Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Been a While

Well here it is,,, almost 11pm,, and i have been to bed, tossed and rolled for over an hour, and got back up. This is almost every nite. I'm so tired during the day i just sit and stay on the computer, or watch tv. What a life!  I'm not making any progress with my walking, but it has nothing to do with my hip (it's great), it's all the years i had before, not being able to walk much. So now i have a lot of catch-up to do. IF i could sleep!

My feet start hurting after i go to bed with neuropathy. I sit up until i get so sleepy i have to go back to bed and hope they'll let me sleep.

I looked at BBs blog and he hasn't posted either. Has anybody heard from him?

Sure hated to hear about Dusty. I know that'll take a long time healing. Be ready there, Dizzy. Are you making big pots of food, like stews, chili, beans, spaghetti, etc? That way not a whole lot of cooking....Me? I'd do a lot of pickup. Even the freezer section at the store has lots of prepared foods. Guess you can tell I don't do a lot of cooking...I can make a peach cobbler with a can of peach pie filling,  a pie crust out of the refrigerator section, torn up into the pie filling, sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar... Now how easy is that?

Got me hungry,, having to cook a piece of toast. lol.

My g/dotter brought the little man up on Saturday. He is a super entertainer. Has copper color hair, and my bro has christened him Copperhead.... He does all the kids. Calls one Freckles, and I asked him why one time... said he had ONE on the side of his face.  Well, anyway, Copperhead is 20 months old, and the only time i saw him still, was when Daniel Tiger was turned on. Now i know where he gets his moves...rolling his shoulders, bending his knees, and rolling his hips too. Shaking his head... o yeah, he's got em. She said he really impressed a lot of people at a music fest they had been to.. Got the folk music fest coming up next week, in Kerrville. People camp out in a pasture!! for 3 weeks, in that horrible heat... I hope she takes a leash, seriously. That little red head RUNS all the time.

I'm sitting here staring into space, so guess I've run out of anything to say. Yall tc, and