Saturday, June 30, 2012

Longest Day

Year's 1/2 gone yall!!!  OOOO,,, and today is the longest day,,, hahaha,, you thot the 20th was, right?  So did i.  The 20th had the most dayLIGHT, but today is longer.  Has 24 hours, 1 second.  Geez,,didn't you really wanna know that?  lolololol.

The more i read about the health care, the better it sounds.  Of course, for me it doesn't matter, i'm on everything anyway.  Something i don't understand is why my drug coverage has paid my costs with no co-pay except for one, Spiriva, all year.  It's never done that before.  For a few months , like 3, it was that way and the rest of the year had to pay the co-pay.  And Spiriva isn't the only one that isn't generic.  NOT gonna complain,,,hahahahaha,,,just curious.

My feet are still killing me.  At nite when i get up, i can barely walk on them.  Both, but the left is worse.  Then, they kinda loosen up or something, but still hurt. 

Just after i ate breakfast i heard a loud ,,,BOOM,,and my power went off.  After a few minutes, i left the house and went looking for garage sales,,was nothing worth stopping at, then i looked for nephew's food trailer at the town park.   Didn't see it,  so i drove by his house and it was gone, so i had missed it.  Went back, still didn't see it, so i called.  Yep, they were there, but not quite ready to serve yet.  It was 10:00AM!!!  I had asked for delivery,,,lol.  They're doing pulled pork buns and homecut fries.  Maybe cole slaw.  This is their first day.  They were probably up all nite trying to get things ready,,,,his fault tho, he went to Austin for a friend's BD party, on Thursday nite, and didn't get back til no telling when yesterday.  So i'm sure they peeled potatoes all nite,,,hahahahaha.  Then flash fried em to put in the freezer for quick cooking today.  Mercy,,,kids,,, lol.  Well, he's 21 now.

When i went by the house, his Mom was there and gave me a LOT of yellow squash and tomatoes,,we picked em right then.  So,,,got good things to go with the steaks today.  I dice up the squash, add butter and a little sea salt, microwave for a few minutes...  O yeah,,,weighted this morning,,,down 2 now, not 3.
I'm getting way too weak, not sure why.  No energy at all.  It's like i have to have some carbs!  That happened yesterday, too.   Just can't win for losing.  lol,,not losing, maybe winning?  Now that doesn't sound right.

YUKKK,,,on tv it's showing how to do a crab for cooking!  The cutting up part!  Ok,,side tracked enough.

It's gotten a bit cooler.  Heck, might even get a stray shower.  Thru tomorrow.  I'll take that, any time.  Especially in the summer.  Did yall know  most cell phones are now able to get bad weather reports, warnings?  Just started Thursday.  Almost all states and phone companys are doing it.  Mine is thru Verizon so i should.  It will make a sound like a text, sorta.  Then you can read it. 

Ok,,enough trivia.  I do read the paper every day,,,lol.  Get all kinds of useless info.  There was an article last Wed. about a county road in Williamson Co going across private land.  The landowners wanted to close it, and were ruled out, cause the road has been there decades, used by the public.  That's the same as we are doing,well, sorta.  We're saying river access.  It's another argument on our side.  Even tho it's just a county road.

Yall tc, and