Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Dog Days Here

The dog days are here.  And will be thru August, i'm sure.  100+.  My yard got mowed this morning,,bet it will last a while now.  No rain.    Our river has slowed down enough to get us back on restricted water use.  But who knows, it could be a hurricane that comes thru here.  Happens sometimes.

J just told me his back is giving him major problems, and i told him to call and see if his doc would see him as an emergency.  He's done it before.  I have this paperwork ready to go, so i told him i'd get it faxed, and a copy mailed.  He's going to bed with ice.  When this happens, his left leg, sometimes the whole side, starts trying to shut down.  So now i'm waiting to hear back from him.

He just called, his doc is gonna schedule an MRI and call him back.  

Just not in the mood to write now.  Will try to get back later and let you know about all this.

Yall tc, and


Monday, July 30, 2012

Bright Red Monday,,, (Hot)


I've been playing around with this for a while,, not sure what i'm doing. lol.  I did get on a virtual tour in the parks in CA.. Really fascinating.  I can go there,,right here,,,,and drive thru twisting and turning to look.

Got out and did a couple of errands already.  Got the $Store trip done.  In to stay.  I never left the house yesterday.

Got the outside water cleaned out and replaced too.  It's kinda under the crepe myrtle and gets the falling blooms in it.  When i opened the door for Jude late yesterday,,he kept looking, and stopping, to the left of my door like something was there.  I need to check that out.  Like to never got him to come by there.  So he has either seen something there, or it was there.  He finally took off fast and ran in...lololol.  But that was after all the looking and sniffing.  Heck, could be a grasshopper, been seeing them lately.  Never know about him,,but i sure learned to look!!!  After the rattlesnake in my house.

I've about quit using this laptop in the front of the house.  The battery doesn't have a long life, and i kept letting it run down.  It will say, low battery, and in a few seconds, it's gone.  Seems that way.  I didn't look out that much anyway. 

Anybody watching the Olympics?  I 'm not, but i do listen when they're talking about a few things,,like swimming. 

J was the swimmer,, always.  Had to have him take lessons at 4,,before he drowned himself.  Had NO fear of water, ever.  The next summer, first day, he ran down to midway of the pool and jumped in,,,FORGOT he could swim!!  About the 3rd time he came up, i asked the life guard to get him...lol... He'd climb up the ladder to the high board and jump off.  He was still small, and thot he had to wear flippers so here he went,,flippers and all, up that ladder, flopping out to the end and jumping.  The life guard would be there, waiting, trying to stay out of the way,,,lol.

Later, he was on the swimming team, and was really good.  But he never understood that in the races, his time was what mattered, not being way ahead of everybody.  I have a pic of the team, and he's on the front row, on his knees, looking to his right at his now gf...they were both on it.  She was his gf then too.

I watched a 3 hour movie last nite.  Don't like to do that.  I'm having a hard time finding ones to record, tho. 

Ok,,i'm boring yall enough, so tc, and


Sunday, July 29, 2012

Ho hum,,

Got quite a bit done today, and not in the mood to do this.  I cleaned a little in the kitchen where i used glass cleaner, (i make my own), cooked some hamburger helper, and just generally took my time.

This is the glass cleaner, best i've ever used.  Came from Ann Landers a long time ago.  Makes a gallon.

1/2 c sudsy ammonia  (i use plain, can't find sudsy)
1 pint isopropyl rubbing alcohol
1 tsp dishwashing detergent

add water to make gallon.

Easy huh?  Cleans grimey, greasy stuff excellent.  No streaks. 

G came by yesterday for a bit, then said he was going out to Ns, asked if i wanted to,,of course,,i did.  Had a great time.  B and SIL showed up too, going out to a Volunteer Fire Dept. barbq.  Got home barely in time to eat supper and get thru by 8.  My movie time.  Water for Elephants is a good movie.

I sure love that site at ustream,,petespond.  All kinds of wild life show up there.  Elephants, zebras today too.  And i read about something new on Google Earth,,lets you take a road trip thru some Nat'l Parks, like you're really driving it.  Gosh,,need to do that and see them.  They are in CA.

There's a site on facebook for this area, a swap, sell one, and i put my other laz y boy chair on it, but didn't think the pic loaded, so i just left it,  couldn't find how to delete.  SIL told me it was there, and people were asking about it, but today it's not.. Think they kicked me off.  And i don't know why my pic never loaded.  Then did, later.  I'll try later, and if i can't maybe she will do it.

DD is talking about why people like blogs.  I agree with all he says.  But the one thing i like most, is when the blogger comes back and answers the comments.  It lets you interact more with them.  The ones that never answer are the ones i rarely leave comments on.  And sometimes i might miss going back and not seeing them, so i apologize now if i do.  Any way,,, that's the best ones,,

Time for lunch, or,,,i'm hungry,,lol.  Time doesn't matter.  It's crunchy taco,,,good.

Yall tc, and


Saturday, July 28, 2012

Huge Drug Bust

Yep,, huge drug bust in Austin,, of, hold your breath,,,BATH SALTS!   Who is crazy enough to do this?  Says similar to the others in symptoms.  Now i can't go buy bath salts,,without looking like an addict...hahahaha

DD is talking about singing,,lol,,i never could carry a tune, but,, my mother made me take piano lessons when i was a kid,,(girlie thing).  My teacher was a blind woman, and her sheet music was in brail.. Pretty cool,,huh?  Well, i went twice a week for a couple of years, and she finally told me there was nothing else she could teach me.  I had to have the sheet music, no talent by ear, but she taught me chords,, so it sounded like i played by ear.  She lived like 1/2 block from us.  Later, when i was around 19, i started playing for church.  I could pound it out,,,boogie woogie style,,lol.  I guess when i had J, was when i quit it.  Now, i've forgotten it all, been so long.  Not even sure i could play chop sticks.  I've always loved music, and dancing.

My 1st hubby had NONE in him, so we never danced,,and that was for 26 years!  After we split, i started going to a club with sis N,,dotter L, and one of their friends.   There were a couple i didn't know how to do, soooo,,,here's this 10 year old niece,,SS,, taught me how to do the Cotton Eyed Joe, and the Chautice?,,, Her dad had a band and she knew em.

One time, for a New Year's Eve party,,,she gave me a blinking head band,,hahahaha...I put it on at midnight...

