Saturday, November 30, 2013

Last Day of NOV?

Wow, time just keeps flying on.  Not sure where I left off, on here, after DD told me I had 2 blogs going,,,, and have no idea how that happened.  This one seems to be the right one.

My son and fiancĂ©e did get back late last Monday.  I still haven't had the chance to talk to him, but did find out they had a 4 hour delay going out there.

I got the Firecrackers made for TG, and then after finding a 10lb bag of good looking potatoes, and knowing I will have to eat a LOT of them, I made what I thot was a great big mess of mashed potatoes that morning.  Like my bro B said,  they shrunk, and what I thot was a great big mess, turned out to be a medium one,,,lol.  Turned out, there were 3 big bowls of them.  lololol.  My nephew had 3 different piles of potatoes on his plate, with just some turkey white meat.  All he ate.  And part of the reason I made them to start with.  There were 2  big turkeys, one roasted, one smoked.  A huge ham.  And all the sides you could possibly think of.  Never did hear the head count, but lots of us. 

I came home,, lol, 1/2 a block, and took a nap, then went back and played poker for hours.  When we started, I won the first hand, and kept on for a long time.  BUT,, I knew things would change, and it did.  After all that time, I was probably up 5-7 dollars.  We play nickel, dime, quarter.  Mostly quarter, lol.  Games are dealer's choice, so there's lots of different ones.  From 5 card draw, to mine,,low hole wild  shuck 5 and 6.  Dealt as 7 card stud.  Last card is down and can ruin you. 

There was enough food for all of us to snack again for supper.  Heck, I was still so full (and I didn't even eat much) from dinner, I just finished my lunch plate, with a little added on.  Had just one piece of choc. pie,,all the sweet I had.  Unless you count the yams that were soooo gooood.  lolol.

I've already decided that i'm making my cabbage casserole for Xmas.   It makes a lot and will give us a different choice.  I started doing this years ago, with a brisket.  Then pot roasts,,,lol.  This came from my life long friend.  I'm gonna put the recipe on here for anybody that wants it.

Cut up, cook whatever amount of cabbage with butter, from 1/2 to whole one.,,,Cook about 12 minutes, still crunchy and green.
While cooking that, also in a fry pan, cook cut up potatoes with onion, in a skillet with a little oil, low heat, and lid.  I use quite a lot of each.
Add smoked (from ring) of sausage, cut into bite size, to potatoes just before they get done, just to heat it.
Drain cabbage, add all the rest. 
That's it!  Easy, huh?

B said,,, I hate cabbage,, lol, but, I will taste it.  Will let yall know how that turns out..

Weatherman said up in the 80s again, by Wed... then another blast.

All I've got, so yall tc, and