Tuesday, August 2, 2011

My Instant Cooking

I have updated the blogs i follow, and on the page u use to do that, it shows the correct ones.  BUT, on the public one u see, it's still like it was.  Just really get disgusted with blogger a lot.  And, DD, keep the pics coming. 

River flow:  J=38 M=22 L=6 

Staying in, and will, as long as this heat is this.  lololol,,,All of August and maybe Sept.  Doing what i have to do, but staying cool.  At my age, the weeks fly, so it won't be long. hahahaha 

Kinda been cleaning out my freezer.  Using the older things, like a pie crust today.  Just had 1 left, so i'm making a pineapple pie with vanilla jello ss instant pudding and a can of pineapple.  Had left over cool whip too, so there!,,,Got my pie.  YUMMMMM  Got my last package of bacon out too.  Don't think i will be able to eat my left over rib eye, tho.  Jude will like it.  Can't chew beef enough.  My friend Sue, said she chews all the good outa it, then spits it out.  LOLOLOL

Paid my utility and credit card bills, yesterday.  Found out i would get my ss check.  My utility was 170.00, and that is electric, water, trash, sewer.  Everything, on one.  Before this month, my sewer would be higher than my electric.  That's how much i can economize.  With my parents growing up thru the 30s depression, we were raised that way.  I cool the front part of my house during the day, then turn the 2 window units off, and use the one in the back thru the nite.  I also put reflecting film on all my windows, and have since the 80s.  No heat comes thru.  Nor goes out in the winter.  I do the same with heat. But, don't heat my bedroom.  I like a cold BR.  I also turn my hot water heater off, (have breaker switches right there) and right now, the cold water tap is almost too hot to use.  Otherwise, i will turn it on just long enough to heat the water, then turn it back off.  It's a fairly new one, about 3 years old, and 30 gal.  So it holds the hot water for 2 days, in the winter.  See?,,,I do know how.  lolololol  I don't use much anyway, so why heat it all the time?  I wash and dry clothes about every 8 or 9 days, a full load.  Used to hang them out, but don't do that now.  I loved the smell.  One lady i worked with in home health, taught me a lot.  I had never thot about the hot water heater.  Then, i figured out some of the other.  Have i helped anybody?  lololol

Just saw a man playing a 27 string guitar on the news.  Plans on making a 34 one.  wooo.  Sounds complicated.

Friend Sue just called, told me to bring a bowl, come get pot roast and home made rolls!!!,,,Broke a record getting the 3 blocks to her house. hahahahah  Told her i had the pineapple pie, some for her too, and her dotter will be by later.  Good trade, don't ya think?   She's the one that's lost over 200 lbs, so far, with lap band.  At first she was almost bedridden, with her foot needing surgery.  Soooo,,,it WILL work.  She has eaten anything she wanted to, too.  With it tight enough, can't eat much, that's the secret.  Mine doesn't need much tightening, but does need a little. 

OK yall, time to git. HAGD