So much for getting out a little early to go to the store.  I'm gone,,so yall tc, and


Friday, July 27, 2012

Guns,,,and Chairs?,,, lol


Heard on tv,,guns are selling like crazy here in TX.  Mass murderers,,,BEWARE!   Even my dotter has one.  I think she finally got her permit too.

This is my old chair,,,,


and new.


They put a longer thingy on it, to raise it with.  It’s like sitting on a cloud.  The leg rest has more positions than the old one.  Like,,I can barely raise it,,,and sit like that, without going way up.

Our Sonic here makes their own onion rings, and I’m hungry for them.  Don’t know what I might get to go with them tho…lol.  I really really need to cook something.  Been thinking about hamburger helper, but I get tired of that before I eat it all.  Maybe make some I can freeze.  Still have lots of home grown tomatoes.

Guess I’m gonna have to check for movies a lot ,,,for the next 2 weeks.  There is one thing I want to watch for, and that’s a track run,,not sure how far, but a guy is running from Marble Falls.  Went to UT.  Think his name is Hernandez.  Also, I like to watch Phelps.

For some horrible reason, I woke up about 5 and couldn’t go back to sleep, so,,got up about 6.  Will make for a bad day.  I’ve had my coffee, read the paper, and need to get back to sleep. 

To make it clear on my blood tests, they are done about every 3 months, no special reason.  They just keep up with my diabetes, blood pressure meds, cholesterol,,,things like that.  I keep asking if I can delete some of those darn pills, and keep getting,,NO.  lol.  I forgot to ask about my feet, why I feel like I have a stone bruise on the left one.  Know I don’t.  When I get up at night it really hurts to walk on it.  Can you pull a ligament in your feet?  I think that’s what I did.  It doesn’t hurt all the time tho. 

Gonna eat my waffles and go back to bed.  Yall tc, and




















Thursday, July 26, 2012

All Good

Got that call just a minute after 8 am,,way early, but i was accidentally up.  All blood tests good.

I'm already tired of Olympics.  On the Today Show, just about all they had.  Then,,,my night shows will be messed up for the 2 weeks.  There's very little i like, well, not enough to stay with them for hours.

I got my floors mopped today, and yes,,that's a major clean for me.  I think it's like my car windows,,when they get to where i can't stand them,,then i clean em...  With just me and Jude,,they last a long time.  I clean spots as needed.  But today,, it was moving everything,,sweeping first,,then the mopping.  See what i mean?  Gosh, i used to be able to whiz thru a whole house, doing it all, in record time.  Had my walls shaking with R&R too!  My first day working in home health,,,i went to 5 places, and none of them had had help for weeks.  I cleaned them ALL.  After i got home,,i almost didn't go back.  I did, and learned to handle all of it better.  I filled in for the ones that didn't have regular help, so i went to lots of places.  Over 3 counties,,and sometimes more.  I was paid mileage and driving time, so i rested while i drove.

That was my last job except doing my own,,private.  All of us got laid off, when the company had to downsize.  Drew unemployment almost a year, tho.  Never could find another job that would pay enough to live on, tho, so that's when i took early retirement.  And i love it!

Gosh!!!!!!!!!!!  It's HOT.  Went out to get rid of mop water, hang up the mop.,  Whew.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Another Doc Visit,,,and I Don't Even Know Why

Today was a visit to my doc,,and i don't think either one of us knew why,.  All i know is i was told to come back in July  for,,,???.  And she wasn't sure either, so,,,got some blood work done,,checking whatever.  I got really p....ed off,,when i got in to sign in,,,they handed me a paper said i had to sign.  Well,,i told em i was gonna read it first.  So i sat down,,there were 20 things i would be agreeing to by signing it.  There were some i objected to so i carried it back and told them i wasn't gonna sign it.  THEN,,,i'm told if i don't i can't see the doc!  New requirement,,,so she asked if i wanted to talk to the manager, and i said yep,,sure do. 

She starts explaining them to me,,and i stop her, tell her i understand what it's saying,,that i'm objecting to some of them.  Well, long story short, i had to sign that darn thang to see the doc. 

I already need a nap.  Gonna get in that chair and kick back, shut my eyes, and,,,,hope i doze off.

You can check out this pcip and see what we are doing at http://www.naschip.org/.  It's a federal program for people like my son and everything i have seen, sounds good.  At least there will be insurance.  There's just no other choice.  No where to go.  When we go back to San Antonio, i will talk to the woman there about it, show her what i have.  She didn't know anything about it, had never heard of it.  It's 2 years old,,,is why, i think.

Well, need that nap so yall tc, and


Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Just Hi and Bye today

Just not gonna be able to do much of a post today.  I spent most of the morning on J's medical coverage, and after talking to several people,,doing research online,,gonna go with pcip.gov plan.  It's just a couple of years old, and not many people have heard of it, but,,not much of a choice now, since he was turned down by Medicaid.  It was suggested thru a letter from SSI.  He fits the bill for sure...

I'm tired, so gonna have some late lunch, and then,,nap time.  Yall tc, and


Monday, July 23, 2012

Time for a New Chair

Strange,,,my page won't load.  Won't let me reply, won't show blogs i follow.  Think it has something to do with IE?  Hmmmm,,,think i'll check that out.  Yep,,guess that's it.  I keep getting pop ups saying i need to update IE,,But,,i have the latest one, so why?  I've tried running it, and it will stop and tell me that.

Well, we sure have the dog days back,,probably thru Aug.  I'm considering myself lucky to have had this summer cooler and wetter.  LOLOLOL,,,sure cost me in mowing.

I'm gonna go and check out new lazyboy chairs later.  There's nothing wrong with the one i have, just not comfortable for me.  I bought it because it didn't sit as low as my old one, easier to get out of.

Well, just got back and having that new chair delivered between 1 and 2.  I think i'm gonna love it.   Gosh,, need to remember to get my camera out of the car, i'll show you.  I had talked to J earlier and told him i was going there today about a chair,,and they were wanting a sofa or futon...i told him to check there.  While i'm waiting for the paperwork to get filled out,,she gets a call about a futon,,,lololol,,,wasn't him tho.  

So stupid,,i keep hearing about gun laws.  Don't they realize if someone had been carrying,,,that shooter in CO might have been stopped?  Thank God,,here in TX, we can.  Years ago,,in Killeen at a Luby's a gunman went in and started shooting.  This one woman had taken hers out of her purse, left it in the car because a sign said no fire arms.. Her parents were killed sitting there.  Amid others, don't remember how many now.  That was something she would have to live with the rest of her life.  IF she had left it in her purse, she could have shot the gunman.,,,,saved some lives.  If i had a permit, i would darn sure keep it with me, in this day and age, wouldn't you?  I just have my shot gun now, no hand gun.

