Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Watch Those Meds

Eating my oatmeal,  my brunch.  Next meal will be that left over fish, and stuff.  Goood eats, today. 

Gonna be another beautiful day too.  The news people are talking about cedar fever, lol, had forgotten about that.  I don't have it.  Remember way back,,gosh, maybe in the 70s,,was gonna be a swine flu epidemic, sorta like that bad one in 1918?  I remember going and standing in line for the vaccine at the bank.  My hubby came up with cedar fever that year.  Years later, i read that was a side effect of that vaccine.  You just never know what will happen.   I read all the fine print on new meds i'm given, and sometimes, i don't take it, like that Ambian.  Wow, how can anyone take that stuff?  Says you can do things in your sleep, and not remember it. OMG!!! No way will i take it.  I had watched one of the Gene Simmons and the Family Jewels, and Shannon had been up cooking all nite, and didn't remember doing any of that.

Not much happening, since my last blog.  I do have some things i could do, but,,,uh,,maybe.  I know Christmas will just be here, like TOMORROW,,well, for me anyway.  That's how time goes for me.  Got my shopping done, need to see how many gift bags i have that i can use, wrap the rest,,get my tree out and plug it in.  Has those little lites, not sure what they're called, that lite up on the ends, and change color.  Really pretty.  Got it at the $ Store years ago and it's still going. lol,,,Got my g/dotter one a year later, 1/2 price, $5.00,  and she puts it up too.  I gave her all my old family decorating stuff, the BIG box full and she had that stuff up all over her house last year.  When she was young, like from 2 on, she would decorate a little 18" tree i had, spend hours doing it.  That was her thing, the little one, while we all did the big ones.  There was a special box of things,,for that little tree.  Tiny little balls, hanging stuff.  That was in the big box, too.  One year, i wasn't gonna put anything up, but,,she and a niece her age, came over and used all my box of stuff, had my duplex decorated to the hilt,,,lol,,Well, guess who had to put it all up?,,,Yep,,ME.
Good memories.  All her life has been good memories.

Guess we're not gonna hear from BB, down there.  Maybe he'll find a hot spot and post sometime,,surely.  After he catches all those fish,,u know.  And takes the pics, to prove it...hehehehe.

Gotta tell you about my vac.  (seeing ad on tv reminded me).  Came home from work mid afternoon one time, and drove by a yard sale.  Went on home a few blocks away.  Had to get back out for something, and there it was, still going on, so i whipped back around and stopped.  Had all kinds of good stuff sitting out there, but one thing was this Kirby vac with all the attachments.  Marked,,you're not gonna believe this,,,$15.00.  The man said, yep it worked, so amoung other things, i loaded that thing up and took it home.  Thinking i would give it to my dotter.  I plugged that thing in and wow,,,did it ever! work.  lol, Gave my dotter my other one, kept that Kirby.  Put a new roller on it, and a lite on the front.  The Kirby company in Austin couldn't believe it, when i told him what it had cost me.  Said that was UNREAL,,said i had $1600. worth.  Said he had heard of one being found for $100.  I told him, that man that sold it, either hated that woman that bought it, or hated that machine.  I called the main company and they mailed me the book for it, was things i had no idea what they were for.  It had the shampooer too.  Had everything. I still use it.  My dotter used to borrow it to shampoo her carpets.  Now she has one too, but not for $15.00! lol.  You can run it with one finger, has back and forward gears.

Ok, off to shower time, make a move, get my mojo going,,or whatever. Yall tc,,