!!  I cut it's head off, and went back in the house.  Those birds shut up immediately!  How did they know it was dead?,,,,Harmless?  It was still moving...  Never figured that part out.

Then,,, I got this idea of putting a bag over the neck, and bringing that snake in to show my 2 cats,,,hahahaha,,,When I walked by the first one carrying that snake, every hair on her went straight out,, lmaooooo.  I layed it down in the living room, and it took them both a LONG time to get close enough to swat at it,,,they were circling it, jumping back every time it moved.  I laughed til I thot I would choke,,,,for about 2 hours..

I didn't think anything about it, and just tossed it in the trash can, but I think that whoever picked the trash up, must have nearly had a heart attack...that dead snake was left laying out there,,,,

Yall tc, and


Saturday, April 27, 2013

Found This Out at the Park



Must have just missed BB,,,he was gone when I got out there.  Didn’t quite make it into the river in the upper part of the picture.  Golf course is about 40 feet behind me,,,up a little hill.

There were about 20 or 30 black buzzards sitting on the bank in another part, but when I tried to get close enough to get a pic, they all flew up in a tree, and the pic doesn’t show them.   Didn’t see any pelicans,,,musta left.

There seems to be an abundance of squirrels everywhere.  Had to stop once today and let one get out of the way.

I got out this morning and filled my car up, went to the store.  Needed that out of the way.  It sure is muggy right now.  When I tried to kick back in my chair and nap a little, my hip kept hurting, so I just went to bed.  Kinda dozed a bit.  Took an aleve when I got up too!

Well that’s it, folks,,,yall tc, and























Friday, April 26, 2013

What a Headache, a New Tech Thing

My neighbor's mowing, which it didn't need, guess he just needed something to do.  It's clouded up again, maybe more rain, yet.  Got a 1/2" out there in my gauge..

Got that new HDD, DVD recorder thing hooked up, but couldn't get a menu on the screen.  Magnavox has online support, or phone support.   I talked to 2 different people the first day, and the second one told me I had a defective unit.  I told her no, didn't think so, just didn't know what buttons to use,,,,and she sure didn't.  Well, the next day, I called again, and in about 5 minutes, that man had me going and I even recorded 2 shows last nite.  To use the unit, you have  to punch the HDMI button on the tv remote!!!  No one had told me that, and with that book of instructions,,,(which I was also told to ignore), there wasn't anything saying that.  I've set it to record 2 movies today,,,and I know it came on, so I assume they are being done.

I was doing all the above, feeling so bad.  Went to the Doc Wed and had all my blood work done, and found out I have a bladder infection.  Where it came from I have no idea.  Had maybe 2 in my whole life.  Going back next  week to see about my wrist, which I wasn't sure if it was carpal or Arthur,,,doc thot Arthur.  Gonna see about an injection.

Ok,,,think i'm gonna run out to the park and see if the geese are there, I have some old crackers.

Js doing great, indoor workouts, and he said he walked about 2 miles yesterday. 

Yall tc, and


Thursday, April 18, 2013

Back for a Bit

Sure glad to have some rain and cooler weather today.

Things seem to have gotten LOTS better with J.  He's doing therapy and walking now.  Quit all pills but 2, and it is an amazing difference in him.  No alcohol either.  The latest blood tests were done last Friday, and his doc told him, yesterday, to take some iron and B12 folate.  My B12 doesn't have folic acid and I told him he might have to buy it separate.  He's eating like a horse too.  Just wanted everybody to know.

Gosh, I turn on the tv, and ANOTHER explosion has happened!  At least it seems to be an accident, not terrorism.

Sure was enjoying the trip with DD,,,but at least they are in a beautiful place til repairs are done.  So sorry DD.

Well, after all my research, checking at the Walmart in Fburg, I finally ordered a Magnovox  recorder.  Seems to be the only one still made to work with my coaxial cable connection.  It is sitting on my table, and the instructions are horrendous.   loll... One cable hasn't come in yet.  The hook up is not too bad, but figuring out how to work it is.  I still have 3 hours of recordings on the old one and not sure when I'll watch them.