Just got a call, they are bringing the chair,,yall tc, and


Sunday, July 22, 2012

Back in the Future

I'm still watching Andy Griffith,, as long as they had Barney Fife on it,,it was good.  I remember the Apple Dumpling Gang,,  I thot that was one of the funniest movies ever.

We went to the theater to see Bonny and Clyde, had the kids with us, as usual.  When it started,, J leaned over and whispered,,,Mom,,that girl doesn't have any clothes on...( he was 5 or 6).  I ignored him...He leaned over again, and a little louder,,,said,,Mom,,that girl doesn't have any clothes on...And,,again,,hoping he wouldn't say any more,,,i ignored him..WELL the third time,,he yelled it!!!  Everybody in there burst out laughing.  I answered right quick then,,and he didn't say another word..,. Learned my lesson,,,lolololol.

Gosh, i remember when Star Wars came out, how amazing it was.  And that was just the start.  Jaws had the kids scared to get in the river,,,, (had gars).  I never tried to scare them, and explained how they made them seem scary. 

No plans ,,,HA,,,never is,,  Got a good book to read, my games on here, and Andy on tv,,,what more could i ask for?,,,

J and g/f have gone to Austin, her sister is there today, gonna give her a hair cut, maybe him too.  She's had a shop there forever, even tho she lives in N Houston.  And drives back and forth!!  Don't know why she's there today. 

Gotta find something for lunch,,yall tc, and


Saturday, July 21, 2012

Liver and Onions,,yummmmmm

Sure enjoying my new digs.  And i sure enjoyed that supper yesterday.  I went into this restaurant intending to eat a breakfast, but,,it has a senior menu, AND that had liver and onions.  After some consideration,,,that's what i ordered.  Too much by 1/2 for a single meal, so i have another one for today.  It was so good, been a long time since i had that.  It was grilled, not smothered, but was still delicious.  Guess i was just hungry for it.

Never could stand that stuff, til one time in a Luby's in Austin, a friend ordered it, and,,all of a sudden,,it sounded sooo good.  And it was,,,i've eaten it since then.  One time, J and B came in late and raided the refrigerator, found some left over fried oysters,,,hahahahah,,,they thot,,chomped down on those chicken livers, spit em all over everything.  lmaoooo.  Another time,,,they found some chicken fried steak and ate it.  I told em,,there wasn't any in there, and they said yeah it was, it was way back behind a lot of stuff....OMG,,it had been in there for a LONG time.  They said they peeled off all that white stuff and ate it....didn't die...but,,from then on,,they asked how long for things they found. hahahahaha Boys!

Did yall know you can't get anything done on Saturdays, that have anything to do with government?  After fooling around for a LONG time with phone calls,,getting computers saying hours are,,,such and such,,i went online thinking,,this laptop doesn't know it's Saturday, but,,,i guess it did.  Was a dead end there too.  I was trying to look up, or find out, about the status of Js app for medical help.  They said 30 - 45 days, and it's been the 45 now.   The laptop says there isn't a case, so nothing's been done yet.  Put it all away and here i am,,doing this.

Kingsland has everybody on watch,,, all those fires were arson.  One whose house burned, told G that they were watching 3 older teens that were always at the fires, standing around watching.  I hear a lot of calls to check out suspicious people, mostly at nite, and mostly ones walking with backpacks,,  He told G they would go in and pile up some trash, set it on fire and leave...It would take a while to get going good, and by then they had been gone long enough.  This has been mostly empty places, except the Catholic church, and it didn't catch, just the weeds and they got put out before any harm done.  It had been set at the corner of the building.

After my man mowed,,it needs it again....I knew that because it was getting bad, before the rain quit.  I'm gonna let it go as long as i can tho.  Making up for last year,,,lol.  Need a Walter around,,Hey Ms B,,,can i borrow him?  Way back, in another house, my neighbor kept a barbado sheep in his back yard just for that,,and it worked too. 

Ok folks,,talked about that leftover stuff, got hungry,,yall tc, and


Friday, July 20, 2012

I've Moved,,,

Well, i have moved,,,from my dining room, into my living room...I realized i need to have windows to see out of,,not walls and a tv to stare at.  Now i have windows all around.  I used to see a lot of amazing things out my windows,,when i just had the desktop.  The pair of roadrunners were the BEST!  Watched them for years,,,then,,they just were gone.

Saw a fox go walking by, within 6 feet of me, going to my pond to drink.  I loved it.  My cats just sit there and watch, like they've seen it all the time.  lololol...probably have.  I watched the fox get plums off my tree too.  And when it had gotten the lower ones, it climbed up into the tree and got the rest.

 The first years, i would also see deer, going thru to the vacant block across the street,,,where they maybe lived.  Then, they too, disappeared.  These things came up from the river.   Who knows what i've missed sitting in the other room.  The desk top is slower, and i don't use it.,,,,It's hot in that room too.

So,,,got my card table set up, with a comfortable chair,,,and all moved.  So far, so good.

No plans in my future... Gosh,,Friday used to be party time,,and Saturday,,, Now,,it's ,,do i have a good movie for tonite?,.... lol And, i do.

Still no flies,,,still baffling me.  I think the most baffling, is, where did they get into my house?  The door sure wasn't opened enough for that many.

Yall tc, and


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Got a Wild Hair Today

Just got in my car and went to visit G up at his country place.  71 miles W of here.  Close to Menard, all rocks.  Just got back, and i'm tired from driving mostly.  Got to watch him helping a neighbor and another man doing something i should have filmed with my flip, but,,,it was back at Gs cabin in the car.  There was this huge thingy,,air compressor?,,weighed about a 1000 lbs, and had to be moved about 15 feet over to a 4-5 ft fence so it could be lifted over.  Yeah,,,that's what i thot.  They're crazy!  No doubt about it.  Well, this neighbor had this huge front end loader and twixt the pipes under it, the plywood, the chains hooked to the hook on top, and 2 pushing and shoving to keep it kinda going straight,,,it finally got to the fence.  One time it went off the wood, and started burying itself in the ground,,so HALT!!!  Lots more shoving pipes to roll on,,plywood ahead,,,and lots more pushing and shoving,,,it got to the fence. 

