Sunday, February 26, 2012

Forgot to Title This,,,

Still lmao about rvsue,,in denial.  Guess it's ok to break her own rules, just,,,NOBODY else better do it and pull a surprise visit with HER. hahahahah,,,If i were ever to see her, i would make darn sure i broke her rules, and intrude on her to say howdy.  But that's just the kind of person i am,,don't EVER tell me what i SHOULD do,,,lololol.  Or worse, what i should NOT do.

I soo enjoyed the bar b q last nite,,but came home by 9;45.  It was about 20 miles away, on a little narrow 2 lane, so i didn't want to get too tired, not able to see good.  I do have good nite vision, but when i start shutting down,,,don't wanna be driving.  We all laughed til we hurt.  I was the only senior,,,lol, but like i said, these kids were around my house a lot back when.  I told the hosts, that as a mom i was so honored to be there.  The host was my son's best friend thru hi school, and was around most of the time.  Together they look like mutt n jeff.  He's like 6-4, 250, son 5-10, 120. lololol.  One time i went to the grocery store on Sat. morning, and his mom was there and asked how my son was.  I told her he was still sleeping, so i assumed ok.  Then,,she told me they had a fight the nite before!  And i'm thinking OMG,, son might be hurt bad.  Found out later, son J had run from him all nite trying NOT to fight, but when he grabbed him by the shirt collar and ripped it,,he did one of his spinning hits right on the nose, knocked him out cold, thot he killed him,  Finally got him up and in the car, took him home, put him to bed.  Next morning first thing, went to check on him.  J practiced every day on a punching bag, and size sure didn't matter.  Speed and muscles did.  lololol.  In all the fights he was in, he was never hit.  His friends liked to watch him and would instigate one if they could.  Anyway, sure was great last nite.

BB was talking about jumping under a fence one time, well,,,i did too.  I had gone out to get a cow for my grandma to milk, and she's walking right along the trail, me behind,,,thinking i was doing it,,,and all of a sudden that darn thang just stopped!  Turned around and looked at me,,thot hey, wth am i doing?,,put her head down and charged,, She had long horns too,,,, I was young and fast, and that fence wasn't too far away, sooo,,i sure didn't take time to crawl thru it or over it,,i went down under it!  Barely made it too.  Sure never volunteered to do that again.  Of course, they all laughed about it, thot it was real funny,  but i never trusted a cow again!  Failed to see the humor in that situation.  I coulda been ,,,well, gored anyway.  lololol.  My bros were the ones that tried to ride the calves.  Never did much good at that either.

All my valentine flowers are gone, just threw the last away.  Keep looking toward that spot. lolol.

That's all folks,,tc and