Well, J just called and invited me for breakfast, so yall tc, and


Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Hating to Write This

I just don't know when i'm going to do this again. 

My son is having bad problems and not with his back, but with his mental well being, and so am I.  It's driving us all a little crazy too.  He's drinking and has been told by 5 docs NOT TO.  Then I found out he had gotten some hydrocodone at his dad's and was taking those sometimes too.  The mix is when he collapses, and is unable to move for hours.  None of us know what to do, but his doc here put it to him last nite,,,quit or you're gonna be gone.  I've hated to write this, but wanted to explain why i'm not blogging lately.  He's supposed to go for a mental evaluation and I think that's what they've been working on today. 

He's been overloading his system with fluids, losing his electrolytes, and was told to cut fluids to 36oz a day to correct this.

Just over a year ago, I had a niece that was doing this, but she didn't make it.  So keep us in your prayers, and i'll try to let yall know what's going on. 

Yall tc, and


Friday, April 5, 2013

This is Still Hard to Do

Was really down for a few days this week.  I mean, not wanting to move..  If I don't mop my floors, they are going to start growing weeds.  And,,not today,,,lol.

It's Friday,,,whatever that means now.  Used to mean a fun weekend.  Just days now.  Gosh, sorry i'm so depressed. 

Next Friday I take J to see his spine doc.  i'm planning on getting either a vcr-dvd combo, or just the dvd recorder.  I WILL talk to a salesman to know what i'm getting.  I don't think Walmart carries a vcr anything now.  Guess i'll find out. 

Ok Just lost half of this, so yall tc, and


Thursday, April 4, 2013

Good Rains

Took a lot of overpasses, but we ended up with 2 3/4" total.  Not much went into the lakes tho.

The horse that was around here a while back, was back yesterday.  It is still in the neighbor's pen, and I still don't know why the owner hasn't come and gotten her.  It's a young paint.  I called J and he came over and even tho it was cold and wet, he walked up the hill and petted her.  She followed him back down here, and I came back in here and there she was, right out my door...lololol.  She saw me and left.  Later, someone had come and gotten her, cause she was back in the pen.  We sure enjoyed it.

I think she thinks that up on the hill is a pasture, cause she stays there.  Even last time when they were chasing her, she never came down to the street.  Stayed up there most of 2 days.

I sure haven't been feeling good.  Told J I had spring fever.  He said he did too.  Today, it's better.  He also said he wasn't eating no more of my chicken salad,,,lololol.  The little bit of onion kept him burping the rest of the day.  I told him,  if that's what it did to me, I would just have to burp.  I put onion in everything,,,well, almost.  He said maybe it was the eggs.  He can't eat dairy products.

I thot I could fool my youngest son, and started using the dry flakes. HA!  He would spend an hour picking out every little white speck.  Tried to explain, by the time it was cooked, that speck didn't taste like onion.  The whole thing did.

Ok, time for some of that chicken salad, so yall tc, and


Tuesday, April 2, 2013

AND,,,It Was a Wonderful Day

The bar b q went great.  The rain quit about the time I got out there, and by late afternoon the little ones got to have their egg hunt.  It was just a few, 4 or 5.  BUT they sure brought a lot of eggs,,,lol. 
They had an awning set up over the pit, taking no chances.  Gosh,,,that pig is good.  I stayed longer than I had thot I would, but was enjoying it, and no hurry to get home. 

Those weathermen all lie!  Now, it's a high of 70 for a couple of days, not 50s!  Wondering now about the late pm storms. lol.

Js foot looks great today.  He didn't go out to Ws with me Sunday, and I was kinda glad, giving that foot time to heal.  He's doing amazing now.  I still don't know what to think,,,but that low sodium seems to have been his problem since late Dec.  That's when it seemed his back took a turn for the worse.  And,,,that was the first time he was diagnosed with it, they just didn't tell him how to handle it.  He  sees his spine doc on the 12th.

Yall tc, and