THEN,,,They hook one little chain thru that hook on top and the other man lifts it up and over the fence!!!,,,  Even G got back, but that one man didn't...  They put it in a short bed pickup,,,lol, crossways,,wouldn't fit any other way,,,not all the way crossways either, not long ways,,mix in between.  Had that little truck almost off the ground in front.... He was hauling that thing about 300 miles.  I told him when he went up a hill, it would go right out behind him,,,he said,,nah,,it was sitting good... That's when you shut yor mouth,,,  No tie downs,,,just sitting there.  Why o why didn't i have my flip with me?,,,

Now,,,what's for supper tonite?,,,

Didn't want yall to think i died or anything,,,so yall tc, and

HAGD,,,what's left of it

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Over the Hump Again,,,,,,,,,

If anybody tries my meatloaf recipe,,please let me know if you like it. 

I told you i got that cook book when i was 17.  Here's the rest of the story. 

Back when i was in high school, for some ungodly reason, kids started getting married.  Yep,,that's what i said.  You could go over the border into OK and no questions asked, any age, any time.  After several had done that,,my bf and i decided to do it   too.  I was 16, he had just turned 17.  It was,,and OMG,, July 19,, I had spent a week in Austin with a friend and her sister, he worked there, and when they left to come here on Friday, we left and went to OK,,,got there about 2 AM, and you won't believe this,,,but,,a man was on a hammock in his yard, with a big sign,,saying Marriage Info!!!  He took us to the hospital for the blood tests, and when the court house opened at 8 that morning, he took us there and we got married.  Drove straight back here, and no one had missed us, and we didn't tell  til the following Jan.  Was something about his mom getting a SS check for him til he was 18.  Well, i went back to school, and to make a long story short, we told everybody in Jan,,,found out i was pregnant in Feb,,and graduated in May.  But,,, i got that cook book at my shower.

We were married for over 26 years, raised our kids, and ended it.  I married one other time,,for 2 1/2 years.  There were about a dozen girls that did that, and most of them lasted like i did..  I might have been the only one that finished school.

How's that for boring.  Guess in my subconscious,,,that date brought it up.  Numbers have always stuck in my mind. 

My son J called last nite, and i had gotten up and gone to the bathroom, or i wouldn't have heard the cell phone.  Trying not to laugh today about it,,but he said his dad had had a melt down,,,thrown out all the cats, and called him several times to tell him about it...when he finally saw that he had called, he found out and went there.  Said he couldn't find any of them.  There's a pet door into his utility room, so i told him they would go back later, they were hiding then.  And his dad would get over it by this morning...Haven't heard any more,,wondering now...lololoololol.  And he did tell me his back felt better than it had in weeks.   (I didn't blame him for throwing all those cats out,,,lol).  All but 2 are Js rescue cats.  He's had them fixed, takes excellent care of them, but,,,there's too many.  About a dozen.  Not all are kept in the house all the time, tho.

Yall tc, and


Tuesday, July 17, 2012

My Meat Loaf

Just in case you're interested, and i was asked for this,,,here it is.

About 2 lbs hamburger,,,about 1/2 med onion, about 1/4 green pepper
3/4 c milk, 1 egg, mix together, maybe 10 or so saltine crackers, crumbled
Lemon pepper, garlic powder, season all, dry mustard, salt, pepper,,anything you like.
Cover with catsup.

I still like mine more than any others.  Original from my old Betty Crocker cook book.  Tweeked a little...

O yeah,,cook about 1 1/2 hour, 350 or so,,,lol,,  I use a loaf pan.  I drained off the excess fat while it was hot.

I'm still amazed about the flies!,,,They're just plain,,,gone!  Not a one.  And i read in today's paper,,Phyllis Diller is 95!!!!  Her bd is today.

 OMG,,, just realized,,,that's 25 years more than me...WOW. 

 Enough of this,,heading to my games,,yall tc, and


Monday, July 16, 2012

A $15.00 Kirby?

The flies are GONE!!!  From one day to the next,,NONE.  What is going on?  Never ever saw something like this before, and i'm old...well, sorta,,,lol.  Nothing changed, it's still raining every day.  This is JULY!!!  But my point is,,it wasn't the rain.

OK,,before i forget it again.  I read on a blog about a vacuum cleaner being bought for a steal, but i can beat that.  I went by a yard sale one day, not far from my house, but i was heading home from work, so i didn't stop.  Had to get back out later, and it was still going on, so ,,, i stopped and there were a lot of good things, BUT   here sat a Kirby vacuum with ALL the attachments, marked $15.00!!!!!  The man said yeah, it ran, so i bought it, thinking i would give it to my dotter.  OMG,,,that thing sucked up stuff like i had never seen!  I had just bought one of the cheapies at Walmart, so guess what?,,My dotter got that one, and i kept the Kirby.  I called the company,  since i didn't know what all those attachments were for, o yeah, it even shampooed too, and they mailed me the book for nothing.  Wow,,, It did everything!  Now, you gotta understand,,this is the Cadillac of vacs.  I bought a roller brush for it, and used it for quite a while.

One day,,,i plugged it in, and it started smoking like it was on fire.  My bro G went to Austin all the time, and the dealership for Kirby's was right across the street from where he would go.  So, he took it there, and they called me,,just needed a new cord, wasn't the motor or anything.  When i told him what i had paid for it, and all that came with it,,he said,,Lady, you just set the record!,,He had heard of someone getting one once, for a 100.00, but 15.00???? No way...  I had 1600.00 worth of Kirby!!!!  I tole him that man that sold it, either hated the woman that bought it, or hated the machine...lolololol.  So i think i got the steal of the century,,don't you?  hahahahaha  Shampoos great, too.

My mower man is here, and i bet it is still wet.  It's gotten almost out of hand, so much rain.  Still saying more could come too.

My cousin from Paris, Tx brought a huge load of hay, 20 rolls, here, yesterday.  He can sell it a lot cheaper than what the ranchers are paying here.  They make lots of hay up there.  His mother was my favorite aunt that just passed away. 

About 9;15 last nite, another house was on fire in Kingsland.... And B told me that ol boy that had gone to prison for arson, was out, and living around that area.  Surely surely they're watching him.  I bet everybody is on their toes, watching.  I hear calls about suspicious vehicles a lot more.

