Thursday, August 23, 2012

Hair Cutting Day!!!

My trip to my doc turned out pretty good i think ,,, she did take blood for a thyroid test, since that was the only one that hasn't been done lately.  She also took me off the one for cholesterol, (temporarily),  and cut one for diabetes in 1/2.  Now we play the waiting game,,see how i feel in a month.

My mother and dotter both had their thyroids taken out.  It's something i've always kept a check on.  My dotter was 16 when she had hers done.  lol Wish mine was more active.

Got an appointment for a hair cut later today,,,yeaaaaaaa....  Been getting it almost shaved on the sides, and most of the back.  Love it this way.  The top is longer.  Not quite a mohawk.  But that would be ok,,,lolololol.  I see a lot like this on tv, etc.  Never was one to stay in the past with my hair dos.  Back in high school,, i cut it in a flat top, with duck tails,,, worked with my hair.  Not so good with fine hair.  Anyway, i always liked change and was the first to do them most of the time.

Did i ever tell you about going to a New Year's Eve party,,,and my niece SS,,yeah that one,,had given me a blinking head band?  Got that out just before midnite, and at the right time, turned it on,,,,i was the lite of the party! lolololol.  Have no idea where she got those,,,she was just a kid.  Somewhere her dad played i guess.

O geez,,,somehow i got myself put on that lifeline thing here in TX, on my cell phone.  Well, i couldn't figure out how i was getting lower and lower on minutes, when i had had so many that rolled over on my Net 10.  HA!!!  I get 125 a month, plus 60 (?)) days, but that is leaving me short on minutes.  i could buy an air card and add them that way.  Anyway, i'm gonna try it.  I know,,, i'll have zillions of days, but maybe the added minutes will let me go a long time...

Yall tc, and