Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Mini Post Today

My son called about 11 am and just had talked to his doc.  She told him it was a bacteria causing all this, and was prescribing 3 meds, and would call Walmart.  I told him i needed to go, so i would pick them up.  Got there about noon, went straight to the pharmacy to tell them i was there to get them, and OMG,,she told me they didn't have this, (was a 3 in 1) and if she found it elsewhere in town it would cost 489.00!!!  But,, if it could be the 3 not combined, and generic, it would lower the price a lot!  I told her YES, and she called the doc, got the ok, and i went on about my business there.

 Got thru, went back over there to pick them up, and,,,,they weren't ready.  The one lady i had talked to, went to lunch, so nothing was done.  I had to wait til they got them ready, which took about 30 minutes.  The 3 cost 280.00,  i got them, grabbed a quick lunch,  TexMex, yall, and headed back.  Took the meds straight to him and he started them right then.  The doc had told him ASAP.  14 days worth.  Be SURE and take like ordered.  He was in bed, has had no sleep, pain in lower stomach.  These 3 meds will be 99.9% effective if taken like they're supposed to be, otherwise , would have to start over.  The potato soup i've been making him is about all he's been eating.  It just sits on a bad stomach, good, and he has some left.

So, that's the update, and i think by even in the morning, he should be better.  Gosh, they're leaving in the wee hours Fri morning.  So, yall tc, and i really appreciate all of the concern, and i will still keep you updated.