Well, i ate all my meat loaf, have nothing cooked now.  I was gonna put part of it in the freezer, but it was so good, i finished it off.  The bean soup too.  Still have lots of home grown tomatoes,,

Ok outa here, yall tc, and


O yeah, need to correct something i said a few days ago.  I said i used live photo to do blogs when i have pics, but,,,not true, i use live writer.  These are Windows Live package.  Use the photo to upload the pics, then writer transfers them really easy, lets me set them in an album, or individual.

Sunday, July 15, 2012

What's Happening?

Good morning yall.  I did remember this today.  Got side tracked once,,looking at a swap shop on facebook for this area.  Didn't see anything for me,,need to put some of my stuff on there.  Got lots of 'stuff' i need to get rid of.

Saw on the news this morning,,that a place in Kingsland that burned, was arson.. It was the Kingsland Health Clinic, and i'm not sure where or what that is.  BUT, yesterday, there was a call for a house fire there, fully engulfed, and before they could get there and do much, the one next to it caught on fire too.  WAIT, that's not all!!  They call in for help from 3 surrounding places, and before any of them can get there, there's ANOTHER fire, behind a lube place.  In this area, the fire depts are volunteer, but they all jump when needed.  Had 4 different ones working those 3 fires yesterday. 

Years ago, we had a string of arson fires, and when the culprit was finally caught, it was the fire chief's son.  He went to prison over it, got out, got in more trouble, went back. 

This sure sounds like there's an arsonist doing it,,too many,,,all at one time.  Hmmm,,,wonder if that ol boy is out of prison yet?,,,

I'm still carrying my car plates around,,,lol.  Can't forget those,,,they're laying on my car seat.  With the sticker too.  Years ago, before that sticker went on the inside of the windshield,,,they stuck on the back license plate.  Mine was stolen one time,,how i ever noticed i don't know, but i did.  So,,when i replaced it, and from then on, i cut an X across it.  Let em try to take that off and stick it on another one,,,lol. 

Got stopped one time, not doing anything, and the dps guy told me my front plate was gone.  I told him it had been there not long before when i had washed the car, and i'm sure he didn't believe me, but that was the truth.  When i got home later and looked the screws were still there.  Whoever took it, took the time and put the screws back! 

Ok,,mind's gone numb,,yall tc, and


Saturday, July 14, 2012


Really on the ball today,,,read all the blogs and forgot to do mine!  Not much wrong with me,,,i did remember to come back,,lol. 

BB was talking about how we do our blogs.  I do mine on blogger, never do it to cut and paste.  On word or anything.  When i have pics i do it on live photo, but it publishes when i get thru, no cut and paste either.  If i want to add to it later, i can.  I don't do a bit here, a bit there, then wait and publish the next day.  But,,i do try to use spell check,,,lolololol.

Sure am getting what most of you call the 'hitchitch',,,tired of same ol same ol... Our summer hasn't been bad this year, lots of rain, still green, and cooler temps.   I can't believe the lake levels haven't changed.  Well, Buchanan any way. 

Got another one of those bites on my leg, behind my knee on the same leg,,,This is so strange.  Not even sure if it's a bite, but,,it itches like crazy for days.  Seems like it spreads.  After effect of shingles?,,,who knows,,had those too.  Horrible thangs,,worst pain i ever had.  Just below my waist on the left side, couldn't stand to be touched ,,,even clothes.  Lived on vicodin for days.  Would wake up during the nite when they were wearing off, walk the floor with tears running down my face, til i could take another one.  I had one pair of sweats i could wear, hanging low so's not to touch me.  Hope none of you ever have them!!!  When i drove, i had to sit up away from the back of the seat.

I've been watching these ol Andy Griffith shows.  On most of the day again.  The good one, with Barney Fife. 

Yall tc and


Friday, July 13, 2012

Our Lucky Day,,,

Yeah,,Friday the 13th,, why not?  That's how i'm gonna look at it,, (let you know tomorrow,,).

I have no plans,,of course.  I can always handle spur of the moment.  My favorite grandfather,,lived here the last 6 years of his life, from 80 to 86,,his age,,not the year..lol.  Totally independent.  I would go by and ask,,do you need to go to the store or anywhere?,,and he just picked up his hat, put it on and out the door we went.  I think i've mentioned this before, but most of the time, he wanted to go to the liquor store,,and why not?  He would get his bottle, and the next time,,he'd say,,go to the other one...hahahahaha,,he didn't want them to know how much he drank.  I never saw him tipsy.  He went with me one time,,,up to Goldthwaite?,, about 60 miles North, and never said a word about my driving, but later told Mom the fence posts looked like a picket fence...lololololol.

I so enjoyed him.  He would give my son J,,born the day he moved here, a paint brush and a coffee can of water, and tell him he could paint the porch.. J loved it.  He'd paint and paint,,go back and start over when it dried.  Kept him out of a lot of trouble.  He died of liver cancer, in just a few months, later.  When he said he wanted his pistol, i wanted to go get it for him.  A man like him,,totally bedridden, having to be waited on by Mother, his dotter.  She was a nurse, but still.  She had him at home as long as possible, so he wasn't in the nursing home but just about 3 weeks.  I went by almost every day, with J and by then, my new one.

Welllll,,, i've looked at tv for tonite,,NOTHING.  Not even any movies to record today.  Good thing i have several done.  My life is so boring.  Not even cooking today, have leftovers, good ones,,

Can't sit on the porch, like BB,,,too darned hot.  Just thot about it,,,HEY DD!!! How much rain have you had?  You didn't even mention it.  I got just a bit more after pouring out 4 3/4", not even a 1/4". 

Ok,,enough of this, yall tc, and


Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Sugar Daddy?

Gosh, i'm wearing myself out, swatting flies!  Is there no end?

Already been out to the $Store,,was going yesterday, but,,,huge rain started again, so i didn't stop.  Had enough getting drowned...  I poured out 4 3/4" yesterday after it had stopped,,,didn't want it overflowing, making me lose count.  G was here "helping",,,telling me he had just a little over,,,hahahahaha.

Fed Ex leaves my packages on my porch without letting me know, and when i was leaving earlier,,sure enough,,there was a box on the porch.  Looks like he could at least ring the doorbell.  I went on, and got it when i got back.  It was dry, so i guess it was left this morning.

