Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What a "Memorial" Weekend!

My bro B had a cook out Saturday, and I even stayed way past my bed time,,,,everybody was telling all these hilarious stories, and I laughed so much, it's a wonder i'm not sore.

Then Sunday, g/dotter cooked all this good stuff, and it was such a good time. 

Hey, I recorded and watched Magic Mike! lol.  Not sure what to say, lots of stripping/dancing,,,but,,,not much else to it.  Really don't think you guys would like it,,,lololol.

I still haven't decided if i'm going up to the church for lunch or not.  Have an hour to do that.  Not hungry, but like to visit with the others there.  Mostly ones I grew up with.

Gotta remember to get my trash out today,,,,it's TUESDAY,,, holidays always mess me up.  It has something in it that sure doesn't smell good.  Gotta go.

Gosh, I think I have a sleeping disease.  That's about all I did yesterday.  Then slept good last nite.  Got a call and I thot it was after 8, but,,,wasn't... Was 7.  It was an automated emergency response the city put in a couple of months ago,,,saying don't use the water on the south side of town, because of a leak.  I live on the north, so i'm ok.  Glad to know it works.  I use a filter for drinking, cooking water any way.

Ok, enough time on this, so yall tc, and