Thursday, July 14, 2016

Why Do I Do It?

Cook,,, that is. Well, not much, just baked 4 of those chicken tosquitas,,, 11 minutes, and it's STILL tooo hot to use my toaster oven! My weatherbug thingy is showing 102 and my new portable AC just won't cool down below 84.

I looked for days at those portable ACs, and went ahead and got a 10000 btu, but,,, should have gotten a bigger one, even tho the info said it would cool the area I needed. Of course, this is Texas hot.

Now, don't get excited, but I went to bed the 2nd, started shaking, teeth chattering,,, hard chills. Couldn't get em to stop, ended up calling the ambulance to go to the ER. Turns out, had a  urinal  track infection, 103 temp.,,, and that had put my heart into A-Fib. They finally decided to send me to Round Rock to monitor the heart while they treated the infection. I was there 3 or 4 days,  MISSED OUR FISH FRY ON THE 4TH! And actually, what was done could have been done here, because nothing was changed until I went to see my doc here last Tues. She upped one of my meds for the A-Fib, so we'll see if it works. I'm doing fine. The only time it races is when I first get up. Takes about 20 minutes to quit. I keep having those and don't know why, nobody else does either. I'm seeing the urologist in a week,,, see what he says. I rode in an ambulance to get there, and it was like riding in a wagon bed.... horrible.

My son came up to the ER and waited with me,,, was horrified at my readings.. 158 pulse, bp like 258/156 or something like that. I think the med is gonna work. If meds won't then a pace maker is the future.

Seeing that hip doc next wed.... wonder if he'll help me with all this other going on....

OOOO MMM GGGG... seeing a commercial about shingles,,,had em,, horrible thing. GET the VACCINATION!!!

Hope you're well, DD,,, and hope BB is ok,, I'm getting there..

Yall tc, and