I ate the little bit of cornbread out of my freezer, yesterday, so i just put another pan in the toaster oven.  Gotta have that with meat loaf and bean soup,,,right?  Got lots of tomatoes to add.  That's my supper.

My feet just quit hurting from getting up one time, to the other.  I walked around in the $store with no problem.  Amazing.  I've been taking an aleve the last 2 or 3 nites,,that might have helped.  I was getting kinda concerned about it.  Not good, if you can't walk.  I woke up last nite about 12, and it was about 3 before i got back to sleep, after another aleve.

Got my laugh for the day, earlier when i read MsB...lolololol.  I've looked for a sugar daddy a long time..hahahahahaha,,,,,joking yall. 

Looked like DD was getting our rain,,,maybe that swamp will fill up.  I haven't noticed the lake levels,,will try to.  Buchanan has been down 17 feet.  But that's from all the way full, which it never is.  Summer full is around 1014.  Well, i guess it is 17 down.  I saw it dry not too many years ago, well, a few puddles above the dam.  Maybe back in the 70s?,,,That was when you could walk out on the dam,,and we did.  Amazing,,,just puddles.  Could have been the 80s,,,not good going back in time...

Rambling again, so yall tc, and


Wednesday, July 11, 2012

How Can Time Go So Fast?

I just shut my eyes, and another week is gone.  Then, a month,,whoa.  Is it the same with yall?

I have 4" of rain in my gauge today, and it says more coming again,,,hey bring it on!  Haven't asked G how much, but assuming he has 4.1.  Hahahahahaha...

I tried and tried to get a document on here yesterday.  I got on my desktop, and finally got it to open using something i downloaded to open files with, but, when i put it on here, it was tiny, and when i enlarged it, was blurry.  It was "What my Mama Taught Me".  The switch thing brought it back to mind.  I'm not gonna give up.  At least i found a way to open those files.  I think it was OF.  whatever that is.

I'm setting a record on swatting flies!!!  Those strips don't work at all.  WHERE ARE THEY COMING FROM?????  My door is rarely opened.  Think they're coming from Petespond?,,hahahahaha 

Got some hamburger thawing to make a meat loaf with.  Got hungry for one, then sis N said she was making one yesterday, soo, mine's on the way.  I can bake it in my toaster oven.  Won't bake anything in the large one,,,  I put some milk and an egg in it, besides all the other, and it's juicy.  Also had some bean soup left, thawing it too.  That and cornbread,,yummmmm.

Gosh,,,i think the post office held my mail for days.  I got a huge stack of catalogs yesterday.  It wouldn't bother me to have 5 day delivery,  about all i get is junk.  I'm doing most of my bills by draft online.  I look at them, then ok it to pay.

TV is worthless most of the time, then like tonite,, things overlap.  Gotta record one to watch tomorrow.  O yeah,,,About 7:45 my power went off, so i missed the rest of America's Got Talent.. Yeah,,it was off til 9.  That lightening was right here!  Lots of it.  Dotter said it hit a power pole there by her house, and it took them that long to fix it.  My power has gone off 4 times in the last couple of weeks.  Don't know what's going on. 

Got that meat loaf in the oven, killed 3 more flies, and one's still asking for it.  Yall tc, and


Tuesday, July 10, 2012

This is What MY Mother Taught Me,,,,


what my mom taught me 2what my mom taught mewhat my mom taught me 3

This is What MY Mother Taught Me,,,,


what my mom taught me

what my mom taught me 2

what my mom taught me 3

Just Nonsense Today

BB was talking about painting Sadie Mae's toenails...lol.  I did that one time on one of my siamese.  She kept nosing around getting in my way while i was doing mine,,soooo,,,she got HERS done..She did NOT like it, but from that day on, when i just opened the bottle, she was gone!  She also made a mad dash when i just turned on the bath, so i guess she had one before i bought her as an 8 week old kitten. 

She would be underfoot in the kitchen,,yowling,,so i got a water gun,,and ,,,one shot was all i ever got in...just squeezing that trigger,,,she was GONE...

She was a seal point,,black trim,,i call it.  Jumpy, skittish.  The lighter the points, the calmer the cats.  Frost points the calmest of all, no fear, laid back.  Jude is a red point,,,even tho it's yellow.  I raised them for years, but never fooled with papers, just sold them for a small bit of what they were worth.  BUT,,i was so picky.  The line i had were from some in Round Rock that won shows.  They were so unusual in looks and personalities, they were like no other cats.  Even my vet said they shouldn't be classified as cats...lol.  The last frost point i had, was the smartest cat i ever had, but for his dad.  When i moved one time, he was at my Mom's when i went to work, and he disappeared.  I know someone stole him.  He was at home there too. 

I lmao yesterday,,,when i called bro G and told him i had had 1 1/2" of rain,, and like clock work he said he had 1.6,,,hahahahaha,,he lives 1/2 a block from me.  I then had to call B and we both had our laugh of the day.  B had the same as me.   G  always bests us by that .1......hahahahaha...BTW, got another 1 1/2" later, 3" in it this morning.  More coming they say,,,,well, i say,,,bring it on!

Don't know what happened, but from one time to the next,,,getting up,,my feet quit hurting...  No pain when i walk..thank you God.

When that rain came late yesterday, i killed about 10 or 12 more flies in here!!!!  Where did they come from?  That strip has ONE on it today.  I even squished one on this screen, had to clean it.  Does ANYBODY know how i can get rid of them?  HELP!!!   I've never seen anything like this.  Swatted 3 or 4 today.  Is there fly bait, like roach bait?  These strips do not attract them like i thot they would.

On my ustream today,,,petespond,,i saw a herd of giraffs...This is the best one i've ever had on there.  Saw a herd of elephants a few days ago.  http://www.ustream.tv/petespond.,  So instead of just reading the paper with my coffee, i'm staring at this....lololol.  Check it out,,see what you think.

Yall tc and


Monday, July 9, 2012

Out and About

Just got back from the grocery store, thinking i would get out before it got hot...HA...The temp isn't that bad,,,like 90, but still and sticky.  Getting ready to make more storms like yesterday,,, Had a really heavy one move thru here late yesterday, dumped 1 1/2" in about 30-45 mins.  AND... i got out in it.  I had gone to the shop where  my son was, and got caught there.  Got totally drenched getting to my car.  I was so wet, it was hard to get my clothes off when i got home,,they stuck to me....Good thing it was warm.  My son was drenched too, putting vehicles in.  Had to jump one off.  Tried to tell him it wasn't showing bad hail any more on the online weather.

Off my diet.  When i added back those few carbs,,i gained back a pound!!!  I give up.  My body doesn't want to operate on 30 carbs a day,,got too weak and unable to function.  But by adding 30 more,,,i gain a pound..

All that rain yesterday fell North, where it would end up in Lake Buchanan ..  Most of it.  The lake gets it from the Colorado, so maybe the rain this week will help.

There's still not one fly on the strip.  And one just buzzed by.

I couldn't sleep last nite,,,well, until after 4 am.  My feet were killing me.  I got up once and still don't know why i didn't take an aleve,,but,,a couple of hours later, i sure did.  Then it took another hour to work.  Nap coming up for sure.

Mind's gone blank,,yall tc and


Sunday, July 8, 2012

Google Chrome

Since google chrome did all that updating and changing about,,what,,a month ago?,,i quit using it,,,went back to IE.  After getting answers about why couldn't i see rvsue's pics ,,, with IE,,i tried the chrome today, and it works.  One told me he could see them on IE,,like i USED to, but,,for some gawdawful reason,,it stopped loading them.  Sooo,,,moral of this story,,,if i want to see the pics, i have to open chrome.  So i guess i'll open it just for doing that one thing,, and shut it back down again.  I don't have any problems with any other pics on any other blogs.

DDs talking about Wampus Cat hunting,,,,when we were young, we went snipe hunting.  Never did find any,,,Got led around a lot of places,,but no snipes.  But i think i remember my Dad talking about those Wampus Cats,,,

I was watching something on TV earlier,,well, sorta, but it caught my attention.  I think it was Tx Parks and Wildlife,,and they're saying East TX has more black bears now.  Wonder if SS knows that?,,,,lol,,She was saying there's 5 acres behind their new house in Longview that's woods.  I talked to her yesterday and they did sell the house in Lake Worth, and will close on that one, and the new one in Aug.  Just in time to start their teaching jobs.  And i keep forgetting to ask,,what school will he be coaching at.  B told me there's 3 there. 

I just smeared some syrup on that fly strip,,, think that'll work?  Just a drop or 2....

Sitting here yawning,,think i'll go shut my eyes for a bit.  Yall tc, and


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Wish I Had Something to Say

I think i'm still recovering from the San Antone trip.  Just not up to doing anything.

I did get some of those fly strips and hung one up, yesterday.  But,,i don't think it will work, seems to be nothing on it to attract the flys.  Am i supposed to add something?  I've never used them so i don't know.  The flys haven't even gotten near it.    With the outside traps, i had to add something.  Also, for the wasps traps too.

My g/dotter was telling me they had a mouse,,hahahaha, with 3 cats in the house too.  Her hubby tried to catch it and it got away,,,still in the house.  I told her if she'd come by i'd give her the 2 live traps, for mice, that i have.  She remembered them.  One time, i had set them and the next day i picked it up, opened it to see if a mouse was in it cause the door had shut,,and yep,,that mouse was out and gone, still in my house too.  lol,,Don't know why you'd carry one outside and turn it loose anyway, they will just come back in.  So, from then on, i set the snapping ones if necessary.  It's rare i have one tho.  Think i told you back somewhere in a blog,,the best mouse trap ever.  The 5 gallon bucket with bird feed in the bottom...Don't want that in the house tho.

My feet are still bothering me, just don't know what to do with them.  The left one still feels like i have a stone bruise on the heel.  Have to go in for my regular blood work by the end of the month, so i'll ask.  Maybe she can tell me without having to go to a foot doc.  Why don't we have general practitioners like we used to have, now?  They handled it all.  Mostly.  If they couldn't then they sent you to someone. 

I've got this one little cat fish of some kind in this thing in the house.  When i cleaned it out the last time, the rest of the fish died,,so i'm gonna put this one out in my pond and get rid of this thing.  It's a survivor so i think he will be fine.  Gonna try to do this today.

Well, yall tc and


Friday, July 6, 2012

Lakeshore Drive, 7-4-12


The first few pics were the sides of the road, just showing how green it is, and it’s JULY!  The others are Lake Buchanan taken at the side of the road, and 2 parks there.  One is Llano County Park,, the other is Blackrock Park.

Am I the only one not being able to see rvsue’s pics?  The last few days they will not load.  Everything else does, so I have no idea what’s going on.  If it’s just me, I’ll start trying to figure this out.  Plz let me know.  Just before that, they would load only when I hit the comments, and now that won’t work.

We had a great day yesterday.  Using the GPS,,loved it.  When he’d say,,turn there, I’d say nooo, I’m doing what GPS says,,,hahahahaha.  He’d say, don’t you think I KNOW what I’m doing,,and I could honestly say,,NO,,after the last time..lolololol  The doc took him on in right after we got there, so his g/f and I ran back to an HEB, was loading the car when he called and said he was thru.  BUT,,had to wait for his pain pills to be filled, cause he had forgotten to take them.  The doc gave him another prescription.  He had 6 shots put directly into his spine.  By the time we got back he was doing better.  He called today and said it was like nite and day. To the good.  Now, he will get them every 6 weeks, and these are not the same ones he had before, had gotten immune to the others.

We left, gone about 15 minutes, well on the way, when he couldn’t find his cell phone.  His g/f had had it, back at the place where the doc and pharmacy were.  She didn’t think so, but we both told her that when I called his number, he handed it to her, and she answered.  She had no memory of this, no idea where it was.  I said it was just a little way back, and got off I10 to head back, when I handed him my phone and told him to call his number,,,WOOOHOOO..It was buried in something she had so,,around we went again, and that was the only thing unusual.  We did stop and eat at Luby’s,,and it was good..

I’m going to the store, right now, to get some of those fly strips.  Had enough. Yall tc, and















Thursday, July 5, 2012

Off,,,,to the Doc..

LOLOLOL,,,my son has called twice saying they're headed this way....Maybe,,we'll get off yet.  Anyway,, going to San Antone today,,see yall tomorrow.

Yall tc, and


Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Actually,,,it’s July 4th,,2012


Just about all empty now. 

My favorite aunt passed away last nite.  She was the last of my Dad’s 7 siblings.  I can’t feel too bad because of the shape she was in…I just can’t help but feel I’m glad it’s over for her.  It’s sad too, not having her any more.

Got a text from g/dotter saying they’re cooking a brisket, come and hang out.  So in a few minutes I’m going out there.  Waiting on a load of laundry to dry, then I’m outa here.

I’m gonna be gone tomorrow, driving my son to San Antonio again.  He had a bad episode Friday that I just found out about, and couldn’t stand or walk.  When he talked to the doc on Monday was told to come Thursday.  These will be the shots he’s needed the last few times.  The only place the doc will do them, is in SA office.  He will use local anesthetic.  I’m hoping and praying these will get him by until he can get some medical coverage.  The doc told him he could just do these every 2 months.

OK,,gone,,but yall tc, and













Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Full Moon Tonite

Hey,,how are you today?  I'm good,,thx..

Stopped by friend S yesterday, and somehow the word "salad" came up.  I told her i was craving a chef salad, and before i knew it, she was handing me all this stuff to make one,,like, boiled eggs, some ham, tomatoes.  I had to get lettuce and some dressing,,(yeah, dressing,,1 carb per serving) and when i got home, i chopped up this big bowl half full.  Now,,i didn't go overboard and get some garlic bread, made myself have crackers with it.  Was just right!  Couldn't eat but half of it, so i have more today.  Plus,, i just boiled some eggs too.  Eating high on the hog,,,lol.

Long time ago, when i had teen age boys, maybe their friends too, i'd make BIG bowls of chef salad for supper sometimes.  The reason i bring this up, is cause they had never eaten salads before and when i made myself one, they said they'd like to have one too.  Never mind i had to have a bottle of salad dressing, ranch, for each...lolololol.,  So,,every once in a while, that's what we'd have... Amazing, to get them to eat green.  Oops,,i used to make that dressing by the quarts.  I got the mix and added the buttermilk.  By then, it didn't make them gag to hear that word,,buttermilk.  They had found out that's what i had used for years for batter for frying.

Somewhere along the way, i figured out i could buy a lb of ready to cook shrimp, batter it up, deep fry it, and have a HUGE platter of it.  4 of us couldn't eat all of it.  That sure beat buying it at the sea food market in Austin, cleaning all those stinky things, then cooking them.  Took hours to do that.  I even had that little tool to devein with.

Can you tell what's on my mind?  If you said,,,FOOD, you're right....

On MysticMud's blog today,  she's talking about minding your own business.  Especially in the South.  Well,,i can do that just so far, but,,,like her, when i see an animal or person being abused,,i can't stand it.  When i lived in the last house before this one,,i was out one day watering and the pit bulls behind me, kept barking and whining.  When i got closer with my hose,,all that water,,,i was horrified to see they didn't have any!  It was so hot that day too.  Here they were, seeing all that water, and they had none.  First thing i did was go over with the hose and put some in their bucket, but no one was home.  I tried calling the boy's family and even got in my car and went by their house and still couldn't find anybody.  So i ended up calling the animal control.  By then the dogs were my best friends...lol.  You can tell around here, whoever has those pit bulls are druggies.  The boy was selling there, i would see it at all nite hours,,quick stops...lol.  He did fix their water buckets so they wouldn't turn over.

OMG,, just remembered something.  At that place.  One morning i got up and went out for the paper, and there was something floating in my pond.  Furry.  When i went back out later, found out it was a dog. I had never seen it before.  I got a shovel and a trash bag and loaded it up, took it out to a road side park and dumped it in the trash container there.  It was a short legged dog, and i think it fell in, then couldn't get out. 

Did i ever tell you about dumping about a 5 foot chicken snake in the trash container at home?  Guess when the men picked it up and dumped it out, musta almost had a heart attack.  THEY LEFT IT!!  Still lmao about that.  Gal's gotta have a little fun,,,don't we?  I had already terrorized my 2 siamese with it for hours, laughed til i hurt.  When i carried it in past my female, her back bowed up, hair stood straight out, and her tail looked like a bottle brush...hahahahaha.  So you can imagine how they reacted with it laying in the floor still moving sometimes....

I can NOT believe my friend S and another went to see Magic Mike and didn't call me!!  It was in Marble Falls.  She said if they could find an excuse to go back,,she'd call....lol.  She was laughing about all the old women there in wheel chairs, on walkers,,hhahahaahaha...

Enough nonsense,,,yall tc and


Monday, July 2, 2012

$Store Trip Today

Gonna be short,,,AAAAgain,,, Going to the $Store this morning while it's cool. 

Gosh, i'm almost out of movies, so today i found 3 to record, on Lifetime.  Sssh,,,you guys,,i can hear you.  Tonight has America's Got Talent til 10, so i won't need one for tonite.

I need to change my sheets, but,,,might or not.  Been putting it off too long already.  If i strip the bed, i have to do it sometime today.  That's the way i usually do it.  Years ago, i would take the sheets off a king size bed, wash em and put em back on,,,hated to fold those things.  Don't do that with this queen tho.

Got my dishes done, shower done,,,just need to dress and go.  Sitting a few minutes to relieve my feet.  Sure gotta do something. 

Ok,, gotta git,,,yall tc, and


Sunday, July 1, 2012

July 4th,,,Well,,Sorta, 2012


I did make it to the park to check it out.  When I first got there,,, nephew wasn’t’ ready, so,,, I went back later, about 7 PM.  Just parked up the hill and his mom came by and said she would tell him to bring me a bun with slaw…And,,he did,,  I bought it for today so I just took one bite,, and yummmm.  I had never had one, pulled pork,,with slaw on it.   The food trailer is in one of the pics, beside a big red one.,  You can’t see but just a small part of it.  The early report was, they did really good.  They have plans to set it up on one of the main streets during the lunch time, 5 days a week.  Maybe go other places for one day on the week ends.

That squash is sooooo good!!!  I cut up the big one, not sure if it was gonna be eatable, but, it was.  If you can cut em, you can eat em. 

Gosh, there’s just nothing to write about today.  Feet still giving me problems,,,trying to wear flops, at least, even in the house.  The padding seems to help.  I keep looking at things that need done,,but nope,,not now.  They require me to be on my feet.  The cooking is bad enough.  I’m gonna eat 1/2 that bun at a time,,it’s BIG.  Will make 2 meals. 

The book I’m reading is good, Hot Springs…didn’t think I’d like it, but I do.  I’ve had several paperbacks laying here forever, so I’m going thru them now.  Not really sure where they came from, I didn’t buy them

MsB,,,still lol about the fly strips…

Yall tc, and